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Ke$ha Can Actually Sing! A List of Great Unreleased Songs

Updated on August 15, 2015
Deconstructed (EP)
Deconstructed (EP)

A collection of stripped ballads

Kesha has dozens of unreleased songs
Kesha has dozens of unreleased songs

Ke$ha is best known for her electronic dance music. She hit the big time in 2009 with an upbeat dance song called Tik Tok. She said at the time that she wanted to make a fun album. She has a full length album called Animal and an EP called Cannibal. Her latest album Warrior is quite different from her debut. It has a mix of dance, indie, country, rock and folk music. The Flaming Lips, Iggy Pop, Ben Folds, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, the indie rock group The Strokes and Nate Ruess of Fun have contributed to Warrior. She has also released an EP of beautiful, stripped down songs called Deconstructed.

Many people think Kesha Sebert is a talentless pretty face who can't sing and who can only makes songs about partying. That was my initial impression of her for a long time even though I've really liked some of her dance songs. I've found over time that her lyrics sometimes have far more meaning than is obvious at first. And she has a long history in music that included recording songs for TV shows, a Barbie movie and even an advertising jingle for the CW TV network.

Unfortunately, a lot of her really good songs have never been released. A bunch of these unreleased songs and demos have been leaked and are available on YouTube. Some have little or no voice altering like autotune and to my surprise she has a very pretty singing voice. This is a list of some of my favorites.


This is one of my favorite Kesha songs and along with Sunday Morning one that really got me interested in looking into her more. This is an acoustic ballad that really lets her voice shine. Goodbye was written in 2000 by Kesha, Pebe Sebert (Kesha's singer/songwriter mother), and Dorian Cheah. Kesha has been writing songs since she was a teenager and was 13 when this song was written and recorded. She grew up in Nashville and you can definitely hear the country music influence in this song. This song was a demo and doesn't have any kind of studio production at all. Kesha apparently played the guitar on this song as well.

Sunday Morning

Like Goodbye, I'm completely addicted to this song. Sunday Morning is a beautiful ballad about a woman who is keeping emotional walls up in a relationship. It has a country rock feel and bittersweet lyrics. The song is very slow and peaceful. And it's another song where you get to hear Kesha's natural singing voice.

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is a ballad written by Kesha and Toby Gad. It's a sad song about a relationship that has fallen apart. She tries to fill the emptiness in her life with one night stands. I love the lyrics to this one. Many people who only know her radio hits question Kesha's songwriting abilities. It's in songs like While You Were Sleeping that her genuine talent as a songwriter comes through.

While you were sleeping
I was wandering with the lonely people
Trying to fill the void you left
Life is short and the nights are long
And tonight, I've moved on

I'm the One

I'm the One is a fairly generic love song. Still it's a chance to hear the kind of country pop music Kesha started out doing as a teen. She could have gone the Taylor Swift route and had a successful country pop career and her country songwriter mom attempted to open doors for her within the industry. However, labels weren't interested in her apparently telling her she was too ugly to be a singer.

True Love

True Love is not surprisingly a love song. It was written by Kesha and Ted Bruner. This is a standard pop song but with very sweet lyrics. According to rumors, Katy Perry sings backup vocals and she's listed on BMI as a feature, which makes it likely she does appear on the song. It was apparently recorded before either woman was famous. However, I've never been able to pick out anyone's voice other than Kesha's.

I Hate You (Don't Leave Me)

This song was written by Michele Vice-Maslin and Scott Owen Clausen. Vice-Maslin has written several songs for and with Kesha that were recorded for use in TV shows and movies. Kesha apparently recorded these songs starting at the age of 15. Some were used in TV shows. So this is another very early song from Kesha. The song is about not wanting to give up on a relationship even though it's not a good one. This song is available on iTunes on an album called Sweetersongs made available by Vice-Maslin.

Suicide (Little Sad)

This is another song with great lyrics. It's about feeling down but refusing someone elses help. And being in denial about how you feel. Or it's about being down but having people think you're suicidal when you really are just a little sad. It was written by David H. Gamson, Marc Nelkin and Steven McMorran. She sounds very young in this song. She was probably only 15 or 16 when it was recorded.

Bad Dream

Bad Dream was written by Kesha, Ash Howes and Martin Peter Harrington. This track sounds like a song from the time period songs for her debut album Animal were being recorded. It has a mix of vocal effects and her natural voice, which was common on her first album. This is a beautiful song that really should have been on either Animal or Cannibal. It would have fit in nicely with emotional songs like Blind, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Hungover and The Harold Song.

Let Me Go

Let Me Go was written by Kesha and produced by Laze & Royal. It's a piano mid-tempo, adult contemporary singer-songwriter type track. The song seems to be about her first real love Harold, the guy behind The Harold Song and several other heartbreaking Kesha songs. He apparently wanted to her to marry him and give up on her singing career. She refused and the relationship ended as a result. She was devastated after losing him and wrote several songs about him.

Bullet With Your Name On It

Bullet With Your Name On It was written by Kesha and her older brother Lagan Sebert. This country rock song has the kind of fun, silly lyrics that Ke$ha has become known for from her singles. This is a very low budget recording.


Lover is the latest Kesha unreleased song to leak. It came out in early October 2014 about a week before she filed a lawsuit against her record label. She can't release any new music until she's broken her contract, so this may be the only new Kesha track for a while. It was produced by Spookey Ruben and Schpilkas. It's a very emotional trip hop track. There are two versions of the song. The one posted here is a radio length edit. The original version is more than 5 minutes long and her vocals on it are very raw. She hits a lot of high notes in the song, something she doesn't do very often. Sony has been fighting hard to keep this song off YouTube even though they don't own any legal rights to it. If it isn't on YouTube, you'll find it on SoundCloud.


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