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10 Korean TV Shows That Should Have a US Version

Updated on May 26, 2020

Hollywood has produced some of the greatest TV shows but Asian countries such as Japan and Korea have also produced some great ones that deserve a US version. If only there is someone out there paying attention, the world will witness better concepts.

Below are some Korean TV shows that should have may be adapted for Hollywood. With some fine tuning, these shows are sure to be a hit.

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#1 1 Night 2 Days

Korean Concept

The show is aimed at promoting Korea's tourist's spot. Everyone knows the country is not rich in natural resources. Their Jeju Island, the ultimate vacation spot is really not that special especially if you've been to Mexico, Caribbean, Philippines, Thailand and others. However, they make the most out of what they have and try to improve on what they can.

At the height of the show's most successful era, the show was of 7 men that go around the country using the "conditions" and "limitations" provided by the producers. The group, more often, improvises games and these results to funny moments. They create gags using ordinary situation and come up with all sorts of ideas like joining a talent show and staging an impromptu concert in a school.

The price for winning games is usually something simple like breakfast or being able to sleep indoors or take the better means of traveling on their way to their destination.

International Appeal

Everyone can relate to a group of guys doing all sorts of crazy things when they are together. Everyone can relate to humour, travels, good food and games.

US has more to offer. Everyone knows that California alone can take a full season. Imagine having better backdrops. There are more activities to do and try which allo people to create better situations. There are also more celebrities, artists, comedians and plane joe geniuses that could create extraordinarily funny situations.

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#2 Bad Housewife

Korean Concept

Koo Soo-han (Son Chang-min) and Choi Mi-na (Shin Ae-ra) are deemed to be an ordinary Korean family. They have one daughter named Song-yi (Lee Young-oo). Mi-na is known to be an ideal housewife. In reality, she only prepares "instant" food and does everything in the house using shortcuts. As the family goes through life, they build and maintain relationships with friends, their neighbors, relatives and child's friends. They poke fun at the stereotypes of Koreans.

International Appeal

It doesn't matter what country, family remains to be the most familiar unit of our society. This concept's advantage lies in the fact that every family, no matter how seemingly ideal a family may be, it still has its own dysfunction and more often than not, they are funny to other people but it is what adds color to their family life.

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#3 Bad Family

Korean Concept

Baek Na-rim is the only survivor when her happy and big extended family gets into an acccident. It left her in shock, unable to talk and unable to remember . The doctor advised her last remaining relative, Byun to make sure she remembers her family and protected from things that may shock her. Byun decides to hire Dalgeon, a small time gangster to build a family that's similar to Na-rim's original family and "pretend" to be Na-rim's family.

What started out as a group of strangers who want nothing but the money they get from the "roles" they play end up being the closest friends and family.

International Appeal

How I Met Your Mother didn't really fill in the gap that Friends left when they went off the air and the world is still waiting for a show that would project friendship with the same amount of craziness and love Friends did. This concept has the potential to do it. The premise is unique and the progression of the characters and their relationship is unique too. It cannot be compared to Friends but the premise is just as strong if not stronger.

The set up offers a lot of possible situations and leaves a lot of room for growth. It is also more playful.

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#4 Flower Grandpa

Korean Concept

After an experiment goes wrong, three detectives in their 20s find their bodies age by 50 years. One of their coleagues, Park Jung-woo, remains young. As they struggle to accept their fate, they try their best make the most of out of what they have and enjoy any semblance of youth they can afford. Park tries to help them in their journey and with their great minds and great friendship put together, they manage to solve some of the hardest cases handled by the force.

International Appeal

The world is ready for some supernatural comedy and people aging rapidly is not a strange concept either. What this show will offer as a unique element is the comedy part. Instead of melodramatic or 'save the world' genre, this show chooses to find the funny in the situation.

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Korean Concept

Park Shi-On (Joo Won), is an autistic savant who has excellent memory and spatial skills. When a mentor discovered his genius, he was given a chance to hone his gift until he became a doctor. He was given six months to prove himself in a hospital. Under the strick supervision of the OR head, Park struggles to find his "own little place" under the sun.

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International Appeal

There has been a lot of good medical drama but none has centered a story on someone who is downright autistic. It is also rarely explored that side of autism, the medically and academically genius. Most autistic characters are projected with "good heart" but not academic and medical genius.

It would be refreshing to see a character that's closer to actual autistics.

#5 - Good Doctor

#6 - Oh! My Lady

Korean Concept

Yoon Gae-hwa ends up being the personal assistant of the hottest pop start in Korea, Sung Min-woo. Min-woo has no family and is also 6 years younger. Gae-hwa puts order in his life and treats him like a younger brother but he ends up falling in love.

International Appeal

Instead of a cheesy love story between a pop star and a nobody, this one has a comedic touch and it allows for better development of the love story.

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#7 - Salamander Guru and the Gang

Korean Concept

Min-hyuk, a genius hacker, swore to avenge the death of his father who was driven to death by what is known as another genius hacker called X. The only clue he has is that there is another person who knows about X and that is the the Salamander Guru. Min-hyuk goes has no choice but to help the Guru and his swindling ways just to stand a chance in finding X.

International Appeal

It would be refreshing to see a genius hacker who is trapped by the funny and insane world of swindling and fake fortunetellers.

Korean Concept

Nam Da-jung, a tabloid journalist, ends up having a contract marriage with the country's youngest president who is also a widower. What started as a platonic relationship ended being a cute love story between the Nam and the Prime Minister and a discovery of the Prime Minister and his kids.

International Appeal

We have all been waiting for a modern day King and I, with some script revision, having a stepmother in the first family has the potential to be a modern day King and I. There have been all sorts of White House stories but none has centered on a step mother.

#8 - Prime Minister and I

Korean Concept

The prince of the vampire planet goes to Earth to watch a concert of his favorite idol group. When he gets stuck, he decides to audition and join a contest to become an idol on Earth.

International Appeal

Everyone knows that this world has had enough of the vampire concept but this oen is different because the vampire is projected as a naïve prince, a fanboy who harbors no hatred for mortals. It results to many funny situations and a relatable one too. We see all sorts of crazy things that devoted fans do but it's the first time a vampire alien, who has so much power, is being turned into one.

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#9 - Vampire Idol

#10 - Bad Guys

Korean Concept

Detective Oh Goo-Tak was asked to build the "ultimate" team to address the most violent times in Seoul. Detective Oh takes a gangster, a serial killer, and a contract killer to the team. He also added Police Inspector Yoo Mi-Young to help him get the team to work together using reason, logic and emotional motivation.

International Appeal

It's not the first time for a concept of "bad guys" working together to be used on screen but the past shows and movies always put a spin on the characters to give them a "white area" in their character. This show features full on "bad characters" that become a team by sheer psychological "management". It would be interesting how criminal minds work together for the sole purpose of satisfying the original motivation for their criminal ways. Saving the city is nothing to them, it's about being able to fulfil their own objectives.


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