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10 Cartoons That Deserve A Reboot

Updated on March 3, 2014

Cartoons are something that have delighted us since Steamboat Willie decided to make his debut back in the day. With all of the memories that cartoons have given children and adults alike, they have now become an integral part of almost everyone's lives around the world.

Recently we've seen some cartoons get a reboot, giving the next generation something to remember them with. The most recent I can think of is Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls. But with the ones being brought back, you can't help but think there should be some others that get the reboot. So without any further ado, here are the cartoons that I think deserve that push!


10. Courage The Cowardly Dog

This was a great show, but thinking back to it, it pretty much terrified me as a child. There were some of the creepiest things that happened in the Middle of Nowhere. Courage always seemed to save the day when it came to help the dimwitted Eustace and Muriel. The thing I always questioned was with everything that happened to them, why did the never move!?

Courage's big redeeming factor is despite his fear and timid nature, he has so much love for Muriel. His devotion to her is impressive enough that he puts up with Eustace who refers to him as, "stupid dog," despite the number of times Courage has saved himself and Muriel from certain doom.


9. Invader Zim

Invader Zim was one of those shows that you just couldn't stop watching. It had the darkest sense of humor mixed with the stupidest, which is ultimately I think what gives it its charm. Zim was sent to what was supposed to be an uninhabited planet, but of course that turns out to be Earth.

Hands down I think what wins this show over for me is GIR. GIR has some of the best one-liners in this history of animation. Now let's all join together and sing The Doom Song! (Doom-Doom-Doom-Doom-Doom-Doom)


8. Static Shock

One of my favorite superheros ever! And yes he is a superhero, if you don't agree then you can just listen to his theme song: "Super hero, Static Shock!" Static Shock always reminded me of if you took Storm and Gambit and through them together...along with the transportation of The Silver Surfer.

As I look back on this show I've come to realize that maybe, just maybe, the one thing that makes him a great superhero is probably his dreads. Seriously though, how can you hate a superhero that will electrocute you will rocking some dreads. Answer: you can't!


7. Rocket Power

"We are riders, on a mission, action kids condition (play position) (close collision) (on television)..." Ok, so I forgot the words, but it's still one of the coolest theme songs to any cartoon ever!

Back in the day, everyone thought they were Otto, Reggie, or Twister, but in all actuality we were all a bunch of squids. Rocket Power coined many terms that nobody else would have used, shoobie, cool-a-rooni, and of course the great handshake of woogady, woogady, woogady! (not sure on the spelling of that)

This show was fantastic and inspired an entire generation of kids to get out there and break their arms/legs/spines. You also know you wanted a cool Hawaiian guy like Tito to be around all the time!


6. Recess

The show that turned kickball from a game into a fad. Recess was pretty much everything you could ask for in a cartoon: an unlikely group of ragtag friends that chilled at recess. It wasn't anything like actual school to me, like these kids had nothing in common, but they were great's actually a very endearing thought.

One of the things that made this show popular is that the kids were all so well rounded. I don't think there was anyone that couldn't relate to one of the main characters in some way, shape, or form.

Also, The Ashleys had a sweet clubhouse, it just needed to be less pink and stuff.


5. The Magic School Bus

Please let this be a normal field trip...With The Frizz? No way!!

This is probably the best educational show ever. I remember being stoked in elementary school whenever we had a substitute because that meant one thing...Magic School Bus day!

The most fun thing ever though, is that this show is on Netflix and I went back to check it out the other day. This show was educational and it was actually passing on good moral values at the same time. You don't really get that in these type of shows anymore. You also don't usually have the chance of getting baked into a pie!


4. Doug

If you're not singing, "Killer Tofu," right now, then you need to get back to the 90s and learn it. Doug Funnie was pretty much one of the great minds of our generation...okay that may be a bit overreaching, but you could relate to him because in all actuality he was just an average kid.

Doug was let go by Nickelodeon and picked up by Disney and that wasn't the best thing to ever happen to him. Doug seemed to lose his charm after he went to the mouse. He stayed just as popular, even getting a movie, but he wasn't really the Doug we had all grown up with.

And a shout out to Porkchop for being awesome!


3. Johnny Bravo

Strike some poses and utter the famous, "He-Hah-Huh!" After that let's go hit on some hot chicks and do the monkey. Johnny Bravo was the womanizer that never was. His character was just fun to watch, he was dumb as a box of rocks, built like a tree, and talked like Elvis. You just couldn't go wrong with Bravo.

My favorite thing that's probably ever happened to him was when he met the team of Weird Al Yankovic, Don Knotts, and The Blue Falcon. Now when you have a team like that on your side, where can you go wrong?!

Also, nobody take this idea, but I think I'm going as Johnny for Halloween this year. Somebody get me a wig and some hair gel!


2. Animaniacs

Hello Nurse!! Come join the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister Dot as they run a muck around the Warner movie lot...I was actually attempting to not make that rhyme, but it's just got to happen.

Animaniacs was one of the funniest shows, for kids and parents alike. What made it so great was that it was pretty much a series of different cartoons with Animaniacs stuff in between. Slappy the Squirrel, The Goodfellas, Good Idea/Bad Idea, Buttons and Mindy, and of course Pinky and The Brain were just as popular as the Warners.

How should I end the section on the Animaniacs? How else: Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn. And today's moral of the story is: They just won't make cartoons like this anymore.


1. Rugrats

You can't think of the 90s at all and not have Rugrats come to mind, they were pretty much the staple cartoon and to me at least, the beginning of Nicktoons. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil were just a ton of fun to watch and Angelica is one of the best characters to come out of animation in a while.

The Rugrats were huge, getting 3 (or maybe 4) movies, tons of merchandise, a special for every single holiday you could possibly think of, and I remember them being in pretty much every theme park I went to as a kid besides Disney World.

The one waste that I think came from this show, was that not one company decided to make a Reptar Bar!? Seriously, who was marketing in the 90s. We got Reptar Cereal, but not one Reptar Bar? The candy bar that turns your tongue green, how sweet does that sound!?

You Decide!

Which Show Would You Like To See Make A Comeback?

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    • NBYomi profile image

      N B Yomi 6 months ago from Dallas, TX

      I'd hate to be that guy, but in the wake of the PPG and Ten Titans reboots, I don't think rebooting these shows would be a good idea.

      Although Animaniacs is getting a reboot from the same people who worked on the original, soooo.... Here's hoping for the best?

    • profile image

      Anon 2 years ago

      The Secret Saturdays need to make a comeback at some point.

    • Christian813 profile image

      Christian Álvarez 3 years ago from Tamaulipas, México

      I'm totally agree, specially with invader zim, man, I could die in laugh with that show

    • HELLDOOM profile image

      Billy Dean Englebright 3 years ago from madras oregon

      Cool i like cartoons