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Top 10 Lists of my favorite Metal Bands... Includes Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal, & Folk / Viking Metal.

Updated on February 20, 2013

This is MY Top 10 list.. It's my opinion, Please no bashing..

Video version coming soon with audio previews!

Please feel free to participate in the Poll below!

- J.D


#10: Children of Bodom

Melodic Death Metal / Neoclassical Metal.

I was really impressed when I first heard them with the “Follow the Reaper” album '2000-2002. Songs like: Every time I Die & Hate Me!

Formed by Alexi Laiho in 1993, the band took its name from a burst of mysterious murder mysteries at Lake Bodom. As of this post, they have seven albums and one on the way.

You could check em out HERE


#9: Sylosis

Death Metal / Thrash Metal

I saw this band live with In Flames & Lamb of God, and all I can say is WOW... this band is really tight and precise. Very Brutal band mixing in some Death Metal with Thrash.

Formed in 2000 by Josh Middleton. They have three albums through Nuclear Blast.

You could check em out HERE.


#8 Amon Amarth

Melodic Death Metal

They base all the music on Norse Mythology. They also take their name from J.R.R. Tolkien's Mount Doom in Sindarin.

They Started in 1992 in Tumba Sweden. The have eight Studio albums.

You could check em out HERE.


#7: Dark Age

Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore

Started in 1994 first called Dyer's Eve after a Metallica song, then Switched to Dark Age a year later.

This band comes from Hamburg Germany. Eleven albums to date.

You could check em out HERE.


#6: Wintersun

Melodic Death Metal / Power Metal / Folk Metal

I was really impressed by Jari's solo now full on project Wintersun. Formed by Jari in 2003, some songs he's been working on for years from when he was in Ensiferum. Great compositions and amazing musical talent this band has. They are now working on their third album TIME II.

You could check em out HERE.


#5: Eluveitie

Folk Metal / Melodic Death / Pagan / Celtic Metal

A Folk Metal band from Switzerland Founded by Chrigel Glanzmann who describes the band as “The New Wave of Folk Metal”. It's a seven piece band that some use instruments that no other heavy metal band has ever used. The band was Formed in 2002. They have five studio albums.

You could check em out HERE.


#4: Ensiferum

Folk / Viking / Melodic Death Metal

A Finnish band formed in 1995 that have six studio albums.

You could check em out HERE.


#3: Borknagar

Black Metal / Progressive / Folk Metal

Great band musically also a huge leap when Vintersorg Joined the band in 2001. Borknagar Created by Oystien Garnes Brun that hailed from Bergen Norway in 1995. Oystein wanted to create a more Melodic type of music. They have ten studio albums at their disposal.

You could check em out HERE.


#2: Vintersorg

Folk Metal / Black Metal / Progressive Metal

Mr. V, also known as Vintersorg, has been a huge influence musically for me with his great music writing/compositions. Vintersorg is from Skellftea Sweden formed in 1994. He Has nine Studio albums and 7 other Side projects.

You could Check em out HERE.



Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore

Ever persistent musical evolution that this band has been. The Best Melodic Death Metal Band starting with The Jester Race all the way through till Clayman... & From Reroute to Remain to Sounds of a Playground Fading it has evolved to something more. Founded in 1990 in Gothenburg Sweden by Jesper Stomblad, he wanted to create something more melodic with death metal and as one of the founding Bands to pioneer Melodic Death Metal.

You could check em out HERE.

What say You?

Which is YOUR favorite Genre?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You might want to check up on Skálmöld, Icelandic viking metal at it's best.


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