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Best Classical Guitar Strings - Elixir Strings

Updated on August 6, 2010
best classical guitar strings
best classical guitar strings

When coming to guitars, the Elixir brand name is famous as a symbol of quality and durability. Many guitarists all over the world appreciate the nearly perfect quality  sound of those strings, and are affectionate customers and have been so for many years.

But what makes the Elixir strings strand apart from the competition? What there is in them that make them such a common choice between expert guitarists? The answer is simple: durability, sound quality and reliability. Let’s see in detail what all of this translates in practical terms.

Durability is the first thing that comes in mind when thinking of the Elixir acoustic and electric guitar strings. With the special coating of the strings, they can last up to five times more than the average strings. The polyweb coating is especially good for very durable strings. It is a great investment that in the long run will save you a lot of money. This special coating may feel a little hard on the fingers: this is why the Elixir company has released a nanoweb coating that allows an easier use at the price of a shorter string life. But of course durability is not everything: what we want first from our guitar is sound. And this is another powerful point of this set of strings.

Sound quality is a special concern for Elixir strings. The best sound quality you can expect from a guitar come from the use of these strings, that have the greatest harmonics ever produced by a guitar string. Especially in the case of acoustic guitar strings, the use of those strings will greatly enhance the sound quality and overall sensation, allowing you to enjoy your guitar playing a lot more.

And finally, the greatest quality of those strings: the capacity of holding the tune like no other. These strings can hold the tune even after long usage. This comes in handy for many guitarists, because they do not need to stop every five minutes to tune their guitar.

Concluding, the Elixir acoustic guitar strings have an incredibly high value contained in the, and despise the higher price, they are definitely worth a try: but be warned, if you use them once you may not be able to go on without them!


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    • profile image

      Classically Trained 5 years ago

      Elixer doesn't even make classical guitar strings. I think they may have at one point, but only for a VERY short time. Nevertheless, your article is titled: "Best CLASSICAL Guitar Strings - Elixir Strings" but you only discuss acoustic steel-string guitar. No mention of nylon strings which are used, almost exclusively, for "classic" or "classical" style guitars/instruments to mimic the original "gut" strings, only with better intonation, projection, reliability and durability.

      There's a big, big difference between these instruments, from materials & overall design/bracing to proper/standard use & playing technique.

      I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you should probably reevaluate your level of knowledge on the subject before you claim to have an educated opinion on it. At least use an appropriate title that correlates to your work.


    • profile image

      Danbo 5 years ago

      Yeh! I reckon!

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