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10 Anime Like Soul Eater

Updated on June 8, 2013
animenewsnetwork | Source


Mai Tokiha, a high school student, transferred to the Fuuka Academy together with her brother, who is sick. She soon finds out that she is bound to a Child. It is a half-mecha, half spiritual creature that can be controlled by girls with the HiME mark. She realizes that there are also other girls with the same mark. This new found power can be used to battle Orphans, creatures with abilities that are similar to HiME. The true purpose of the HiME is to battle each other for fame and power. When a HiME is defeated, they also lose someone dear to them...

animenewsnetwork | Source


D.Gray-man is an anime that features Allen Walker. Allen Walker has a powerful left arm that can transform into a monstrous claw. It can be used to destroy Akuma, machines that can evolve created by Millennium in an attempt to destroy humans. Allen Walker is an Exorcist in an organization called the Black Order. Their goal is to stop the Millennium from destroying humanity. Allen is then sent on a mission to recover pieces of Innocence, a substance that bestow abilities for Exorcists to defeat Akuma...

animenewsnetwork | Source

Buso Renkin

Kazuki Muto is a high school student. One night, he is killed after saving a girl named Tokiko Tsumura from a mysterious monster. However, he woke up in his dorm after that incident, believing that it was just a dream. To his dismay, he soon realizes that was not the case and that monster that attacked him and the girl was a homunculus. Tokiko used a replacement heart also known as Kakugane medallion to revive Kazuki as she felt that she was the reason that Kazuki died. The Kakugane is a device that can from Buso Renkin, which can be used to defeat the homunculus...

animenewsnetwork | Source

Elemental Gelade

In the world of Guardia, Edel Raids live together with humans. Edel Raids have a special ability. They can fuse with humans to become a living weapon. Cou Van Giruet, a sky pirate is the main protagonist of the story. He finds Reverie Metherlance, a descendent of the Metherlance bloodline, in a coffin. He promises her that he would bring her back to Edel Garden. He also gradually develops feelings for her as the story goes on...

animenewsnetwork | Source


Bleach makes it to this list as it is a good anime like Soul Eater. Follow Kurosaki Ichigo the substitute shinigami and his adventure in the soul society. Ichigo accidentally become a shinigami when he was caught in the battle of Rukia and a Hollow. Rukia was badly injured while trying to save Ichigo and she transfers her power to Ichigo. He defeats the Hollow and he becomes a shinigami. The act of letting an outsider become a Shinigami caused the Soul Society to call for Rukia to be executed. Ichigo then decides to go save her with his friends...

animenewsnetwork | Source


Also known as Blood Plus, this anime revolves around Saya Otonashi. Her ordinary life covered by amnesia is halted when a Chiropteran attacked her. She soon learns that she is the only one that can defeat it. Carrying her katana, Saya goes on a journey to annihilate the Chiropterans together with her allies. Saya's past is also revealed throughout the anime and a plot twist sees her needing to defeat her twin sister Diva...

animenewsnetwork | Source

Full Metal Alchemist

Edward and Alphonse Elric are brothers. They tried to revive their mother when she passed away using a forbidden alchemy. The failed in their attempt to revive her and Edward lost his arm and leg while Alphonse lost his entire body. In a desperate attempt to save Alphonse, Edward sacrificed his right arm to put Alphonse's soul in an armor suit. Roy Mustang, a state alchemist recommended that Edward and Alphonse become a member of the State Military of Amestris to trade for materials to try to recover their body parts. Edward then becomes a state alchemist in search of the Philosopher's stone, which could be a solution to their problems...

claymore.wikia | Source


Claymore's plot is set in the medieval era. Yoma's are shape-shifting demons that can turn into humans and disguise as one of them. They feed on humans to ensure their survival. A secret organization than created a half-yoma, half-human hybrid known as Claymores to slay Yoma on human's behalf for a fee. The Claymore is known as "Silver-eyed Witches". They possess Yoma abilities while retaining the physical features of a human being. Clare is the main protagonist of the story. Her goal is to avenge her beloved Teresa who was defeated by Priscilla...

animenewsnetwork | Source


Fate/Zero's story revolves around Magi and the Fourth Holy Grail War. It is also the second series of Fate/Stay Night. This anime is actually the backstory of the events leading up to Fate/Stay Night. The battle of the Fourth Holy Grail War takes place in Fuyuki City. Every 10 years, 7 mages battle it out to claim the Holy Grail, which could grant the winner any wish that he or she wants. With the aid of a servant, they battle against other masters and their servants. The Einzbern Family has failed to capture the Holy Grail for 3 decades, so they hired Kiritsugu Emiya, the main protagonist, to help them accomplish the goal...

animenewsnetwork | Source

Rurouni Kenshin

While this one does not have any magical powers or supernatural skills unlike Soul Eater, it has some really action packed fighting scenes and plenty of humor. Himura Kenshin is a Hitokiri Battosai in the early Meiji era. After the Bakumatsu War, he retired his role as the assassin and aided other commoners who needed his help to atone for his sins. He becomes a wanderer and meets Kamiya Karou, who is fighting a murderer who claims to be the Hitokiri Battosai. He promptly defeats the fake Battosai and Kamiya offer her thanks by letting him stay at her dojo after seeing that he is not the evil Battosai everyone is talking about. However, these peaceful days are soon to be gone as Shishio Makoto plans to conquer Japan and destroy the Meiji Government...

Anime Like Soul Eater Conclusion

There you have it! All these anime mentioned above are excellent in their own way. Many provide comedy and romance in the mix. These anime like Soul Eater have their own uniqueness. It is hard to find anime that is an exact "clone" of each other. So when you do watch any of these, please be fair and watch at least the first 10 episodes before casting a judgement on the show.


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    • Katherine Vasper profile image

      Katherine Vasper 

      3 years ago

      Great article! I really like Soul Eater, so I will look into these series as well.


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