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10 Korean Celebrities Great with Kids

Updated on April 11, 2015

Korean celebrities generally value youthful appearance, and many of them look like teenagers despite being close to middle-aged, so it’s understandable if they don’t look like great paternal or maternal figures, at least visually-speaking. However, there are many celebrities that have proven themselves to be great with kids, here are ten that you should pay attention to:

1. Shinee’s Choi Minho

The Idol Persona

For those who watch K-drama, Minho’s strongest character would probably be Kang Tae-joon in To the Beautiful You. His loveteam with Sulli certainly garnered him even more fans. His image is always of the boy-next-door type. Minho is also athletic, aside from being multi-talented.

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Affinity towards children

In the reality TV show Hello Baby wherein all Shinee members were tasked to act as fathers to baby Yoogeun, Choi Minho was seen to be the closest to the toddler. At the end of the season, Baby Yoogeun didn’t want to leave Choi Minho’s arms, even if his mom wanted to take him away.

2. DBSK’s U Know Yunho

The Idol Persona

He is also known as the “dance-king” among K-Pop Idols. He is fluent not only in the Korean language, but also in Japanese. While he’s older than most of the K-Pop stars now, he continues to have that a boy-next-door appeal.

Affinity towards children

Yunho’s kind face makes him naturally appealing for his younger fans. He also loves children, as proven by the sheer number of charity words he has headed for the welfare of children. During his birthday, for example, his fans were encouraged to donate to marginalized children around the globe through the Green Umbrella Child Fund.

3. Mblaq’s Yang Seungho

The Idol Persona

Unlike most K-Pop boy groups, Mblaq is not a group of boy-next-door types. They’re the cooler, more mature, and slightly rougher idols. As head of Mblaq, the rapper Yang Seungho is definitely more edge than sweetness. Despite the rougher demeanor, though, he still has an appeal with young children. He is definitely still a charmer.

Affinity towards children

During their Hello Baby stint, Yang Seungho was the closest to the three kids on and off the set, especially to Lauren. He was seen as both sweet and protective to the kids, but was also quite the disciplinarian when the occasion called for it. Most fans were delighted to see that he showed promise as a very good father someday.

4. Mblaq’s Mir

The Idol Persona

Mir is probably the most sensitive among all Mblaq members. While the group maintains its slightly more macho image, Mir is macho with a heart.

Affinity towards children

Mir in Hello Baby Season 5 is the most affectionate towards the children among all of Mblaq’s members. While the kids were initially closer to the group leader Seung ho, Mir was the closest to all three kids towards the end. He was the one who was always on his toes to tell Leo, in a gentle way, that hitting his playmates was wrong.

5. Big Bang’s Taeyang

The Idol Persona

Taeyang, at first glance as a rapper, might appear rough at the edges, thanks to his tattoos and his muscular physique. However, if you take a closer look at his tattoos, they are all related to his strong Christian faith. He’s not a frail, boy-next-door type, but not quite the bad boy either.

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Affinity towards children

Who could forget how the little girl Haru of the reality television show Superman Returns professed that she was a fan of Big Bang? At the end of the season, Big Bang members were guests in the show and Taeyang even gave Haru a kiss on the cheek. Haru was, of course, star struck and shocked, but Taeyang’s friendliness soon helped the little girl gain more confidence and kiss her idol on the cheek too.

6. Infinite’s L

The Idol Persona

L, otherwise known as Myungsoo, is the leader of Infinite F, a sub group of Infinite. He is described, often, as a “cold city boy” but charming, nonetheless. He has a lot of fans, mostly because of his talent in singing and dancing, but also because of his “clean boy” good looks.

Affinity towards children

In a reality show, the Infinite members visited a day care. The kids automatically knew who L was, but they could not name any more of the band members. In the footage, it was heartwarming to see L taking care of the kids like he was their real oppa. It was obvious that he loved kids as much as they loved him.

7. Vixx’s Leo

The Idol Persona

The Vixx lead vocalist exudes a tough aura. He is often potrayed as unfeeling, or at least a “poker face” by the group’s fans. In person, though, he’s quite warm, and very accommodating to his fans.

Affinity towards children

On several occasions, the seemingly tough Vixx lead vocalist displayed a surprising camaraderie with small children. One time was with a young fan named Leonia. He would take the time to actually have small chats with his fans during meet and greets. Despite the cold and distant image in music videos, he’s actually quite nurturing and brotherly.

8. Lee Seung-gi

The Idol Persona

He is known as a serious actor, having lead male roles in historical dramas like the Gu Family Book. He is also talented as a host and has proven his worth as a singer. Lee Seung-gi is an earnest oppa who is always seen as a knight in shining armor for anyone who is linked to him romantically, either in fiction or in real life. Currently, he is dating Girl Generation’s ImYoona.

Affinity towards children

Lee Seung-gi showed that he is good with kids during the first season of 1ND2. This is a reality show that highlighted the tourist attractions of Korea. In another show, they filmed a casting call wherein he was directed to make eye contact with an infant for an ad. He did really well, and he actually looked like he really was the dad of the infant in the ad.

9. Won Bin

The Idol Persona

Won Bin is always portrayed as a young man who is slightly rough at the edges. His most exciting and memorable roles are from action dramas and movies. His entertainment career was interrupted when he needed to do military service. This might explain why he is, in real life, a bit older than his contemporaries in show business.

Affinity towards children

Won Bin is the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador of the Korean Committee. He is naturally good with children, and he was easy to work with when UNICEF had to do video campaigns with children.

10. Ok Taecyon

The Idol Persona

The main rapper of 2PM is portrayed as sexy and cool. He is definitely far from the boy-next-door mold. He has a buff body, and is even often featured in Men’s Health Magazine.

Affinity towards children

In the 5th episode of the 2PM show, all the members, including Taecyon, were tasked to act like daddies to toddlers. Taecyon’s easiness with children is quite obvious in this episode. He is very good with kids.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Wow these hunky guys can be great dads in future


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