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9 Disney Tv Shows We All Wish Were Still Airing.

Updated on July 26, 2015

Phil Of The Future

Despite only lasting for two seasons (2004-2006) Phil of the future's, impact was not limited. Not only were Phil and his family weird and sometimes awkward dealing with everyday normal life as a futuristic family but they also had many cool gadgets including the flying car or as it was called in the programme a 'Skyak'

Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was every young girl's show, whether it was relating to Lizzie's crush on the hot guy at school, Ethan, or having to cope with her annoying little brother Matt. Not only that, but it taught us the meaning of friendship and normal teen problems, it is no doubt I as well as many others were addicted to the show throughout the 3 years of it being aired!

Proud Family

The Proud Family was a great at showcasing to children a strong and healthy black family from the family's protective dad to the hilarious sugar mama. The Theme music, by destiny child and Solange also adds to it's likeability.


I, like I'm sure many others, would run straight after school just waiting impatiently to watch the new episodes of Recess. If it wasn't Gretchen's fascinating brain or Mikey's huge singing voice it was ,tomboy, Spinelli's secret love for dancing that kept us all watching!

Out of The Box

As a young child, out of the box was the perfect show to explore your imagination. It was a show where kids would have fun doing arts and crafts and singing. The presenters, Tony and Vivian, were incredibly energetic and somehow seemed liked members of your family hence why it's a show that cannot be forgotten.

That's So Raven

Some say That's So Raven was one of Disney's best shows and I would have to agree. Although Raven was gifted into seeing the future it often landed her into funny situations. Her family and friends also added to the humour of the show. However, despite it's comedy style the show was never afraid to address issues such as race hence why for many children's it seemed like a show we could always laugh to and learn from.

Kim Possible

As a young girl ,I really wanted to be a spy and this was partly because of Kim Possible. Lasting five years as a series, Kim Possible captured many children's tv screens. Oooooh! And let's not forget the naked-rat named Rufus ,who as all viewers of the show know, was obsessed with Nacho's.

Even Steven

Despite Even Steven's humorous script, as a show, it was easily relatable. The audience would have no choice but to fall in love with the awkward teenager Louis. This was deemed effortless as we followed his life in school, with girls and just being the average teenage boy was enough for us to keep on watching!

Lilo and Stitch

Besides me being fascinated with Hawaii, Lilo and Stitch was so fun to watch whilst growing up.I loved copying Stitch's voice but also the creations of other experiments like Stitch that would be introduced to our screens. Lastly, the sister bond between Lilo and Nani was completely adorable too which added onto our 'AWWW' factor.

Which programme was your favourite?

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It is obvious to see that these were some of Disney's greatest productions, especially in helping to bring families together. However, I know there are further Disney shows that made as much of an impact as the above. So please, if you can, list any further shows that you all wish still was on our tv screens.


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