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10 Indie Songs You Need to Hear This Month – July 2016

Updated on September 28, 2016
Warpaint performing in Leicester, 2011.
Warpaint performing in Leicester, 2011. | Source

I spend most of my time stumbling across the internet, whilst listening to music on Bandcamp, Hype Machine, Whyd, iTunes, and YouTube. Hence, I know a few bands. 1,417 bands, to be exact (according to Facebook).

I also enjoy sharing the best music that I find, so today I am beginning a new (at least) monthly segment, focused on sharing music with anyone who cares enough to scroll down.

Each song will include a short comment, along with the genre, record label, origin (location), Facebook likes and link, YouTube subscribers and link, and view count, all at the time of writing.

1. Colorful Kids by Ha Ha Tonka

A suitably colourful song to begin this curation project; Ha Ha Tonka has been making music for almost a decade, but is yet to pick up a significant follower base.

Genre: indie rock

Record label: Bloodshot Records

Origin: Missouri, USA

Facebook likes: 15,287

YouTube subscribers: 836

Views: 11,762

2. Pretective Boy by Skating Polly

Skating Polly are one of my favourite bands this year; their discography is diverse, ranging from screaming rock to pianos and vocal harmonies.

Genre: "ugly pop" (riot grrrl, indie pop, punk rock)

Record label: Chap Stereo (Skating Polly's own label)

Origin: Washington, USA

Facebook likes: 12,480

YouTube subscribers: 2,145

Views: 21,986

3. Trespassing by Strange Names

Strange Names are still building up their portfolio, and judging by 'Trespassing', there are many good things to come.

Genre: "next wave" (indie pop)

Record label: Frenchkiss Records

Origin: Mississippi, USA

Facebook likes: 5,105

YouTube subscribers: 1,092

Views: 19,181

4. You Can Believe by Superfood

Superfood have built up a small following from their association with Swim Deep, Peace, and Jaws, in the "B-town" genre, but their songs and image stand out as having something new.

Genre: indie pop

Record label: Infectious Records

Origin: Birmingham, UK

Facebook likes: 18,321

YouTube subscribers: 3,414

Views: 84,147

5. Dræm Girl by No Vacation

No Vacation is a college band from San Francisco, which has already produced a significant collection of calm and catchy songs.

Genre: indie pop

Record label: N/A

Origin: California, USA

Facebook likes: 4,563

YouTube subscribers: N/A

Views: 185,411

6. Folk Arp by Minor Victories

Minor Victories is technically a supergroup, with members including Rachel Goswell of Slowdive, and Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai. It is easy to notice the presence of the best elements of the members' other bands.

Genre: alternative rock/shoegaze

Record label: Fat Possum Records

Origin: UK

Facebook likes: 16,556

YouTube subscribers: 2,641

Views: 93,333

7. Plasters by Allusondrugs

Allusondrugs is a band with character, signed to the same record label as Trash and Forever Cult, both of which will undoubtedly appear on future lists.

Genre: "psych-pop-grunge" (alternative rock)

Record label: Clue Records

Origin: Yorkshire, UK

Facebook likes: 11,314

YouTube subscribers: 1,293

Views: 20,639

8. Dove by Pillar Point

A great song to match an equally captivating video.

Genre: synthpop

Record label: Polyvinyl Record Co.

Origin: Washington, USA

Facebook likes: 4,088

YouTube subscribers: N/A

Views: 199,950

9. where you are by WATERBED

This band has created some very K-pop-esque tracks, but 'where you are' is one of their more conventional indie pop songs.

Genre: synthpop

Record label: N/A

Origin: California, USA

Facebook likes: 3,919

YouTube subscribers: 943

Views: 36,120

10. I'll Start Believing by Warpaint

Despite being a well-established band, this song has relatively few views.

Genre: "smooth-smokey" (indie/psychedelic rock, dream pop)

Record label:

Origin: California, USA

Facebook likes: 395,728

YouTube subscribers: 40,010

Views: 59,159

Which song is your favourite?

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 18 months ago from Oklahoma

      Great list!