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10 Anime Like Death Note

Updated on February 1, 2017
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Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga ever since he could remember. It's his hobby and his life!

Death Note
Death Note | Source

About Death Note

Death Note as an anime series is one of the most brilliant pieces of work out there! It narrates the story of a young man who picks up a notebook of which any name he writes in it dies! Ain’t that unique for a power, much more for a story? It is! And that’s why it’s brilliant. It’s not only about the notebook of death but also, the characters and their exceptional battle of wits. It’s all about strategies, tactics, and thrills combined!

This anime is spectacular as it is controversial. It talks about death, justice, human nature, and the essence of good and evil. All of that makes what everyone knows as—Death Note. It’s a masterpiece among masterpieces. And that’s the reason why I’m making this list. It’s all to provide you with Anime like Death Note, or at least shows quite similar to it, that will blow your mind even more. Watch everything unfold and witness anime shows like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Death Note - Trailer

1. Monster

Monster | Source

If you still can’t get enough of Death Note, then wait till you see Monster. Don’t mind the visual themes because the superb story will definitely get you in the mood for more.

Monster is about human depravity to its extent. It’s dark and riddled with reality’s elements. What actually happens here in this show feels like it all also happens in real life, in one way or another. The psycho-effect in this one is real!

As much as how unsettling and eerie this show is, it is also a gem to behold in its genre base. You become a monster if you don’t check your own limits before you catch one.

Monster - Trailer

2. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass | Source

Do you think morals and human instincts can be measured by units? Do you think one’s own inclination towards good and evil can be quantified? If so, would it be fair and just? These are the questions just waiting to be solved in Psycho-Pass.

The Psycho-Pass is the standard being used to judge people. If their overall aptitude is good, then they pass. But if they are diagnosed of being inclined to evil and sociopathy, then they are doomed even before they commit anything. That’s what the Psycho-Pass is!

Now, doesn’t that sound too psycho? Well, what would you expect?! You’re here to search for anime similar to Death Note, right? So there you have it! Psycho-Pass is definitely one of them!

Psycho-Pass - Trailer

3. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)
Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) | Source

With death running amok in every corner, Mirai Nikki (also known as Future Diary) tells the death-defying tale of a bunch of tragic players bound to play the survival game made by god—the Future Diary Game.

Each player gets a unique diary that they can use to predict the future. Their goal is but one: To survive and become the next god of time and space!

Blood, thrill, psychological thrashing, action, and twist—all of which are the elements you will witness in their full glory in Mirai Nikki. Let the Future Diary game begin!

Mirai Nikki - Trailer

4. Zankyou no Terror

Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)
Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance) | Source

Terror and terrorism—these two are what this show is made of! Mind you, if you don’t watch out, the terror will terrorize you with elegance even whilst you sleep.

Zankyou no Terror (also known as Terror in Resonance) is about two young terrorists who shouldn’t even be existing in the world. They are “Nine” and “Twelve,” and together, they are Sphinx! They terrorize Japan and the police force is helpless against their wits. Nine and Twelve are both brilliant! But, do they have a purpose? Well, they sure have one, but it’s covered by a pile of dark secrets that the world is not ready to know.

Some call it a masterpiece for its level of maturity and brilliance. Some call it crap for all the unanswered questions and whatnot. Masterpiece or crap, I’ll leave that verdict to you.

Zankyou no Terror - Trailer

5. Death Parade

Death Parade
Death Parade | Source

What comes after death? That is the eternal question! But what if I say that there are only two doors that exist after death? One is reincarnation, and the other is void. Sounds constraining? Whatever happened to freedom and liberation in death?!

Death Parade talks about letting the chains of life loose and being judged. Whatever you did with your life will be your key to the door you’ll encounter after death. Shinigami or Death Gods as you may call them, they’ll be the judge of you after death.

This anime tackles one of the most avoided yet considered most inevitable topic of all—death!

Death Parade - Trailer

6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | Source

Wondering why Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is here on this list? Well, why not?! Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is, after all, brilliant and deserving to be compared with Death Note.

While this one is not, in any way, possessive of any dark, creepy, and unsettling visuals entirely in its course, the story is dark enough to give an air of eeriness. There is evil and cruelty in this show that I can say it’s enough to be well-praised and highly received. This anime is really deep than what it seems. I mean, even with alchemy in action with all its fanciness empowering the other elements, the seriousness of the plot in this one is real!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Trailer

7. Code Geass

Code Geass
Code Geass | Source

If you’ve watched Death Note and you're feeling a hole of emptiness because of the lack action in it, then I suggest that you be better be off watching Code Geass.

Code Geass has all the mind games you’ll ever want with the perfect mix of eye-candy action you sorely want to see on screen. Plus, this show has a spectacular story that will leave you in awe until the very end. Believe me on this, Code Geass is one of the best anime out there. It’s so good it’ll leave all your senses disarrayed.

Code Geass - Trailer

8. Zetsuen no Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest
Zetsuen no Tempest | Source

Zetsuen no Tempest - Trailer

Introducing another one of those shows that are philosophical and psychological to the roots. Zetsuen no Tempest has physical and mental action combined into one. It’ll make you move along with the action as it’ll make you think with all the mental stimulation.

Zetsuen no Tempest follows the story of certain people. A witch trapped in an island, a young man longing for revenge, and a dear friend caught up in all the mess of love and war. That’s as crazy as it can get. Obviously, if you want more, you’d have to grab this show by the breadth.

9. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill! | Source

Oooh. One by one, death comes as if it’s unstoppable! I’m warning you now, every character in this show is just waiting to die one after another. This is, after all, Akame ga Kill!

It all starts with a journey. From that journey, the truth about the world is exposed, and the world of corruption and vileness clouds over everything. Now, it’s time for assassination!

Kill the enemies, kill the evil, kill the rotten world—will Tatsumi, Akame, and the rest of Night Raid be able to bring peace to the world? Find it all out in Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! - Trailer

10. Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) | Source

If you found the thrill in Death Note really satisfying, then Boku dake ga Inai Machi will give you double (or even triple) that satisfaction!

With this show, you won’t be able to shake-off the feeling of uneasiness every episode gives you. I mean, it’s impossible! It feels like something bad is going to happen every now and then. But, don’t you worry. As the feelings of thrill and uneasiness devour you, so will the feelings of heartfelt emotions you’ll hold on to even after watching the anime.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi - Trailer

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      Rachael Lefler 15 months ago from Illinois

      I watched Erased episodes 1 and 2 in the video room of an anime con I was at recently, and I was hooked, I can't wait to see more.

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