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10 Chick Flicks that will Calm you Down

Updated on June 23, 2016

Life’s not going well; you’re bored, sad and depressed! Stuck at home due to the summer heat, busty traffic or experiencing the most dreaded unemployment period of your life?
It’s high time you invested some of your time in flicking the chicks, or, rather watching a few chick flicks!

Chick flicks have been ruling the era of movies for a long time now. Where most people claim that they are useless, weightless movies that have no depth or learning whatsoever, I say that they are worth the watch and the while!

Even though they are not based on critical notions, real life incidents, psychological disorders or scientific phenomenon, they are still those feathery, amusing movies that make you laugh and lighten your heart and make you forget your troubles for a while. Especially if you are depressed or going through a nasty relationship drama, a chick flick will definitely lift your mood and comfort your wounded soul. The reason I am recommending chick flicks instead of comedy is because chick flicks will carry you through someone else’s life who was more or less in a similar situation like you. Hence, instead of making you laugh with pointless matters, these movies will bring a smile on your face, all the while making you realize that good things are coming your way.

Below is a list of my ultimate favourites. I am pretty sure you have watched most of them already; but to those who haven’t and to those who have, it’s always worth watching them once again!

50 First Dates

A romantic comedy with a twist; a classic case of Anterograde amnesia where Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) can’t remember her present after a tragic accident and how Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) tries to maintain their relationship, with Lucy not recognizing him every next day.

The Proposal

A love story set in a so-not romantic background, where two people most unlikely to fall in love, fall inadvertently with each other.

An epic battle between teenage Drama Queens, where Friendships get toasted and love disappoints....a Perfect watch for anyone having a bad day

He's Just Not That Into You

A tantalizing presentation of what #relationships are like today; no needless dialogue or drama. The story-line innocuously portrays how relationships can go from right to wrong the next moment, how marriages fail and how trust breaks. And if you're one of those still trying to figure out the law of attraction, this film is nothing but the right choice!

Sex and the City

Four New York girls; stylish, upbeat and looking for love! So, if you are a self-dependent woman, looking for love with your girlfriends, this movie is the right pick for you. Girl power all the way!

Friends with Benefits

Lovers? Friends? Benefits? What if you find all in one person? That’s when you find your friend who has benefits with a timeless twist which you can guess halfway through the game! A must watch for those looking for a fun-loving movie or even better, a Friend with Benefits!

27 Dresses

We all dream of getting married. How many of you ladies out there can claim that you haven’t planned your wedding day even though there are no signs of the day arriving nearby? Well, 27 Dresses takes through that experience with a little twist in the plot where your sister is in love with the man you’ve always wanted to marry. My suggestion, keep guessing!

The Ugly Truth

Timeless stereotypes? Girl meets boy and falls in love. Definitely not! What if your guy coaches you into how to find the right guy instead? Interesting, huh?
Keep watching.........

Letters to Juliet

A sober love story with Italian colours, where you roam around the timeless Italian villages while following the trail of a letter sent to Juliet ages ago. What if you too find love along the way?

The Devil Wears Prada

A recent college graduate enters the world of fashion and finds herself assistant to a woman who’s not only impatient but a straight-A slave driver. Her journey to become successful without losing track of who she is, is the ultimate challenge.

These were a list of my favourites. Please don't hesitate to let me know which ones were yours

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