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10 Facts about Jake Paul & Team 10

Updated on August 23, 2017

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Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is a famous Youtuber, best known for his music video, It's Everyday Bro. He started off as a viner but moved to Youtube. His contents are mostly pranks and vlog. He created a production company named Team 10. He rose to fame because of the scandals surrounding him and the video, It's Everyday Bro. Well, he was popular before but he blew up after the video.

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Jake Paul seems to blow up after he dropped a disstrack, It's Everyday, Bro. His video so far has reached about 100+ million views. It's a great achievement, right? Jake Paul is so popular on Youtube these days that you at some point ended up stumbling across a comment about him on Youtube. Even though, the video has nothing to do with Jake Paul.

Along with his popularity, he gets a lot of hate as well. But why the hate? Is it the rap? I'm not really sure. Well, perhaps it's the "English is my city." verse that got lots of people thinking. Everyone knows England is a country so saying it's a city sounds dumb. There are also lyrics that just don't make sense but at least, it's entertaining, right? Now, who exactly is Jake Paul? Want to know him on a deeper level? Here's 10 shocking facts about Jake Paul.

It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul & Team 10

1. It's Everyday Bro is the seventh most disliked video on Youtube

Yeah, apparently Friday by Rebecca Black has a rival now, namely the video, It's Everyday Bro. The dislikes so far are 2 million. The likes are 1 million. This video is made with the intention of dissing Alissa Violet but we'll get into it later. Perhaps the video has so many dislikes because of the lyrics which makes no sense, honestly. You can watch video above and judge it yourself. Also, it could be because of Jake Paul's arrogant statement about passing all the youtubers and that Pewdiepie is next. Even though you probably know this already, Pewdiepie is a popular Youtuber with over than 50M subscribers. So, have you tried watching the video? What do you think? People's opinions vary. So, what will you do? Will you dislike or like his video?

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2. Jake Paul was a viner

Jake Paul was formerly a viner before moving to Youtube. Well, lots of viners seem to be moving to Youtube like Lele Pons, King Bach and a lot more. He received a shoutout from Logan Paul, his brother and he became famous on vine. He became famous in just a course of 5 months. By the way, he has a nickname 'One Take Jake' because Jake is known for his ability of nailing a difficult scene in one take. It's a good ability, right?

3. He owns a Production Company named Team 10

Jake Paul founded the Team 10 company. It's a squad of young minded individuals with the goal of taking over Hollywood - says the official webpage. At first, the squad consisted of Jake Paul, Dobre twins, Neels Visser, Alex Lange and Tristan Tales but the recent drama caused some of them to part ways. It is said that Jake Paul takes 10% of Team 10's members's earnings.

Erika and Jake's Wedding

4. Jake Paul is Married

. . . Or no, not for real at least. It's a little confusing because it seems like a game but they have the real ceremony and all . . . even though, it's not done seriously. Jake Paul married Erika Costell, another member of Team 10. He proposed using a candy ring and the wedding ceremony was done with little efforts. What's more, Jake Paul is still 20. Is it his ploy to get views? Or perhaps, he's trying to show his somewhere between yes and not ex, Alissa Violet, that he is able to move on? Well, if he genuinely loves Erika Costell, I can only hope for the best for their marriage. Oh, also, Jake is not the only one getting married. Chance Martinez and Tessa Brooks are married as well, on the same day as Jake and Erika.

5. There are rules if you join Team 10

According to Alissa Violet, there are certain rules you must keep in the house. First of all, you're not allowed to drink booze. Second, you're not allowed to bring friends over. If you want to, you must ask for permission first. Surprising isn't considering the carefree image that Team 10 is giving?

6. Their pranks are extreme

You know what's trending on Youtube? Prank videos. Jake Paul is one of those prankster on Youtube though we're not sure if it's real or not.You know the drill. The more extreme the prank is, the more views it gets. However, Jake Paul took it to another level when he posted a video of him camping in the White House. Yes, you heard that right. It's a wonder why he didn't get caught. Well, there are more pranks but I'm just going to list the most extreme one. There are rumors going around that the pranks are fake however. What do you think? Is it fake or real?

7. Not only looks, Team 10 have talented members

Team 10 is known mostly for the humor and that itself is a talent. However, there are more to it. For example, AJ Mitchell. He is a talented singer who writes his own song at a very young age. You can listen to his song from the video I attached down below.

8. Jake Paul used to be a wrestler

Before starting vine, he was a competitive wrestler and was trained to be a Navy Seal, no less. Well, dreams change. Sometimes, in life, you ended up doing things you never thought you'd be doing.

9. The drama between Alissa Violet and Jake Paul

Now, this is what you've been waiting for - the drama people talked about and is still ongoing, because everyone keeps dragging it. This drama is also the inspiration to the song, It's Everyday Bro. So what happened?

Basically, Alissa Violet was driven out of the house by Jake Paul because she cheated on him. Wait, that's his side of story though. Moreover, are they even dating? What about Alissa's perspective? According to Alissa, they never dated. It was an on and off relationship. At times, Jake would be all loving with her and other times, he'd push her away and get together with other girls. Is that a relationship? Also, there's a video where Jake claimed that he and Alissa are just best friends 'cause they are both from Ohio. I searched the video and well, I think it's deleted because I couldn't find it. I watched it before though. So, anyway, Alissa decided to do the same thing like Jake did by bringing a boy home. Jake wasn't happy about it and he kicked her out. Hence the beginning of the drama . . . and It's Everyday Bro MV. If you want a detailed explanation, go watch the video! Which side you're rooting for? Who's telling the truth? We can't be sure . . . tell me what you think.

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After dropping the disstrack, Alissa Violet collaborated with Ricegum, countering back with a disstrack called It's EveryNight Sis. Here's the video. Which one is your favorite? It's Everyday Bro or It's Everynight Sis?

It's EveryNight Sis

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10. The Accusations of Abuse

This is the continuation of the drama above. So, the drama between them are over right? Not quite. Like Jake, Alissa also found someone special. They've dating for awhile. Who is this guy? A Youtuber named Faze Banks. Fast forward, Jake Paul made a video where he accused Faze of assaulting his assistant named Meg.

Jake claimed that Faze assaulted her by choking his assistant. As a proof, there's a purplish bruise on her neck. Faze, of course, fired back with a video of his own. Basically explaining he couldn't have done it. First of all, he didn't know who she is. Secondly, it's a club. Someone will come to rescue the girl like security perhaps. He pointed lots of things that are off. To prove his points, Alissa defended him. Then, she also added that Jake is abusive. For example, she was pushed into bushes of thorns and her arm bled. There's even a video to prove it.

This issue is getting more complicated each day. We'll have to see how it goes, I guess. Do you think Faze assaulted Meg? What do you think about Alissa's accusations of Jake abusing her? Do you think it's true or not?

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Since it's an article about Jake Paul and Team 10, we'll end the fact at number 10! Which fact amazes you the most?


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