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The Glass House -- And The Winner Is

Updated on August 20, 2012

Things get nasty as we edge to the finish line

Earlier, I said I thought Big Brother was better than this show, but because of the stupid coaches twist The Glass House ended up being the better show. I liked how they handled the finale. It wasn't a bunch of bitter evicted houseguests deciding who should win. America got to decide, and I was surprised by who America chose. But before we got to who the winner was, things turned a little nasty in the house.

Kevin, Andrea, Mike and Jeffrey decided to sabotage Erica with the viewers, in hopes she'd get drunk and turn everyone off. So while they weren't drinking anything, they kept pushing booze on her. Mike offered her some beer, while abstaining. Before that, I dreaded him possibly being sent home. After that, I thought he deserved to be sent home. It was a pretty low thing to do.

Earlier, Jeffrey told Erica that Kevin has a friends with benefit girlfriend that he's had for the last five years who he says isn't the one. Kevin feels he's been clear that he's just not that into Erica, while Mike seems to feel sad for her that she can't see Kevin doesn't want her. Compares it to Fatal Attraction.

As hoped, Erica gets sloshed and starts on Kevin, first, for leading her on. That she deserves to get the money, and acts jealous of Andrea and Kevin, saying Kevin always chooses Andrea over her.

Next up it's Andrea's turn. When Andrea says she wants to stay out of this, Erica says Andrea is a conniving little snake in a peasant's dress.

Then Erica wants to talk to Kevin, again. She says she thinks he downplays his attraction to her in front of Andrea and Mike and it makes it look like she's crazy for being interested in him. Erica says she doesn't want to win because people feel sorry for her or lose because people think she's crazy.

Houseguests are giving graduation robes to dress in and they get to roast each other. They all say some home truths about each other that's wrapped in a joke.

Afterwards, Mike and Erica are told to go to the Limbo tubes to find out who gets to stay and who gets to go. It's no surprise when Mike goes. He wishes Erica luck as he goes, which is the first classy thing he's done in the house.

Then the final four have to compete in a challenge to get a spot in the top three. It's kind of the only real chance they have to not be left at the mercy of the voting public for who gets to be in the final three.

They have to swing on a rope from one platform to the other transporting puzzle pieces. They have to solve the puzzles on four sides of a cube. Andrea mocks Erica because she seems to be more interested in flirting with Kevin than assuring her place in the top three. And perhaps Andrea is right, as Andrea solves the puzzle first and earns a spot in the top three. If left up to the viewers, especially after last week's behavior over Erica and Mike being allowed to remain in the house instead of being sent to limbo, she might not have made it to the top three.

By the viewers vote it comes down to Kevin or Jeffrey, who have to go stand in the limbo tube. Despite the games Kevin has played with Erica, he gets to stay and Jeffrey has to go.

After being given steak and lobster for making it to the final three, they get treated to a nasty little treat from The Glass House. The final three get to see footage they weren't aware that was taped. Erica sees Kevin saying how he's not interested in Erica, which I think finally gets Erica to face the truth about her and Kevin. Then they show footage of some of the mind games Kevin played with Erica, which Andrea says helps her to understand why Erica acted the way she did. Then Andrea is next on Candid Camera as a clip is shown of her mocking Erica, which she tries to justify.

After that, Kevin and Erica go at it, while Andrea looks like she wants to be anywhere but where she is. Erica calls him on his fake napping to avoid trouble. She feels the money should be given to someone who got involved with her fellow houseguests, instead of someone that stayed detached from them.

After a commercial break, Kevin, Andrea and Erica come out of The Glass House to face the live studio audience with members of their families in the audience. They're all allowed to give their final plea, then the winner is revealed. I was surprised that it was Kevin. Although in retrospect he was the only one of the final three that never got sent to limbo.

Andrea says she's not upset she lost. She even tells one of her kids to congratulate Kevin. Andrea came in last place. It's a good thing she won the puzzle challenge, or I think it's possible Jeffrey could have been in the final three instead of her.

Erica came in second. Her family tells her she played it well.

In an odd and ironic twist, Kevin's daughter looked a lot like Erica. I'm not touching that one.

It was a good finale and makes me want to see a new season of The Glass House. It was kind of refreshing that a bunch of Bitter Betty's didn't decide which houseguest should win based on a revenge vote. Like our justice system, the winner was decided by a jury of their peers with no personal interest involved.


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