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10 Best Horror Films From Thailand in 2014

Updated on May 12, 2016

Thailand is fast becoming the go-to country for Asian horror films. These past few years, they have churned out high quality films that bring the requisite scares along with subtle introductions into their culture. Many of their films have since been released in other neighboring countries, and assuming that you don’t mind dealing with slightly stilted grammar in the subtitles, here are 10 Thai horror films from 2014 that you need to check out:

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#1 Threesome


Threesome is about a movie-make up artist named Som, who is sick and tired of her gorgeous but philandering boyfriend. After breaking up with the boyfriend and attempting suicide, she is saved by a nice, handsome neighbor. The two develop a romance, but what Som doesn’t know is that her new beau is a ghost.

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Why Watch It

  • The movie shows that in the hands of a good director and a capable cast, even movies with paper-thin premise end up engrossing and worth watching for 2 hours.
  • The film is full of quirky, funny side characters that help ground the narrative, preventing it from taking itself too seriously (even though the subject matter is serious enough: a young woman who is beguiled by a wandering spirit.)

#2 Tai Hong 2


Tai Hong 2 is a horror anthology that features stories about a public transport minivan getting into an accident, a bunch of murdered women in the sewers of a brothel, a corpse stuck in a hotel room’s AC vent, and a young monk who breaks his vows in order to seek revenge.

Why Watch It

  • Despite cramming 4 stories with different themes in a single movie’s runtime, the stories are not thin, as they provide enough exposition and attention to detail.
  • The stories are based on actual news headlines, so if you enjoy horror films that are somewhat based on real life events, Tai Hong 2 could provide that extra bit of creepy factor.
  • There are a lot of minor connecting details that you could hunt for in the scenes, such as the numbers that appear in sequence through various elements (e.g. a button worn by a character, followed by the room number in the hotel, etc.)

#3 The Parallel


A woman who was drugged and taken to an abortion clinic by her abusive boyfriend survived the ordeal, but lost the ability to bear children as a result. In her despair, she has chosen to adopt a young girl with a creepy doll and a haunted past.

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Why Watch It

  • If you like horror films that have scary possessed dolls
  • Actress Paula Taylor turns in a notable performance as the adoptive mother, no doubt owing to the fact that she has just become a mother when filming began.
  • Excellent lighting provides a dark atmosphere without limiting the visibility. There’s also lots of gore.

#4 3 A.m. 3d: Part 2


3 A.M. 3D: Part 2 is a three-story horror anthology film that takes its name from the time when spirits are said to be at their strongest. The first film is about the ghost of a jealous gangster, followed by a horror story set at a catholic girls’ boarding school, and a third one set in a paper shop that ties everything together.

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Why Watch It

  • The stories don’t stand up so well on their own, but with the third story cleverly serving as the framework, the entire film ends up being more solid and provides plenty of things for viewers who are paying attention.
  • The film has some really scary visuals, including a headless nun that plays the piano. There’s also a lot of gore if you’re not queasy.

#5 Hong Hoon


Hong Hoon follows the girl Ploy, who originally thought that her father died in an accident. But one day a mysterious man shows up and tells her that her father’s death is not an accident, as he got a wax figure of himself made. When more of her relatives pass away due to accidental circumstances, she starts to suspect that there may be something more sinister at play.

Why Watch It

  • Hong Hoon does not rely on cheap jump scares, going for a slow burn narrative style. That’s not to say that it’s not scary, it’s got a creepy, depressing atmosphere going on throughout the film.
  • The film also has a complex story that delves into the clan politics and their power plays over the family wealth.
  • High production values and clever use of CG effects means that you won’t be distracted by unrealistic visuals.

#6 The Rooms


A short horror story omnibus that features a story about a lonely violinist and his comatose wife, an aging criminal and his prodigal disciple who must contend with zombies, and honeymoon in which one of the principal participants is already a ghost.

Why Watch It

  • If you like your horror stories short and punchy instead of slow and creeping, all three stories in The Rooms will suit your taste.
  • While not exactly blessed with a huge budget, the filmmakers manage to make do using practical special effects and a little bit of CG from time to time.
  • The second story features an ex member of the boyband D2B, Kawee Tanjarak AKA Beam.

#7 She Devil


She Devil follows naïve country boy Woen, who ends up betrothed to the beautiful innocent girl Ploy. Unfortunately, it turns out that Ploy is only innocent and beautiful by day. At night, something ancient and evil possesses her.

Why Watch It

  • The effects are decidedly low budget, but they are used effectively and manage to provide some truly creepy visuals.
  • The film is scary, but it also has a lot of funny elements, courtesy of Woen and his bumbling friends.

#8 The Eyes Diary


The Eyes Diary focuses on a young man working in a rescue squad, who can’t get over a deceased lover, resulting in him collecting the physical belongings of the corpses that he encounters at work. He soon meets a couple of people who end up providing him with the means to communicate with his former lover, but it opens up the doorway to other things.

Why Watch It

  • While the title may lead you to believe that it’s connected with the Pang brothers’ The Eye franchise, it actually has very little similarities, with The Eyes Diary taking its cue more from Shutter.
  • The film is one of those rare instances where it managed to build a universe where there are people who believe in ghosts. It makes for a much more believable story compared to those silly horror films where people still refuse to believe in the paranormal despite standing face to face with a zombie.
  • It’s scary, but there’s a sad, affecting love story underneath. Even if the scares fail to impress you, the story of the protagonist and his ghostly ex will.

#9 Spell


Spell focuses on a young woman who is possessed by the spirits of pregnant women, as a result of being given a love potion made out of the dead pregnant woman’s chin. The Thai title is "Nam Man Phrai,” which roughly translates to corpse oil.

Why Watch It

  • Unlike some of the films earlier in this list, there’s no comedy at all in this film. It’s all gore, dark visuals, and scary scenes. If you really want to be afraid, watch this film instead.
  • Technically, we’re supposed to be scared of the ghosts and evil spirits, but in this case, several of the victims are perverted men, so this may be one case where you actually end up rooting for the evil spirit.

#10 The Swimmers


The Swimmers focuses on a love triangle between two friendly yet rival swimmers and a girl who one day dies mysteriously in a drained pool. What complicates things further is the fact that the girl was found out to be pregnant when she died, resulting in one of the swimmers going on a quest to find who she was cheating with, and the other being visited by the pregnant ghost.

Why Watch It

  • While primarily a ghost film, the Swimmers also tackles the issue of infidelity and teenage promiscuity without being preachy.
  • The film isn’t a comedy, far from it in fact, but you can’t help but snicker at the thought of one of the protagonists, who are both well toned and lean, getting pregnant with the ghost’s baby.


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    • xypherfarrell profile imageAUTHOR

      Fairlane Raymundo 

      4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      @Cheeky Kid, start with Threesome.

    • Cheeky Kid profile image

      Cheeky Kid 

      4 years ago from Milky Way

      I've never seen any one of those. But now, I'm all interested.


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