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10 Johnny Depp Movies That Showcase The Talent Of This Great Actor

Updated on July 27, 2020

If you are a fan of Johnny Depp, surely you will be used to the eccentricity of his roles since the actor over the years has accustomed us to his not so common interpretations and his striking characters as in Charlie and the chocolate factory, El young hands scissors, or Pirates of the Caribbean.

But if you want to see other films in which the actor has participated and is a little more real and human, you cannot stop reading about the next 10 films in which perhaps you did not know that Johnny has special participation.

1. Nightmare on Hell Street (1984):

In this film, a group of young people begins to dream of a monster named Freddy Krueger who begins to murder them not only in their dreams but also in real life. Johnny Depp is one of these young men and although he is not the protagonist, his performance is quite noticeable.

2. Cry baby (1990):

This film is a parody of great cinema classics such as Vaseline and is set in the 50s, there you can see Johnny Depp as Wade Walker and although the film was not a great success at the time, it later managed to be nominated for the awards Tony after his adaptation on Broadway.

3. Who does Gilbert Grape love? (1993):

The tape is an adaptation of the book written by Peter Hedges in which Johnny Depp plays Gilbert a young man with a peculiar family in which his mother suffers from morbid obesity and one of his brothers suffers from a disability. One day a young woman arrives with her grandmother in a motorhome and when she gets injured, Johnny and the young woman fall in love. This film shows a great evolution in Depp's acting career and even earned him an Oscar nomination.

4. Ed Wood (1994):

This film is based on real-life events, and in it, Johnny Depp plays who is considered one of the worst filmmakers in history, Ed Wood, who throughout his life tried to show the world his ideas that for the moment we're quite strange, and he never managed to succeed in the industry.

5. Dead Man (1995):

This film is a classic western in black and white that tells the story of a European man (played with Johnny Depp) who arrives with a death wound at the hands of an American Indian and begins to tell him the whole story of his past.

6. Nick of Time (1995):

Johnny Depp plays a man who has just lost his wife and decides to move his daughter to another city to start a new life. However, at the train station, they are both kidnapped by two thugs who force Johnny to murder a woman before a certain time and if he does not, they will kill his daughter.

7. The Brave (1997):

This story was written and directed by Johnny Depp who also starred in it, and also wrote part of the script with Paul McCudden and his half brother Daniel Depp. The film is based on a novel by Gregory Mcdonald in which an indigenous man (Johnny Depp) lives with his family in a small town and under terrible misery, for which Depp is tempted to accept a job in which an old man proposes to record a snuff movie

8. Donnie Brasco (1997):

Based on real-life facts, this film tells the story of an FBI agent who is sent to work undercover under the name Donnie Brasco, to take down one of New York's top gangster families and his henchmen. However, when the time comes, Johnny will find it more difficult to get out of that world after having known how it works and has made great friends within the mafia.

9. Panic and Madness in Las Vegas (1998):

This film tells the story of two friends who undertake an adventure through the Las Vegas desert in their car, while the Vietnam War was in full swing and together, they will live great and unimaginable adventures. Although the film failed in the cinema, today it is a classic from the 90s that you cannot miss.

10. The Spawn (1999):

A science-fiction movie starring Johnny Depp and Charlize Teron in which Johnny is sent along with a fellow astronaut to space on an important mission, but problems occur on the way and upon returning to Earth things have changed. He and his missionary partner both die and their wives are pregnant with twins, but Charlize eventually discovers that a non-human intervention caused complications in her husband's mission complicating the birth of their babies.


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