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10 Hollywood Movies Filmed in India

Updated on November 13, 2017

India has been a major tourist attraction for all the international tourists. Captivating natural beauty, the rich cultural heritage, UNESCO world heritage sites, the great Indian delicious food, the exotic lifestyle of Indians have all found the home in this majestic country. India is also known for the Bollywood blockbusters which have so far invigorated a sense of romanticism in everyone across the globe. We have always come across the foreign tourist destinations in our Bollywood the movies which captivate us with its pristine beauty and the posh environment; however, it is always a pride for us to spot our country in the Hollywood films.

So stay put and feel proud about India as here’s a list of top 10 Hollywood films which were shot in India:-

The Darjeeling Limited

The movie with a blend of comedy and drama with an inspired touch or self-discovery was shot in one of the most royal cities of India-Jodhpur. The director of the film, Wes Anderson, took inspiration from Satyajit Ray and several other documentaries on India. Along with this beautiful city, the renowned Bollywood actor Irfan Khan can be spotted in the movie.

Eat Pray Love

A beautiful film depicting the power of prayers in India stars Julia Roberts in the movie. She was on self-discovery tour where she ends up in an Ashram in India. In the search of enlightenment, she peeks into the power of prayers. This inspirational film was shot in parts of Delhi and Pataudi.


Shot on the business tycoon Steve Jobs, this is a biographical film which stars Aston Kutcher who played Jobs. It has filmed the backdrop of Steve’s experience of a trek which happened in 1947. This was filmed in the capital of the nation Delhi and also in some parts of Vrindavan.

Million Dollar Arm

The biographical sports film with some added drama was filmed in our very own City of Dreams- Mumbai. This film pictures Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel. Also, it's an honor to know that the Oscar winning singer A.R. Rahman composed a few songs in the movie.

The Bourne Supremacy

The most popular part of Bourne Trilogy is The Bourne Supermacy. This American-German spy movie starts from the beaches of Goa. In fact, the director was bewitched in Goa. This is a perfect thriller to enjoy and infuse yourself in. Goa is always the first love of movie makers as it is modern and near to the Bollywood city Mumbai. Enjoy the ultimate story and thrills by the character Jason Bourne created by writer Robert Ludlum.

The Namesake

Starring the renowned actor Irfan Khan and Tabu, this film was shot in the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata. This was filmed on the very privileged book by Jhumpa Lahiri, which was titled by the same name. The film was directed by Mira Nair and was a great blockbuster.

A Mighty Heart

A perfect drama was directed by the very famous director Michael Winterbottom. Starring the stunning actress Angelina Jolie, this was a great hit as it unfolded a mysterious story. The film demanded shooting in Karachi, but needless to say security issues became a big hurdle and hence the film was shot in Pune.

Mission Impossible 4

Tom Cruise famed, the blockbuster has always hit the charts and we always looked forward to sequels to enjoy the action with the amazing spy genre. This film was shot in the city of millenniums, Mumbai. It also starred by Anil Kapoor as Brij Nath. You will witness the crowded lanes of Mumbai in the fourth sequel of the movie. This was a ghost protocol, which created a sense of fear among the thrill lovers and was then a great hit.

The Dark Knight Rises

The impeccable tourist destinations have always grabbed the attention of the foreigners. Hence this superhit was filmed in the city with a cultural heritage and a very traditional lifestyle, Jodhpur. This movie has scenes from Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur. Yes, you got it right, the same scene where Batman escapes from jail!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This film is an interesting combination of drama and comedy. This genre has always grabbed the attention of the film lovers. Starring Dev Patel, this movie has shot most of the scenes in the streets of Jaipur and Udaipur. These cities are world famous tourist destinations for their pomp and splendor. The royalty of the cities has enthralled us and so did it enthrall the directors of this film as well. Hence the movie was shot in these cities.

These were some of the top hollywood movies whose directors took the major interest in the impeccable destinations of the majestic nation India. It hence created a sense of pride among Indians as it always a dream to witness our own country on the International Platform. The experience of the directors was unexplainable as they witnessed the hidden and unexplored regions of India which captivated them. So enjoy these movies and feel a sense of being Indian in you.


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