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10 Kpop Songs Every Hardcore Fans Should Know

Updated on February 25, 2018
Gian Angelo profile image

Gian is a student located in the islands of the Philippines. Being a person with different beliefs than most Filipinos I have a lot to say.


If you are one of those people stating that they are one of the biggest K-Pop fan out there, I would like you to test yourself and see if you know all of them.

10. Orange Caramel - Cattalena

'Orange Caramel' is the first subgroup created by Pledis Entertainment from the popular second generation group 'After School'. 'After School' on its own is a popular and monumental in the K-Pop scene, however Orange Caramel is a group that solidified its footing in the K-Pop history.

Why you should listen to it: It's cute. I first learned about the music video through several dance covers created by several K-pop groups such as 4Minute's Hyuna, Apink, and Got7. I didn't think the song has any impact to the K-Pop scene until I did some more searching and saw that it made into multiple charts such as Billboard and Gaon and made it into Top 10. That alone is amazing, however, the song is cute and has a lot of going on that it's new to the ears.

9. EXO - Growl

You are not a hardcore K-Pop fan when you don't know at least one EXO song or who EXO is. I'm not even a stan of EXO and yet here I am bopping my head when 'Ko Ko Bop' was released, they are just that good. EXO is one of those groups that every K-pop idol groups would delay their own promotion just so they won't compete with EXO, because chances are they won't win, unless you are BTS, Girls' Generation, or Big Bang of course.

Why you should listen to it: It's catchy. Also, if you call yourself a hardcore K-Pop whether you like it or not EXO is a staple in the K-Pop industry. You can't call yourself a hardcore K-Pop when you can't sing at least one EXO song or dance to one EXO song, okay?

8. SISTAR - Touch My Body

I think by now I should enclose that I am a very hardcore fan of every second generation group out there, well, not everything, but the majority of the groups that I listen to debuted within the time span of 2005-2012. Sistar is one of those groups. Sistar is another household name in the K-pop industry. They always produce hits in the summer that it was customary for every Korean out there to look out for the song they'll release in the summer. This song is one of them.

Why you should listen to it: I didn't knew about Sistar or this song until Youtube's Autoplay suddenly played 'Touch My Body'. It was very refreshing and also 4 hot girls dancing in a skimpy outfit, what kind of guy would resist? The song is very upbeat and hard not to dance to, I can see why Bambam from Got7 would dance to it. It's just that good.

7. Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

If JYP has 2PM, and YG has Big Bang, then SM has Super Junior. This K-Pop group debuted in 2005 and still they are here killing the game. They are one of the first groups that transitioned to the music industry to the TV industry. Back then it was not that much common to see other groups being actors, hosts, or participating in variety shows, but once Super Junior did it others followed soon.

Why you should listen to it: I believe that the Hallyu wave started in 2009 when a lot of girl groups started debuting and a lot of songs were gaining worldwide recognition. 'Sorry Sorry' is one of those songs. The song is relatively easy to dance to and its catchy. Like most songs in this list I included them because they are catchy, they caught the public's attention, and they are easy to dance to.

6. EXID - Up and Down

With my very biased opinion when it comes to EXID, you should have seen this coming. Just kidding. According to most YouTube video, online polls, and articles this is really iconic and phenomenal. If you guys didn't know, EXID debuted in 2012 with 'Whoz that Girl' and they barely made it to the industry, 3 members left and 2 members were added into the mix. They released 2 more title tracks after their debut, but it all flopped. 2 years later with no jobs or activities in between they released Up and Down. Up and Down was their last chance or else they'll disband. One day, a fancam of EXID's Hani surfaced on the internet and their agency used this leverage to promote 'Up and Down' again and the promotion period ended with 6 music show awards. During its fame, all, and I mean ALL K-Pop artist danced to this song, including Girls' Generation.

Why you should listen to it: Because the song's title is 'Up and Down' people assumed that it was sexual. It isn't. The song is about a guy making a girl's heart beat up and down repeatedly. Anyways, the song is amazing with Solji's voice and LE's rap and all, and the song is easily danced on. I mean, Jimin from BTS did dance to it gracefully and effortlessly.

5. Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

The kings of K-Pop. I could have put them in Number 1, but to be honest, they aren't that much popular abroad as they are in South Korea. They are no. 1 in Korea, but here abroad, they are pretty much No.4 (behind BTS, EXO, and Got7). I'm not dissing them, but you know, that's the truth.

Big Bang has been around in the K-Pop industry for at least 12 years. They bring a lot of income to YG and they are one of the few groups that aren't affected by the 7 year jinx. There are still 5 members, and they are still the same members that debuted in 2006.

Why you should listen to it: Out of all the Big Bang title tracks that I've listened to, this is my favorite. I don't know what it is about the song, but I'd rather listen to this than Bang Bang Bang. Don't get me wrong, Istill prefer 'Lies' or 'Haru Haru' but they wouldn't make it into this list.

4. 2NE1 - I Am The Best

I am still angry at how YG handled 2NE1. To me it felt like they disrespected the girls and mocked them at their lowest. This is probably why I hate YG now. Besides, my hatred for YG they managed 2NE1 well at its peak and thus came this masterpiece. I Am The Best is pretty catchy, although I'd rather pick 'I Don't Care' instead of 'I Am The Best' this song is much loved by the people rather than the former.

Why you should listen to it: There's nothing to stop you and I've already provided you the link to the music video. Also the song is catchy, easy to dance to, and there are awesome and attractive girls in the video. So, yeah.

3. Wonder Girls - Tell Me

I'll forgive if you said that you haven't heard the Wonder Girl's song 'Tell Me' from themselves, however, I will ostracize you if you tell me that you haven't watched a cover made by your favorite K-Pop group to this song, because this song is heavily covered. The song was released in 2008 and it was the 'Nation's Dance Craze'. If you watched old TV shows you will see everyone dancing to this, even Lee Hyeyeong from the show 'My Father is Strange' danced to this. I, personally, haven't heard the full song, but I can dance to it.

Why you should listen to it: I don't know. I caught the K-pop bug pretty late. I listened to K-Pop about 2009-2010 and my first song from the Wonder Girls' was 'Nobody'. Listening to Tell Me doesn't get me going, however, I love dancing to it. I'd rather sing/listen Infinite's 'Tell Me'.

2. Girls' Generation - Gee

Girls' Generation is another name in Korea that once dominated the girl group market. It's so iconic that all agencies in Korea require their female trainees to dance to 'Into The New World'. I don't know what's up with me and how much I love cheering for the underdog, so it is obvious that I'll stand Girls' Generation as well. Them debating when girl groups are not that respected and common. Releasing 'Gee' then following up with more singles that'll make them boom such as 'Genie', 'Oh', 'Run Devil Run', and now here they are 10 years later they are still together (although not all 9 members) and still relevant.

Why you should listen to it: I doubt that you haven't heard this song at least once in your K-Pop life, but if you must know you should listen to it because people will literally laugh at your face if you say you are a K-Pop fan and yet haven't heard of Gee. Even non K-Pop fans have heard the song, so it's not an excuse you're new to the fandom and all that, because this song is phenomenal.

Honorable Mentions:

Here are songs that became dance crazes in South Korea that I believe should be included in this list but I chose not to put:

Sunmi - Gashina

Got7 - If You Do

BTS - Run

1. PSY - Gangnam Style

Can you imagine 2012 without Gangnam Style in it? Can you imagine the turn of the decade without Gangnam Style playing a role in it? No. Neither do I. Gangnam Style is now the most iconic K-Pop song out there. It has played and danced to from everyone, from fellow K-Pop stars, to foreign Youtubers, to celebrities like Ellen and Britney Spears, everyone! So, it's obvious that this song would be Number 1 in this list or all list for that matter.

Chances are you've already heard of the song, so I don't need to tell you why you should listen to it, however here are some interesting facts that I feel that everyone should know about Gangnam Style. It's the first video on YouTube that reached 1 and 2 billion views; it currently has 3.1 billion views; the artist Psy still produce music today and has other hits in Korea mainly such as 'Gentleman', 'Daddy', 'New Face', and 'Hangover'.

Which song do you like best?

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