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10 Badass Daehan Moments in Return of Superman

Updated on September 29, 2019

Daehan, although older only by four minutes than Minguk, is often regarded as the Big Hyung. It is amazing how he acts like the older brother. He is far more responsible than Minguk and Manse. He can be counted on to follow his father's orders than the other two. When given a task, he is the most focused and diligent. He also takes care of Minguk and Manse like his father's right hand man.

He is, however, the least popular of the three. It is understandable why. After all, he is the quietest of the three. He doesn't complain a lot and also the most shy. That limits his interaction with a lot of people which doesn't really make a good reality show. If you observe the triplets, however, you will see something really special in Daehan. Something that gives you a peak at the kind of man he has a chance of becoming and it's honestly the kind of man the world needs more of.

#1- Climbing Yongnuni Oreum


Daehan may be known as the gentle and caring one he does have a bad@ss side in him. Remember when his father disciplined him in the first very first episode they ever appeared on Return of Superman after he stepped on Minguk? There is that rebellious side of him. Thankfully, he knows how to channel that rebellion to "good" things.

In episode 77, Song Il Kook took the triplets to Mt. Oreum. When the wind started getting stronger, even Il Kook started walking slowly especially because he had to take care of Manse and Minguk. Daehan started leaving them behind. Il Kook yelled to Daehan to wait for them but Daehan refused to walk slower and said he wants to go ahead because he still has a long way to go.

The 3-year old Dahen left everyone behind including his cameraman who couldn't hide the fact that he was out of breath while Daehan was all peachy. Watching him take those steps without his father or two siblings made me realize just how independent and stubborn he could really be. Yes, it also made me realize just how much of a bad@ss he could be when he wants to.

Daehan might be the one most loyal to his father but it will not deter him from pursuing his own path. He goes for what he wants when he wants and this is just one of the many instances he has displayed that.

Moment starts at 3:22 pm the video below.

#2- Daehan and Dolphin

When the triplets first made an appearance in Return of Superman, his mother was surprised to find out that Daehan had the most fun in the fountain when Il Kook took the three out. His mother said that Daehan is the scaredy cat of the three and always the one most uncomfortable with "new things". Well, it seems his parents simply has not exposed him enough to "new things".

It wasn't the last time Daehan was to demonstrate his love for new experiences. When they went to watch the dolphins with Sarang, Daehan did more than just watch or do the customary activities made available by the dophin trainor. Daehan was the only one in the group that literally refused to leave the dolphin's side. While Minguk and Manse bawled and Sarang had to be held by her dad, Daehan stood by the dolphin until the trainor had to pull him away.

Daehan has since demonstrated how comfortable he feels in water and around animals. It doesn't matter if it is bigger than he is and looks like a monster to other kids. He likes them. I don't know about you but there is a certain bad@ssery with men that loves nature.

#3- Daehan at the Zoo

I will never forget that shocked look in Song Il Kook's face when Daehan approached him with a chinchilla on his hand. Song Il Kook was scared (something he admitted) but Daehan was not even close to being done. He fed each animal he could feed. He held every animals he was allowed to hold and didn't have any problem wrapping an anaconda around him.

The more interesting thing to look at, however, is Daehan's discipline around the animals. While Manse couldn't stay still long enough to let the birds feed on his hands and Minguk can't carry the anaconda long enough, Daehan knew how to approach the animals with the right amount of excitement and calmness that allowed him to stay with the animals long enough.

I won't forget how Daehen walked over to the turtle to introduce himself. He has never been comfortable approaching people. In fact, he is still not that close to Sarang. Yet, he felt the instant affinity towards animals.

Daehanie, you're making so many noona's hearts flutter.

#4- Exploring the Mountain

Who would forget how Daehan cried like he was being skinned alive when some of his food got on his hand. He just couldn't take a speck of dirt on him. He is still the cleanest of the three but he is nowhere near the dandy Daehan we saw in the first few episodes. When Il Kook moved the triplets to a daycare on the mountain, Daehan explored for some insects and other animals.

Manse was busyign pushing girls that werent' Sarang away and Minguk was making up stories, Daehan was getting down and dirty.

When one of his classmates finally found something, Daehan was not scared to touch it and called everyone else to take a closer look. Maybe our Daehanie will be a national geographic explorer someday.

#5- Sharing His Ice Cream

One fool proof way Daehan melts the heart of women is when he goes all big and loving brother to Minguk and Manse. He has demonstrated his generosity to the two. He doesn't think twice in giving what he has if his two brothers ask for it.

One of the most "awww" moments he made is when they were eating ice cream. Minguk and Manse finish their ice cream first. Minguk then turned to Daehan to ask for some of Daehan's ice cream. Daehan didn't think twice and gave a spoonful to Minguk. Il Kook was pleased but not surprised to witness Daehan's generosity. To reinforce the value of sharing, Il Kook moved Daehan to sit between Minguk and Manse. When Manse asked for some, Daehan obliged.

Il Kook told the triplets to never forget to always be generous with each other. I have no doubt Daehan will continue to be for the rest of his life.

#6- Triathlon with Dad

The triathlon was a grueling experience of Il Kook but there is someone else that suffered, Daehan. Yes, he suffered more than Minguk and Manse. Here is why.

Daehan had to wear a wet suit. That wet suit is specifically designed to keep the body heat (to maintain body temperature) even when soaked in water. A wet suit is made of polyester and polyester, for your information is plastic. Yes, that plastic. The problem is that Daehan is not in the water. He was under the sun, wearing plastic that hugged his 3-year-old body. He had to stay on the boat for almost one hour. I don't know about you but if you ask me to wear plastic under the sun for more than 10 minutes, I might as well run naked.

Daehan, however, took it all. He just got that his father was trying his best to swim as fast as he could. He suffered in silence so his father could finish the race.

#7- Daehan Fights for Daddy

Daehan's devotion to his father has been proven time and again. He takes care of his father's bag. He follows what he says. He is also protective of his dad.

When Il Kook got an alligator puppet and pretended that the puppet was eating his other hand, the triplets were terrified to their wits. However, it was Daehan who rushed to his father's side. He had absolutely no idea how to fight the dang alligator and make him stop from eating his father's hand but he just ran to his father to try and defend him.

When the alligator finally stopped, Daehan yelled at the puppet and asked it to go away. It was a cute and adorable scene but also gives you a good idea on just how Daehan can fight for the ones he love.

It starts at 10:15 below.

#8- Big Brother Daehan

Daehan feeds his brothers. He wipes dirt from their face. He holds their hand. He guides them. In fact, he has been supporting his two brothers since birth and he has never stopped. It's those little things that allow us to understand just how much he loves his two brothers and the cute ways he shows it.

Watch some of those moments below.

#9- Alone in the Waterpark

Manse was scared to death when they Il Kook first took the triplets to the fountain but Daehan enjoyed himself to death. It was the first our Deahanie hyung's element is water.

When Il Kook took them to a waterpark, Daehan couldn't wait for his appa to hold his hand so he can go in the water. He decided to dive in it alone. He went in even without knowing how deep it goes. He went to slide alone and did it over and over again.

Who needs Daddy when you are Daehanie?

#10- Injection Alone

We should have figured out from the beginning that Daehan will most likely be the most unpredictable one. He was known to be the scaredy cat but turned out to be the most adventurous. He was supposed to be the most attached to Il Kook but is the only one who does things alone all the time.

His tolerance for pain is unexpected to. We already mentioned how he suffered in that wet suit under the sun for almost an hour but even when he was younger, he already demonstrated how much pain he can take. When they were brought in for their vaccination, he took it alone and didn't cry despite the pain.


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    • xypherfarrell profile imageAUTHOR

      Fairlane Raymundo 

      3 months ago from Los Angeles, CA


      i'd be more than happy to be proven wrong

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Eh, are you sure Daehan is the least popular?

    • xypherfarrell profile imageAUTHOR

      Fairlane Raymundo 

      4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      @Ren Daehan is undoubtedly the most independent and responsible of the three. he has his naughty and rebellious moments too, like any other kid. But I think it is the reason Song Il Kook focuses more on the other two, because he knows he can count on Daehan. I feel that Daehan knows this and is willingly taking on the responsibility. Song Il Kook also said that Daehan is the most like him so he must know what Daehan is capable off. I do think SIK tries his best to give the three equal attention.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Minguk was my favorite at first. I'm only human and i can't resist his cute charms. But as I watched the show, i took notie of how mature and responsible Daehan is. He's uch a good son and hyung to his brothers. Sometimes i feel bad for him because Ilgook seems to be more focused on Manse and Minguk that often times Daehan is left alone... idk, maybe its just bad editing, but i think that Ilgook doesn't really see Daehan. Imo minguk is his favorite.


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