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10 Best Reggae Songs for the Summer

Updated on October 31, 2014

There is no music that personifies a season, like reggae does for summer. The carefree, take life as it comes, attitude is prime for relaxing in the summer. While Bob Marley certainly brought reggae mainstream, many more artists are helping refine and redefine the genre. Sometimes these songs are political, but they are always honest and from the heart. Here are the top 10 songs for a reggae summer.

Photo taken by: James Starkey
Photo taken by: James Starkey | Source

1. Time Bomb by Iration is still considered to be one of the best reggae songs especially for college music fans who are out there to get some party vibes during the summer. The hit song Time Bomb feels like a sunny day in Jamaica, the song brings cool waves of relaxation and can help transport any rock and pop loving fan into another world.

2. You can get it if you want it by Jimmy Cliff is a classic reggae hit that will always gain the respect and attention of reggae music lovers no matter what the season is. Jimmy Cliff is known for providing soothing and melodious hits.

3. Steppin’ Out by Synth heavy- this is an example of British roots reggae that immerses in the cool vibe of reggae music but with a bit of twist. The lyrics are a bit political, this song never fails to impress with its hopeful and breezy message of Jah love.

Photo taken by: Aldo Fonticiella
Photo taken by: Aldo Fonticiella | Source

4. Albino Toaster by Yellowman- is a song that easily burst on the scene; it contains funny-talk singing DJ style. The songs contain militant, sex crazed as well as witty comments that even non-reggae lovers would be able to understand.

5. Boom Boom Boom by Outhere Brothers- this reggae song is highly recommended for the summer the formula of the singers that perfected it is still admired and highly sought out even for modern parties several years after the song was released.

6. Beenie Man featuring Ms. Thing and Shanwa- this is considered to be one of the best reggae songs by Beenie Man. Reggae enthusiasts would easily identify with this song, it feels like traveling on the road and just having fun while doing so. It is considered to be one of the most perfect reggae songs to exist and is still requested by many during reggae inspired parties.

7. Something Ah Go Happen by Vybz Kartel this song is perfect for summer festivals, once you hear this song, this is definitely going to stay in your mind, and the tongue twisting lyrics and even X-rated antics to ghetto politics that are present in the song is guaranteed to make anyone remember this hit. Be able to groove and yet stay informed with the well detailed lyrics about the government, corruption and poverty and lyrics of the song.

Photo taken by: Samuel Kestu
Photo taken by: Samuel Kestu | Source

8. On the Rock by Mavado, the songs contain the strong persona of the singer. Listeners can feel the intense vocal style and the mournful tones that come out of the singer just like a prayer. The song contains perfect timing and provides ominous bassline along with hymn lyrics and vocals that make it a really good reggae song for a number of remixes.

9. Look by Bounty Killer also known a Rodney Price. The singer is capable of belting out ganger shudder; the song is voracious, rhythmic, and active and contains aggressive lyrics but with awesome and fresh beats for the summer.

10. Heart Attack by Beenie Man- this song embodies fun and exuberance, song contains gleeful lyrics and catchy tunes perfect for dancing.

Did I miss one? Got a favorite song you want to share? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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