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10 Best Coffee Shop Music Most Customers Crave For (Playlist Included)

Updated on May 5, 2020
Selena Campbell profile image

Selena is an artistic lady who loves to observe strangers while sipping on her daily cup of coffee. Her ambition? Music of course. Even thou

Said to be the universal language, music has the capacity to touch people’s hearts spiritually and emotionally. This, of course, plays a part in setting the ambience of a Coffee Shop where good Coffee Shop Music has to be involved!

To prove my point, imagine yourself in your neighbourhood coffee shop. That sweet chime of the hanging doorbell welcomes you before a sweet waft from the coffee beans embraces you whole. Before starting work, the ritual of having your first mouthful of coffee is a must. Feeling satisfied, you switched on your laptop while grinning. Just as you are ready to start your work, you hear...


What. The. Heck?

(Don’t get me wrong, I love Metallica)

What is Coffee Shop Music

Thanks to the founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, coffee shops have become a third space for individuals from all walks of life. The motives of these individuals can range from seeking leisure to studying to making business connections. People don’t just pay for the coffee - they pay for the experience and ambience! But for coffee shop owners, background music plays an essential part in generating… sales!

A study by Texas Tech University showed that the type of music played affects purchasing decisions, perceptions of the store, time spent in-store and demographics of customers. By playing the right kind of music that attracts your target audience. Ultimately, Coffee Shop Music, also known as Coffeehouse Music is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere for customers, leading to an increase in sales and dwell time that is beneficial to store owners. In any case, the song choices also depend on the theme and the cafe’s branding.

Oddly enough, Coffee Shop Music does not stick to one genre but instead, falls into a wide range of genres that fit perfectly together. Some of these genres consist of jazz, lofi, neo-soul, classical, soft rock, instrumental, modern folk, alternative rock, indie, unplugged blues and acoustic. These music genres are all different but with a slight similarity. The tempo!

The beats from the abovementioned genres are slow and calming, occasionally evoking nostalgia. They generally have a soft undertone which doesn’t distract the customers. Even though the music played is slow, they are not slow to the extent where the sleeping bug summons itself. These factors are essential for keeping Coffee House Music in the background.

Here are a few recommended Coffee Shop Music for studying or if you are a coffee shop owner! (Honestly, Coffee House Music lowkey reminds me of Millennials - Individualistic yet united.)

Juke Ross - Fresh Roses

Genre: Folk-pop

Who needs to be sent roses when we can all be sent Fresh Roses by Juke Ross daily? Or even better, every interval of 3 minutes and 22 seconds. Even though the majority of Fresh Roses only uses 3 chords, Juke Ross was able to showcase the beauty of the song through his soothing voice and the sweet bright tone of his acoustic guitar. Basically, flawlessly showcasing that sometimes, the best things in life are simple. Neither slow nor fast, the consistent tempo of Juke Ross’s Fresh Roses will definitely keep listeners concentrated on their tasks.

Hisaishi Joe - Inochi No Namae いのちの名前 [Piano]

Genre: Classical

Everyone has probably already heard of the genius that composed many groundbreaking songs for the famous Studio Ghibli films. Just when the fans of Studio Ghibli films think that the soundtracks can’t get any better, Hisaishi Joe proves everyone wrong. Whether you have heard of the instrumental piece before, the melodious piano notes of Inochi No Namae will evoke nostalgia. It brings listeners into a magical state of mind, giving a sense of longing and hope. This musical masterpiece fits into Coffee Shop Music playlists perfectly with its gentle and harmonious melodies. Heck, in fact, all of the soundtracks from Studio Ghibli deserves a place in the Coffeehouse Music umbrella.

John Legend - Ordinary People

Genre: R&B / Soul

Sometimes, we need a dash of soul music in our lives. Described as being “simple”, “an exquisite ballad” and “immediately familiar and intensely exotic”, John Legend’s Ordinary People is like being on a boat ride - the ambiguity from the unpredictability of the seas. Starting off with a soothing instrumental from the piano, Ordinary People gradually increases in intensity as the song describes the mistakes people may make when they are in a relationship. It’s relatability and the age of the song will definitely bring forth nostalgia and thought for listeners. Ultimately, a good choice of music to play in Coffee Shops for those who are there for self-reflection.

John Mayer - Gravity

Genre: Blues Rock, Soft Rock

Perhaps one of the best guitarists of the generation, John Mayer’s electrifying guitar skills never fails to seduce the ears of musicians. Gravity is one of the prime examples of John Mayer’s guitar prowess as it showcases how his guitar literally sings in twanginess and brightness. Simple beats can also be heard throughout the whole song which adds an additional charm to the overall song. Not forgetting his warm, soothing vocals! Nevertheless, add Gravity by John Mayer in your Coffee Shop playlist if you need something to seduce customers to your establishment!

Finneas - Let’s Fall in Love for the Night

Genre: Alternative / Indie

One-half of the power siblings, Finneas can be said to be the mastermind producer behind Billie Eilish’s songs. But these two don't always need to come in a pair, in fact, Finneas himself produces and performs breathtaking music of his own! Let’s Fall in Love for the Night tells an adorable yet bittersweet love story of someone that’s out of grasp, masking itself as a cheerful song through its upbeat guitar tunes. Just by listening to Finneas’ voice glide over the lyrics, you might actually fall in love with him! In any case, the upbeat impression of the song makes it perfect for an option in your Coffee Shop Playlist!

Rex Orange County - Best Friend

Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative / Indie

If you are looking for music that sounds different from mainstream music on the radio, try Rex Orange County! He has a contradicting bright, sleepy and slurring voice which oddly works well together. His unique voice allows listeners to identify him and capture the attention of others easily. Additionally, the interesting usage of the saxophone nearing the end of the song keeps listeners engaged! You are going to want to be Rex Orange County’s Best Friend after listening to his song! Nevertheless, put this song in the Playlist! His voice and the unique choice of instrument is going to keep listeners engaged with whatever they are doing.

Eric Clapton - Layla, Unplugged

Genre: Blues Rock, Classic Rock

Eric Clapton - one of the best guitarists in the world who was nicknamed “slow hand” because of his fast guitar playing skills and slow claps from the crowd. It’s almost a sin if you play the guitar but do not know of him. Though the original version of Layla is amazing as it is, the unplugged version has its own beauty as well. Instead of playing on his electric guitar, Eric Clapton picks on his acoustic guitar, creating an entirely different atmosphere even though it’s the same song. In fact, it’s a perfect song for slow nights, catching up with your friends or unwinding after a long day.

Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Piña Colada Song)

Genre: Pop, Soft Rock

You may have heard of this song in Guardian of the Galaxy where Peter Quill’s playlist is his only link to his mother and the human race. At any rate, Rupert Holmes’ Escape will cause your body to create involuntary movements with its catchy beats and lighthearted lyrics! (Albeit the song is talking about cheating) Nevertheless, it’s a perfect fit for being in a Coffee Shop Playlist as it’s able to change the mood or atmosphere of the establishment!

Ed Sheeran - Photograph

Genre: Folk Pop, Acoustic

Another song that falls inside the folk-pop/acoustic genre, but this time, it’s from our beloved Ed Sheeran! Photograph tells a story about the memory of being in love or being with an ex - the desire to store everything they once had into tangible forms of memories as if the magic is still alive. Even though Ed Sheeran involved different types of instruments when making Photograph, he managed to make the song sound soft and reassuring. Making it exactly the kind of music that’s perfect for playing in a Coffee Shop!

Elise Trouw - Foo Fighters Meets 70's Bobby Caldwell - Live Looping Mashup

Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk

Finally, Elise Trouw. An extremely musically inclined YouTuber who creates covers and her own original music. In her mashup of Foo Fighters Meets 70’s Bobby Caldwell, she brought both songs - Everlong and What You Won’t Do For Love to new heights that will literally blow your mind. Additionally, her gentle and smoky voice just adds on to the appeal of her take on Everlong and What You Won’t Do For Love! Even though both original artists are vastly different in terms of their music styles and genre, Elise Trouw has all my respect as she managed to impeccably bring them together! With its jazzy undertone, Foo Fighters Meets 70’s Bobby Caldwell is a superb song to be placed in a Coffee Shop Playlist.

Similarities in the List of Coffee Shop Music

Now that we are done, do you see the similarities between all the suggested songs that were mentioned above? They all have slow, simple beats which won’t bore the listeners to death and won’t excite them too much! Perfect for maintaining concentration and acting as an added incentive for cafe-goers or students studying!

Where to Download Coffee Shop Music

If you are a business owner and you’re wondering how to legally play music in your business, a few suggested platforms will be:

  • Soundtrack your Brand

    • Known as the “Spotify for Business” and just like Spotify, they have a month free no commitment where businesses are able to cancel if they are unsatisfied.

  • Cloud Cover Music

    • One of the cheaper options, they keep their tracks updated. Businesses can find popular hits and songs from new artists here.

  • Heartbeats International

    • It’s a more expensive solution out there but they provide a comprehensive business strategy and framework on communicating the brand through music.

  • BGMC Station

    • A unique platform that offers businesses background music that they’ve curated on their YouTube channel that’s extremely fitting for Coffee Shops.

Sadly, platforms such as Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora and Tidal Music to name a few are not allowed to be played in public as they are meant for private use. If businesses were to use these platforms, they will have to pay monthly fees to the country’s Performance Rights Organisations.

Coffee Shop Music Playlist

With all that out of the way, I have put together my very own playlist to aid you with your studies and/or recommend some music that you can add into your Coffee Shop Playlist!

Coffee Shop Playlist
Coffee Shop Playlist | Source

© 2020 Selena


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    • Selena Campbell profile imageAUTHOR


      4 weeks ago from Singapore

      What's your favorite Coffee Shop Music? Share with me below. I would love to check out new songs


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