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10 Best Superhero Anime

Updated on January 17, 2017
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Izayoi from Mondaiji once said: "I'd make a fortune if I sold a bottled version of my boredom." So, I'm here to relieve that boredom. ;)

Can you beat "The Strongest Hero"?
Can you beat "The Strongest Hero"?


In this modern society, the concept of heroism is still existent. It may be as simple as a teacher teaching students or a soldier risking his life to protect the country. But probably the most common hero these days are ones with superhuman capabilities that are impossible in reality. The hype in these kinds of heroes was so extreme that Hollywood, for example, spend large sums of money in making one.

But of course, there's anime. You already know that anime has a quite of reputation in creating outrageous characters with different, sometimes ridiculous superpowers. But for now, we are just listing the best modern anime series with a decent superhero to the entertainment factor.

Please take note that this is my personal list, meaning you are not required to agree with me, and you can add yours in the comments after you've read the whole article. Another note is that this list has no particular order. Numbers are for navigational purposes only and had no absolute value. Let's start!

1. One Punch Man!


On our first entry is "One Punch Man." Its story revolves around Saitama the "Caped Baldy" and his disciple Genos the "Demon Cyborg." Saitama started off as a normal human being and became the strongest because of his "secret training." Together, they chased troublemakers and large monsters with one goal in mind - make money. The Hero Association, which the two is working is a non-profit organization aimed to protect the public.

Probably the most popular one on this list is this. This anime has this reputation of making viewers laugh and become excited with its fighting scenes. One thing (maybe) unique in One Punch Man is its character Saitama. He is probably the strongest superhero that I know! He can crush his enemies with a ridiculous one punch.

Things that you want to check out in this anime is how the Hero Association is made.

2. Punch Line


Let me ask you: What more can you get by looking at panties? The destruction of the world is probably the ridiculous answer, but this anime had made that setting possible.

Flying into our second entry is "Punch Line." Its story revolves around Yuuta Iridatsu, which 'died' in a series of strange events. He became a stray spirit; naturally, his friend's can't see him, and the only being that can help him is a pervert drunken cat spirit. After then, he became our superhero that will save the world from destruction using his power that can only be activated, seriously, by seeing panties.

The synopsis may be strange at first, but after the story progresses, you may want to watch the anime again from the start, which is a rare gem indicating a good anime.

3. Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)


Our third entry is the thriller, slice-of-life "Erased."

The main character Satoru Fujinuma, 29-year-old manga artist, sets back to 18 years in time where he is about to meet his friend's killer and the one who framed him about killing his mother. The power of the main character of this anime itself is not so destructive, but the effect of changing something when you can go back in the past is interesting.

This anime is full of unexpected happenings that may quench your thirst for mysteries. It is blended with an overwrought plot, and this anime can get you emerged and moving so you may prepare tissues. The soundtrack is splendid too.

4. Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda (World Conquest Zvezda Plot)


Let's go back to ridiculous plots with another addition on this list. Our fourth entry "World Conquest Zvezda Plot," which is frankly not for all adults but I think worthy of being here in this list because of the superpowers. This anime also focuses on world conquest - a plot where the classic villains are known. But here, the heroes are the ones doing it.

You might be asking me why I am putting thing such as world conquest a superhero thing? My answer is a simple: "You may want to consider being a hero if you have a corrupt government where no one has the guts to fight" - which is happening to the real world as we speak.

As I've said, this anime may no be for everyone because of its young cast. But if you are young at heart and wants to enjoy something funny and exciting this might be a good catch for you.

5. Charlotte


Our fifth entry, "Charlotte" is an anime where every superpower you can think of is present.

Mind control is the specialty of the young our male protagonist, Yuu Otosaka. He misused his abilities to cheat on exams and avoid confrontations. He also used it for his perverse actions, but all of this are compromised when he met Nao Tomori, our heroine with the superpower to disappear in front of her enemies. Nao forced Yuu to change schools where Nao is a student and a student council president.

However, their superpowers are only present during adolescent. Leading Nao and her team of superpowers set to tame other superpowers before it can destroy their life in the future. Another must watch anime if you love superpowers!

6. Aldnoah.Zero


Aldnoah is a massive energy source that was originally found on Mars, which later had been claimed to be owned by the Vers Empire, a group of Terrans turned Martians - or at least as the anime said. This has started a war on the lack of resource in Mars has set the Martians invading the Earth.

The story revolves around the three most important characters the intelligent Inaho, loyal Slaine and her Highness Princess Asseylum. Inaho is set to save the world from the destruction of the Earth as he uses his intelligence and skill to destroy invading robots from the Vers Empire. Slaine, being a loyal dog to the royalties of the Vers Empire set out to protect Princess Asseylum from another assassination attempts.

From the huge unexpected turn of events, this 24 episode anime also caught my attention for its fighting scenes, well-balanced storyline, and the amazing soundtrack.

7. Kill la Kill


Saving the humanity from rogue clothes? Probably another idea we can never think of but this "Kill la Kill" nailed it!

This anime revolves around Matoi, Ryuuko, a transfer student of the Honnouji Academy. She was searching for her father's killer when she found out about a strange clothing that can speak. The only clue to finding the murder is the half-blade of a giant red scissor. As she set out to this conquest, she later found his long-lost sister and together they save the world from rogue life fibers - a key material of the clothing.

Another action-packed title on this list. This multi-awarded anime is set to give you excitement in every episode!

8. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (Gate: Thus, the JSDF Fought There!)


JSDF Officer and Otaku, Youji Itami is a person who has this Hobbies First, Work Later attitude. He also admitted that he only just works to support his hobbies making him an inspiring fellow for me, at least.

Anyway, Youji's plans to attend a doujin convention in Ginza, Tokyo when a group of ancient armies with dragons appeared from a mysterious gate. It caused mayhem and death but were later overpowered by the JDSF.

The JDSF then decided to go the "Special Region" where the army came from only to found out that they will be responsible for making peace with the area with the help of some locals and a demigod. Modern Military vs. Medieval? Who would win?

9. Ushio and Tora


Ushio and Tora revolve around Ushio, a stubborn kid who unexpectedly became the only wielder of the legendary beast spear and Tora, a ferocious monster who has been pierced for 500 years the spear. Ushio has no choice but to release Tora to use the spear when a group of mini-demonic creatures began attacking anything. Tora in-turned the only thing that can quickly kill a demon is the Beast Spear.

Together they formed a truce of letting each other live. Tora always says that he will eat Ushio but never did it because of unknown circumstances. The duo, unwillingly formed a team to slay merciless demons that terrorized humanity and other helpful creatures.

Mixed with comedy and action, Ushio to Tora is also a must see!

10. Yozakura Quartet Series


Yozakura Quartet Series has the power to unleash your senses with action packed scenes and a vast storyline that goes beyond the series.

A town where humans and demons co-exist has been a nightmare for a normal police force to handle. The main heroine Yarizakura, Hime is the mayor of the city together with her team of good half-demons to real demons ensure to protect the city from the trouble of evil demons. Superpowers range from mind-reading, teleportation and materializing things from the little speech is the reason why this anime is a must watch!

Closing Remarks

Do you agree on my list? Please write down your ideas, recommendation or even violent reactions in the comments section below.

Thank you for your time reading this article. Hope you find this useful for your anime cravings!

Which anime on the list do you think is the BEST?

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