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10 Kpop Girl Groups to Listen To

Updated on February 20, 2018
Gian Angelo profile image

Gian is a student located in the islands of the Philippines. Being a person with different beliefs than most Filipinos I have a lot to say.

Red Velvet 'Red Flavor' MV
Red Velvet 'Red Flavor' MV | Source

10. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a rookie group that debuted on August 1, 2014 with their single 'Happiness'. Although the group received a lot of controversy back before they reach success with their title track 'Ice Cream Cake', they are now known to be a force everyone should watch for.

Why you should listen to them: Unlike most K-Pop groups, Red Velvet is one of those unique groups that can rock whatever concepts they want to do. Their song 'Russian Roulette' shows the group's awkward cute concept, unlike their latest song 'Bad Boy' a song depicting a chic girl's uneasy feeling with a bad boy.


Mamamoo is another rookie group that just debuted on June 19, 2014 with the song 'Mr. Ambiguous'. Unlike most groups, Mamamoo is a group that has been steadily rising and miraculously has found itself with no negative controversies surrounding them. They rose to success with their hit song 'Um Oh Ah Yeh' and since then they have been releasing hits after hits with each receiving positive news.

Why you should listen to them: They are unique. They barely use the same concepts over and over and when they do repeat the same concept they've done they bring a new flavor to it. A personal favorite of mine is 'Yes, I Am', a song boasting of women's unique qualities.


Sistar is a veteran group that disbanded on June 4, 2017 with their song 'Lonely'. Sistar was already a household name. They've been making hits year after year, every summer that people would always look forward to what new song they'll release that summer. The group disbanded on June 4, 2017 citing 'personal interests' as the reason.

Why you should listen to them: The group always releases sexy music, it's pleasing to the eyes of its viewers, however, despite releasing sexy music their talents are top-notch. With Hyorin's, Soyou's, and Dasom's vocal ability and Bora's knack for rapping, this group is a vocal powerhouse.

7. Wonder Girls

This is another veteran group in the business. They disbanded on February 10, 2017 due to personal interests as well. This group has been known in the industry as the makers of top hits such as 'Tell Me', 'So Hot', and 'Nobody', with hits like this year after year they will be forever known in K-Pop history as a phenomenal power house.

Why you should listen to them: They are one of the groups that never tried using a sexy or cute image as far as my memory tells. They often used disco and other genres of music to incorporate into K-Pop, which alone is amazing seeing that they were able to pull it off.

6. F(x)

F(x) is a veteran group that is well-known throughout K-Pop. Though they may not get their spotlight unlike their sister groups such as 'Girls' Generation' and 'Red Velvet', their next comeback is badly anticipated by the public. They haven't had a proper comeback since '4 Walls' in 2015.

Why you should listen to them: They are one of the groups that despite using new concepts that the public doesn't appreciate that much, they have released catchy songs such as 'Electric Shock' and 'Hot Summer' that reached the top. Their songs will give you Last Song Syndrome and with their easy choreography, it'll be easy to perform your very own concert.

EXID 'Full Moon' album jacket
EXID 'Full Moon' album jacket


I only ferociously adore three K-Pop groups and that is: Mamamoo, Girls' Generation, and EXID. EXID is my ultimate fandom, so it is no surprise that I put them in this list. EXID debuted on February 16, 2012 with six members, but it was on August 2012 when the original lineup debuted together. EXID is a group that experienced a lot of hardships throughout their entire career, and that to me is noble.

Why you should listen to them: A lot assume that because EXID got famous because of a sexy fancam and a sexy song that, that is the only thing EXID can provide. This is not the case. My personal favorite B songs of theirs is 'Like The Seasons', 'Cream', and 'Only One', I personally recommend these songs if you want to hear them singing with their natural voices.

4. T-ARA

T-ARA is another veteran group and whether they are still together or disbanded is still up for debate, nevertheless, this group has provided the K-Pop industry notable hits such as 'Roly Poly', 'Lovey Dovey', and 'Sugar Free'. They are also one of the 3 K-Pop girl groups with the most profit incurred with their world tours, with the other two: 'Girls' Generation' and '2NE1'.

Why you should listen to them: Much like Wonder Girls they don't dwell with standards and stereotypes. The music they release are far from the typical concepts K-Pop artists do. They mainly focus with heavy disco themes and retro vibes. My personal favorite is 'Sugar Free'.


Another veteran K-Pop group that disbanded due to the 7 Years' Jinx. They debuted with their song 'Hot Issue' earning a lot of hype and disbanded on June 13, 2016 with their last song being 'Hate'. 4Minute is one of the groups that shy away from cute girl image and lean towards the girl crush image, one of the many factors why they were successful.

Why you should listen to them: Although they have already disbanded, this group is still widely credited by old K-Pop fans (K-Pop fans who stan second generation groups). Their success also puts Cube in its place today, needless to say their music was good if it has this much influence. My personal favorite is 'Volume Up' and I recommend everyone to listen to it.

2. 2NE1

The undisputed queens of K-Pop (alongside Girls' Generation). They were YG's number one girl group at the time, so it was frustrating that they handled Bom's controversy and disbandment is crassly. I am not sure whether or not I should classify that they have disbanded or not since many thinks they would return, so that is up for you to decide. Their last song published, however is 'Goodbye'.

Why you should listen to them: 2NE1 also was not too keen with the cute girl concept and has published music with the girl crush image. Their music is very pleasing to the ears and it doesn't hurt that their voice compliments their concept very well. My favorite song of theirs is 'I Don't Care' and I recommend to everyone, especially to K-Pop fan beginners to listen to it.


Girls' Generation 'Holiday Night' picture
Girls' Generation 'Holiday Night' picture | Source


No one can deny Girls' Generation's presence in K-Pop. Their talent, fame, and dorkiness will forever remain in K-Pop history. Due to their success as a girl group, this has spawned hundreds of K-Pop girl groups to follow the same formula they've used to become successful. With their first hit 'Gee', followed up by 'Genie', 'Oh', and 'Hot Issue' they've established a strong hold in the K-Pop industry. Although Jessica left the group in 2014, and Sooyoung, Seohyun, and Tiffany left at 2017, their fan base is still as strong as ever and no one would dare insult their success and talent.

Why you should listen to them: There's nothing stopping you listen to them. Girls' Generation doesn't shy away from their cute concepts, but they always try new music to work with. 'Lion Heart' and 'You Think' a complete contrast with each other is a perfect example of this. If you want to taste second generation vibes just listen to 'Into the New World', a song performed countless times by every K-Pop girl group on the planet.

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© 2018 Gian Samonte


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