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Updated on February 10, 2013
My favorite lyric of his  3
My favorite lyric of his 3

Ginger Lover

The 55th annual Grammy Awards are on tonight and I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. I'm not too excited for the show as a whole, but I am excited for one performer in particular; Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran is a very famous British artist who is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. He has been singing for a while now, but he has been under the spotlight for most of his career. Tonight could change the rest of his life. It could change the rest of my life too. I have been a fan of his since the beginning and I've loved every minute of it. One of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much was because not a lot of people knew about him.. which kind of made it feel like we were more connected to each other (cheesy I know). When an artist is popular, you feel as though you're competing against other fans for their attention, love, and recognition. With Ed though, I felt like we had a special connection. After tonight, that could all change.. He will become more popular after his performance tonight... and more people will see what a truly talented artist he is. I'm happy for him and I'm extremely proud of him, really. I just can't believe this is all happening to him and I'm overwhelmed.. But very, very excited.


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