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10 Greatest Kim Jong Kook Moments in Running Man

Updated on September 29, 2019

Believe it or not, KJK has had only one solo victory in the four years of Running Man despite being known and acknowledged as the best and strongest one in the show. It is so because everyone fears him that everyone gangs up on him first before battling it out.

He is the standard in the show and rightfully so. He trains hard and works hard. He also has great variety skills. He has established a great character on the show. He has had great moments and it's not all name tag tearing. Some are funny moments and they all greatly help to make the show what it is.

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Episode 93: The Survival Series

It is not new that the whole Running Man cast gang up on spartakook when it comes to games that require strength or name tag tearing. After all, it is only their collective strength that could stand a chance against the Sparta. However, this episode is the perfect example of how this strategy works.

When everyone was asked to vote who they want to be taken out first, except for Gary, everyone else voted for Kim Jong Kook. As the whole group realizes that they had no choice but to oust the Sparta or they are good as dead in the next round, they all agreed to work together. Yet, nobody managed to do it. Spartakook strategically isolated each member, attacking only when they are alone.

Although the Monday Couple came close, they ran out of time and Kim Jong Kook went on to the next round and eventually won the episode.

Episode 195: 2NE1

With Kim Jong Kook, Gary and Minzy in one team, the other teams didn't seem to stand a chance. However, the production team has mastered the art of leveling the playing field. The name tag tearing in this episode only allowed one player from each team. That extremely put the strong Spartakook team at a disadvantage. In fact, when it was Gary's turn to go out, the other two players from the other teams ganged up on him because they knew they had to get to Kim J one Kook first,

2pm members are known for their strength and with one more hand helping them. Kim Jong Kook had his work cut out for him. Kim Jong Kook seemed relax but when he saw two men ganging up against Minzy and Gary being ganged up on twice, it fired him up.

By the time he went out, he meant business. There is no talking, no playing around and no trying to be funny, even though it was funny how he eventually clobbered everyone else. He ousted everyone, no freakin' contest.

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Episode 209: Mud Wrestling

Kim Jong Kook was a professional wrestler. He had to quit because he chose to pursue music over sports. However, he did continue practicing the sport and also became a 5th dan Blackbelt. It is no surprise that he is able to dominate the wrestling match. In the early days of Running Man, they already did the a wrestling match and he already demonstrate his dominance in the sport.

In episode 209, however, was by far the funniest because the other members were ready to play around. He turned Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin upside down and swayed them back and fort, dipped them up and down as if he was holding a paintbrush and painting the floor. By the time he was done "playing" with Yoo Jae Suk, the grasshopper was in rage (jokingly) of course.

The only person who beat him was Song Ji Hyo through her teeth.

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Episode 4: Dragged 6 People for 20 Minutes

Kim Jong Kook established his rol as the "strongest" in Running Man. In episode 4, as his Running Man teammates were busy looking for a tube, Kim Jong Kook unwittingly became the distraction as the members of the other team ganged up on him to tear off his name tag. A total of six people came to tear off his tag and by the sheer number of hands on him, he couldn' fight back.

He had to just hold on to his name tag for as long as he could and he did so for more than 20 minutes. That's 6 people pulling his name tag.

Commander and the 2 Kids is one of the most popular "relationships" in Running Man.
Commander and the 2 Kids is one of the most popular "relationships" in Running Man.

Episode 114: Moon Geun Young

Everyone knows that the only weakness of the Spartakook is women. Women don't normally have to fight him,they just have to ask him to do what they want and he can never say no. One of the best examples is Moon Geun Yong. The minute MGY came out as a guest, KJK was obviously smitten.he even commented that the nation's little sister has grown up to become a beautiful woman.

MGY was a member of the opposing team and they used her in all games involving Kim Jong Kook. He didn't stand a chance and it was a typical Kim Jong Kook. With all the strength in the world, he can't fight women.

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Episode 44: The Girl

Episode 44 was a big one for Kim. Jong Kook. Not only was his bestfriend, Jang Hyuk, a guest,

He also met the woman that stopped him dead on his tracks and she wasn't even a celebrity.

As Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Jae Suk were going around looking for the guest in nan advertising agency, they came across an employee with the name of Arisu. They stopped to ask if she saw any celebrity around and she said no. They commented that she's pretty and Yoo Jae Suk was ready to move on but not Kim Jong Kook. He wanted to hang around more and showed some interest in Arassi. YJS realized that the Sparta is interested in the girl and said that KJK might call her.

Episode 7: KJK and the 2 Kids

A king needs soldiers and KJK found that in the person of the two kids, Kang Gary and Haha. One of the early character established in Running Man is the Commander and the 2 Kids. Early days of Running Man appointed the trio to be the chase team and the rest were the chased ones.

Kim Jong Kook was always serious about the work but the two kids were, well, kids. They get distracted easily and, more often than not, we're busy playing around than tearing off name tags of the other members.

In episode 7, Kimg Jong Kook learned that the two were not helping him out enough and he scolded the two. The two kids looked like two grade schoolers who got caught cutting classes. By the time KJK was finished scolding the two, Haha asked the camera man not to stop shooting or they might get hit.

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Episode 27: KJK vs TVXQ Fans

KJK was already known as a chatterbox and a nagger in Running Man (it's just his character in the show. When members make mistakes, he is the first to scold them. In this episode they had TVXQ as a guest and the game required everyone to draw. It so happen that UKnow Yoonho happened to be a terrible painter and he was causing the team the game.

The other members were waiting for KJKto scold the TVXQ leader but KJK did everything but. He blamed everyone else, except the idol king. KJK didn't want the devoted fans of the idol group to gang up on him.

Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook have a long-time on-screen rivalry.
Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook have a long-time on-screen rivalry.

Episode 37: Park Ye Jin

Before Running Man, KJK already made his varsity mark as a member of X-men and Family Outing. In family outing, ---- was known as the heartthrob. He formed a Loveline with the female cast members and many of the guests. One of the cast members are Park Ye Jin and Lee Hyori, park Ye Jin appeared in episode 37 and he creamed the whole cast especially KJK.

After KJK discovered the guest, she pulled KJK in the dressing room and had him turn over his Wilkie talkie and teach her how to use it. KJK was stunned and was not able to put up a fight. Some things about KJK does not change.

Episode 119: Choo Sin Soo Face Off

Choo Sin Soo is a highly competitive guy. That's probably how he ended up being one of the most sought after batters in MLB. He was hell bent on beating KJK in the name tag tearing battle. When Choo finally got KJK alone, he went on the offensive. KJK offered a deal, they team up and beat everyone and battle it out in the he end. Choo refused.

KJK didn't have a choice but to fight him. Choo gave it his all and he also played fair. KJK did the same thing and he beat the holy hell out of Choo.

Episode 131: The Greatest Nametag Battle

Episode 131 is the highest rated episode of Running Man of all time. The guests were Lee So Young and Choo Sung Hoon, a professional MMA Fighter. Everyone knew from the beginning that Choo Sung Hoon the real highlight of the we show is the match up between KJK and Choo Sung Hoon. Everything else before that are just a lead in to the great battle.

After Lee So Young and Choo Sung Hoon eliminated the other members, it was time for Choo Sung Hoon and KJK to match up and the two didn't disappoint. They both played fair and used all their strength to fight each other. I have never seen a name tag tearing battle that's more exciting as this one.

To date, the Choo Sung Hoon vs KJK is the bests one on one name tag tearing battle of all time.

What would you add on the list? Leave a comment below.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Kookie oppa is the best !

    • profile image

      forever alone 

      3 years ago

      Wow so many ppl like the comander i also like him and the most i love to see is when the sparta match up with ace

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Oppa kjk saranghae

    • profile image

      jk love 

      4 years ago

      oppa!!! i hope you maried this year okay !

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      #5: I don't want to downplay the competitiveness and even the skills of Shinhwa but that episode really gave me a bad "scripted" ending after-taste. I'm not saying everything was scripted but there were 3 or 4 disturbing things during the last game...

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Kim jong kook oppa saranghae. Hope you married this are getting old you know

    • profile image

      Chrys teylv 

      5 years ago

      Thx for the good information. Great !


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