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9 Outworldly TV Shows Like Supernatural

Updated on December 10, 2017
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Rahul is a TV addict who can never get enough of good shows. His all-time favorites are 'The Wire', 'Breaking Bad', and 'The Sopranos.'

Vampires, witches, werewolves and other supernatural beings – there is no doubt that they've always been popular. If done right, an outworldy drama can sustain the audience for an extended period of time. This is something shows like Supernatural have excelled at.

120 seasons and this CW drama is still going strong! There is a lot of violence, tension, betrayal and plot twists. And I won’t blame you if you want more of the same. Let’s take a look at some of the other TV shows like Supernatural -

The Vampires Diaries - One of the most popular series like Supernatural

Do you like your vampires charming and irresistible? Then CW’s The Vampire Diaries is what you’re looking for. The Vampire Diaries is a perfect mixture of gore, drama, bloodlust and some outworldly romance – just perfect for those who are looking for TV shows like Supernatural.

What I love about this show is the way how every character is multi-dimensional. This is one of those shows where you love the bad guys (vampires) for all the wrong reasons. Damon Salvatore, one of the vampire brothers, for example, is the one to watch this show for. There is no value of human life for him. He creates mayhem for fun. But it’s hard not to love this guy. His charm, style and his own version of justifying his deeds, is what keeps you hooked up for more than 100 episodes. And this show is still going strong, which means you’d have a lot more to churn up.

The Vampire Diaries might seem like a serialized Twilight story, but it’s much more than that. Let it grow on you, and you’ll be a TVD junkie pretty soon.

Explaining the story is like trying to explain a Chinese puzzle without piecing them together. In short, it’s about two vampire brothers, who fall for a mortal girl. She looks like Katarina – the girl who turned these brothers into vampires centuries ago. A lot of things have taken place over the course of 6 long seasons, changing the whole game. Catch up to it before the 7th season starts airing.

Grimm - A long-running TV shows like Supernatural

The stories surrounding vampires, witches and werewolves never get old. Same could be said about any supernatural or fantasy stories. Sometimes people need an escape from the boring real world. So they look for things that aren’t there, indulging in fantasy stories to stimulate their minds.

If you are looking for one of such stories that hook you up instantly, Grimm is just what you’re looking for. The plot is simple – a homicide detective with a normal life finds out that he is a Grimm – a hunter, who can differentiate between humans and para-humans. Normal human being don’t have such ability, and they don’t now how dangerous this world is. This is where the Grimm comes in. His job is pretty much straight forward – protect everyone from the dangers of the supernatural world.

For the most part, Grimm is just like other procedural crime dramas out there. But there is a fun twist - Most of the bad guys are not humans. Teaming up with his para-human friend (big bad wolf), he vows to clean up his city.

This is a show that will appeal to crime drama as well as fantasy genre fans. The strength of Grimm lies in its folk stories. As long as the writers keep coming with great tales, it can go as long as they want. They’ve been doing it successfully or last 5 seasons. And if ratings are anything to go by, we’re going to be told many more crazy stories.

In short, Grimm is one of the most popular TV shows like Supernatural. You shouldn’t miss out it. It might just turn out to be the show to fit the Supernatural-shaped hole in your heart.


Smallville follows the life of a young Clark Kent, the same kid who goes on to become Superman in his adult days. However, his young days weren’t as smooth as he would have liked. Clark struggles to keep up with everything as he deals with his daily life teenage life as well as his supernatural abilities.

I still remember hating the idea of a TV show focused around Superman’s teenage years. What good could come out of it? Boy, was I wrong! Tom Welling has done an amazing job with his role. With his blue eyes, broad shoulders and an exceptional overall physique, he looks like Superman who is having trouble harnessing is powers for good. It’s funny, moving and pretty original.

I just finished watching it a couple of days ago. And you shouldn’t miss out on one of the best TV shows like Supernatural either.

Being Human - One of the most underrated TV shows like Supernatural

Can a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf live in peace and harmony under a single roof? This series tackles the very same question heads on.

Against all odds, Aiden (the vampire) Josh (werewolf) have been very good friends for a very long time. When they movie into a new house, they find a new supernatural friend, Sally (the ghost). Together, they must find out a way to forget their differences and survive out there. Can they protect each other from what’s out there and themselves?

I’m not talking about the original version here. Yes, BBC’s version of Being Human is original, but the US remake is more dramatic and binge-worthy. I loved both versions, but happened to love the remake more.

The remake follows the UK version for first 13 episodes only. After that, the show comes into its own, taking a different direction than the original one.

The negativity around this show is just baffling. I fail to understand why people love to pounce on anything that’s a remake. They don’t only deprive themselves of a good show, but mislead others into believing that it’s not worth their time. The plot might not be original, but rest of the storyline is. It has humor, drama, sci-fi, and some element of fantasy. A perfect TV sow like Supernatural, simply put.

The Originals - One of the best TV shows like Supernatural

Starting as a mere spin-off top the popular “The Vampire Diaries”, “The Originals” is truly original and exceptional in many ways.

The plot revolves around the original vampire family – the first very vampires on earth. When they come back after thousands of years to New Orleans – the city the built from scratch – they must take back the power from its current ruler.

The Originals goes back into characters’’ past to explain why the current situation is what it is. The back and forth show is what keeps things interesting. And of course, a strong storyline and cast are the obvious reasons to get hooked up. Watch the first couple of episodes and see if it’s your cup of tea. In my opinion, they have done a much better job with this show than “The Vampire Dairies”. The story doesn’t feel unnecessary and dragged here.

I wasn’t expecting much from it when they announced a spin-off, but it exceeded all my expectations. With recent success of spin-off shows like “Better Call Saul”, it’s pretty clear that you shouldn’t give up on spin-offs. They can often topple the originals. Definitely worth watching!

The X-Files - A legendary TV show like Supernatural

I have grown up watching The X-Files. Back then I didn’t understand much about what’s going on, but still loved it. When I re-watched it a couple of years later, it seemed like a totally different show – a show that’s much more than just a procedural crime drama.

The tension and chemistry between the two leads, for example, is fascinating and intriguing to watch. Fox Mulder is a believer in paranormal events, but his partner, Dana Scully, is a skeptic. Together, they must look into various unexplained paranormal events.

Although it starts out slowly, but it grows up on you before you know. The storylines are strong, acting is authentic, and the tension feels real. With stakes so high, they must do anything it takes to solve the cases. The best thing about this show is that it’s not predictable. It always keeps you guessing. You never know what’s going to transpire in next few moments. My suggestion – binge-watch the hell out of it. It’s one of the best shows like Supernatural. And keep an eye out for the recently announced revival of this show. Yes, they are bringing this legendary show back!


The plot revolves around a spoiled billionaire, who finds himself stranded on an island for 5 years. Everyone presumes that he is dead. When he comes back, though, he is not the same man. Armed with a bow, he takes on those who have wronged his city.

I was a bit skeptic about this show, but all my doubts evaporated when I watched the first few action-packed episodes. The plot will tell you all you need to know about the protagonist, leaving a little to guess. And rest of the show only gets stronger from there.

If you’re looking for a mature TV show like Supernatural, “Arrow” should be right up your alley.

The Walking Dead

Get ready to have your socks blown off. This show is amazing!

Taking place after the zombie outbreak, The Walking Dead chronicles the life of a few people, who struggle ever day to survive in the world infesting with rotting creatures.

What’s a zombie show doing here? You might ask. Trust me; The Walking Dead is similar to Supernatural in more ways than you think. Both worlds are filled with dangers, unexplained creatures, and people you can’t trust. And they both need suspension of disbelief and logic to be truly enjoyable. Don’t question why things are the way they are. Just love these shows for what they are – a brilliant piece of entertainment.

Teen Wolf - An underrated TV shows like Supernatural

I can’t believe how underrated MTV’s Teen Wolf is. It’s astonishing that a lot of people have no idea that this show even exists.

Teen Wolf takes place in the world where werewolves, vampires and many other creatures exist. But they’re not always operative with each other. The result is a show like Supernatural that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time.


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