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10 Best Anime to Watch (Other than Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, and Free!)

Updated on March 19, 2017
Dominique Smith profile image

D. A. Smith gave up on writing back in 2012. But she's back. If you like what you read here, check out her blog The Life Major.

Congratulations your dreams came true!
Congratulations your dreams came true!

10 Shugo Chara

Shugo Chara! is a cute anime about Hinamori Amu, an elementary school student. Her attitude is described as "cool and spicy". Here's where the anime gets fascinating, she wishes to have the courage to show her would-be self one night and the next morning, she wakes up with three eggs that hatch into Guardian Characters or "Shugo Chara" in the morning. The SCs are able to turn her into anything she desires to be, whether that be an athletic type like her red SC named Ran, a chef type like her green SC named Su or Miki the smart SC. She also pops another egg, a yellow one, but that's in season three. Why I love this anime, it's sweet, and it also makes you think about what happens when you let a desire or passion die. Whenever, characters in the anime lose their heart, they produce a bad egg, and this egg needs to be expelled in order for the world to experience pure joy and super happy fun times again. This will probably be the last anime I mention that has happy endings. My apologies in advance.

You get that filthy hand away from me. My soul is for me and me only!
You get that filthy hand away from me. My soul is for me and me only!

9 Parasyte

I stumbled upon this anime by accident. Forget everything you know about parasites. Okay, first of all. The man character starts out as this cute nerdy weakling named Shinichi Izumi. He feels something crawling up his right arm, in the middle of the night. He wakes up, thinks it's a snake (too small to be a snake, but just roll with it). he uses his earphones to cut off circulation from his arm as the parasite burrows into his hand and turns it into his den of sins. The following morning, Shinichi is gobbling down breakfast and running fast, and then by the end of the day he learns that his hand is a caricature of its former-self. His right hand, which he calls Migi is a powerful parasitic monster, capable of sensing others like him and slicing and dicing any threats to his host. They start out as enemies, a host and parasite relationship and as the series persists they become more of a symbiotic team. Migi's only purpose in life is to kill other parasites that want Shinichi dead. The other parasites are pretty gruesome, they eat other people, and the people include, women who date these parasites, people about to be mugged, and even random school girls who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Check it out, Adult Swim is airing it. But, I prefer the manga, though.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt | Source

8 Elfen Lied

You'd think a cute girl, with pink air, horns that look like cat ears, and an American-ish name like Lucy would be a kawaii character in this next anime. Wrong, wrong, wrong. She's cute all right, when she's not killing people. Lucy is mutated species called a Diclonius that escaped from her lab (after killing a lot of people, did I mention that before) and is found by a couple of locals named Kohta and his cousin Yuka. No one knows if these mutants have a vendetta against the human race or simply want to wipe them out and fill it with their own offspring. The disease is spread to offspring through a virus, and the children are almost always female, always sterile, except for one who can reproduce, Lucy. This anime should not be watched in the dark. Just saying. Why I like it? Mainly the way Lucy starts out sweet in one episode and then a psychotic threat to humanity in the next.

Looks like someone lost their head
Looks like someone lost their head

7 Durarara

In all honesty, I tried really hard to understand the premise of this show. Maybe, I don't know much about that gang life and being a thug. But, pretty much, there's a high school kid who moves to a new town (isn't that how they all start out). He's got friends, he's got an active social life, and when night falls, he sees a creature made of darkness, with a motorcycle that neighs like a horse, and when the character removes her helmet, it's a headless rider (boo). So, the headless rider's name is Celty. She's a transporter known as the Black Rider she can't talk (obviously), and she lives with a doctor who looks too young to be a doctor. Anyway, my main reason for adding this anime to the list is because of the sheer randomness of the characters. There's a Russian dude who makes sushi, a blonde in a bartender outfit who has unrefined fighting skills and the ability to destroy public property like nobody's business, and the snake in the grass who likes to tick off said blonde for his amusement. The anime is told from the point of view of too many characters. Each episode is something new. And, following makes my head hurt. You never know when someone's going to come at you with switch blades or a cell phone.

Because you know you wish you still had yours right?
Because you know you wish you still had yours right?

6 The World God Only Knows

Keima Katsuragi is the ultimate player. He plays video games featuring anime-styled girls, and he is known on the internet as "the God of Conquests". This lady's man accepts an invitation to a game challenge by a cute demon from Hell named Elsie. Elsie is a Spirit Hunter and her job is to travel through the human realm, find Loose Souls, which were once Old Demons from Hell and take them back. Get this the Souls live in the girls hearts and feed off their negative energy, weakening the women in the process. In comes Katsuragi who treats everything he does like a dating video game. He finds these women, dates them for a couple of days, and as Jay-Z would say onto the next one. He would prefer video games over a relationship and I think he's just a swell guy. Playing with people hearts like an Nintendo DS. At least, he gets the job done.

Screw the scissors, take them out with the wine cork!
Screw the scissors, take them out with the wine cork!

5 Kill la Kill

In this anime fashion slays and humanity is slaves to their clothes. The story begins with Satsuki Kiryuin attending a new school called Honnouji Academy in order to find the person who slayed her father, and stole the other half of his scissor-shaped longsword. The students at the academy wear Goku Uniforms which are of the finest qualities which gives them superhuman abilities. Satsuki stumbles across a uniform called Senketsu and it can talk! Whenever she attacks evil Uniforms, and strips the wearer naked, it produces a red thread called Life Fibers which is devoured by her Senketsu. Satsuki lives with her hyperactive classmate, Mako Mankanshoku. Mako makes the show. During intense battles, filled with blood, high-speed punching and kicking, she will cut into the middle of a battle usually while Satsuki is down and on her last drop of blood, and argue until the viewer is blue in the face. She's hilarious, her family's impoverished, which means they have an I-Don't-Care-Let's-Be-Family attitude. But, here's what makes the anime so different, it's the fact that the wealthy people have the better clothing, a stank attitude, and down right mean demeanor and the lower faction of the city are like rodents beneath them. But, between the poor and the wealthy, you can tell that happiness is definitely something the poor have and the wealthy can't find until they're buck naked sitting on the sidelines after Satsuki rips them a new one!

Young Master hasn't touched his tea. Why doesn't he love me???1?
Young Master hasn't touched his tea. Why doesn't he love me???1?

4 Black Butler

I only watched this anime for Sebastian. Nuff said. No, kidding, okay so Ciel is a thirteen year old head of the Phantomhive family. His arrogant, wealthy, and he solves crimes in London's underworld. His butler, Sebastian is a daemon who seeks revenge against those who killed his parents. Sebastian humbly does anything Ciel wants because in the end, he's gonna get that soul and he's gonna get it good. At least, he hopes so. I stumbled across this anime because of Memes, and I wanted to know this Sebastian fellow. I needed to understand his smile, the way someone looks at the Mona Lisa and tries to figure out what's so damn funny. This anime is great, I wish I knew about it before the memes, it would've made more sense. I have to say good show to this one!

Don't worry, it's Kool-Aid
Don't worry, it's Kool-Aid

3 Strike the Blood

Okay, let's just check and see if this is a good anime:

  • Vampires? Check
  • High School Students Yielding Powerful Weapons? Check
  • Demon School? Check

Now, since everything is in proper order, lets get straight to it. High school student Kojou Akatsuki learns he's the Fourth Progenitor, a powerful vampire. He does his best to be normal, all he wants to do is go to school and be the smartest kid in the world. But, that's impossible, because he's one of those typical anime guys who gets into embarrassing situation with pretty girls. Long story short, he bumps into a girl named Himeragi who is a Sword Shaman for the Lion King Organization (lol, Simba got an Organization), and they work together to face demons. Oh, and by the way, Akatsuki drinks blood.

This might be my only defense against the espers. Tell my wife and children, I loved them.
This might be my only defense against the espers. Tell my wife and children, I loved them.

2 Zettai Karen Children

I break into a cold sweat anytime there's an anime about Absolutely Lovely Children. But, here it is. I thought this anime was lame, three girls who could fly, big whoop. But, I couldn't have been so wrong. The girls are known as The Children and they are under the supervison of Koichi Minamoto. Koichi is a twenty-year-old prodigy assigned by the Base of Backing ESP Laboratory (B.A.B.E.L) to unleash the most powerful and gifted, but michievious ten-year-old girls who are used to solve problems that cannot be dealt with by normal means. This anime contains a talking squirrel, a pervert who wants to marry one of the girls, and a slew of super powered espers. Season two is a spin-off and the girls are older, you probably want to check it out: Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited.


1 Attack on Titan

I read the manga before the show came out. And, let's just say, I puked rainbows. I LOVE THIS ANIME. I'm not going to get into it about the characters. I'm skipping straight to the meat. Giant naked humans without reproductive systems are wreaking havoc in the walls. For years humans lived like cattle, protected from the monsters, until a skinless SOB kicks their walls and let all his home boys/girls in. I couldn't sleep for days. I stared out my window after each episode to make sure I'm safe and nothing's going to eat me. To this day, I cringe when someone smiles at me. The giants can only be killed by slicing the back of their neck. And, the best thing about this anime is that humans can become Titans. I love it! Besides the training sessions, an issue with a potato, and the fact that a lot of people I cared about (not really) dies, it's finding out how the main characters are going to survive. I don't know what I would've done without Attack on Titan. My life was a lot less enjoyable, and I even went back to watching regular cartoons for a year, before this anime. Thank you AOT. Thank you Levi. You have my deepest respect.

Attack on Titan Opening

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Let me know what you think of this Hub. If you love anime, and you want me to create more posts like this, check out The Life Major blog or email your request for more posts to


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    • profile image


      21 months ago

      ''great list watch everyone of them ''

    • Dominique Smith profile imageAUTHOR

      D A Smith Writes 

      2 years ago from USA

      I am excited for the new AOT. And I have to watch Hunter x Hunter and Familiar of Zero. Thanks for the recommendations

    • Link10103 profile image


      2 years ago

      Compared with the others that made the list, I would swap #6 with Problem Children and #1 with something like Familiar of zero, A certain scientific railgun, or Hunter X Hunter.

      Second season of attack on Titan might be fall of this year or early 2017. And the people who made Kill LA Kill are coming out with another show called Kiznaiver in spring.

      Lots of good stuff coming out soon ^.^


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