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10 Lucky Lottery Winners

Updated on January 1, 2023

The lottery history is rich in amazing winnings, inexplicable coincidences and lucky circumstances. Some of them are worth describing in detail. Inspired by Katie Wager and her winner stories, I’ve compiled my own list of the 10 lottery players that once had a good deal of luck.

Larry Ross — millions for a hot dog

Lucky Larry became the owner of 181.5 million dollars after buying a hot dog. He asked a seller to give change for a $100 note in lottery tickets. Larry Ross spent $98 on the tickets, and one of them brought a big win to the American. This is a prime example of how the love to fast food can turn out to be a great benefit.

Frane Selak: the luckiest man in the world

In the summer of 2002, a royalty free music teacher from Croatia, Frane Selak, bought the first lottery ticket in his life... and won an amount equivalent to 700 thousand pounds. Over 89 years of life, he pulled through 7 deadly accidents. He got into several car crashes, managed to survive a train wreck, and even fell out of a plane, but still stayed alive. So, winning the lottery was the icing on the cake.

Matt Miles buckled down in time

Former 33-year-old British soldier Matt Miles hit a jackpot of £1 million in the Euromillions lottery. He decided to fulfill his cherished dream and went on a world tour, visiting 22 countries in a year and a half. During that time, he spent almost half of the winnings. However, the words of his mother that he might become a beggar made him think. He put the remaining money in investment funds, and now his fortune is £1.1 million.

Ed Nabors: big fuss about fishing

In 2007, driver Ed Nabors from Georgia won $195 million. Sharing plans for the near future, he admitted that he was going to spend almost the entire amount on fishing. There was a bloody big fuss about it. Instead of spending money on charity or investing in a business, the millionaire chose fishing! Ultimately, however, Ed turned out not so categorical. He paid off his family’s debts with a portion of the money, and then actually bought a new boat to go fishing.

Thea and Paul Bristow — wealth does not spoil

The Bristow couple won £15 million in 2004. Even before this fateful event, they had been trying to make the world a better place. Therefore, their first step was the organization of a two-week hike for a local scouting club. Then they bought a football club and a plot of forest, which was threatened with deforestation.

Timothy McMurtrie and his blind fortune

Timothy McMurtrie from Detroit won more than a million dollars playing the Michigan Lottery's Lotto 47. He never used tickets with random numbers, but that time he forgot the play slips. So he asked the clerk for two Easy Picks. One of these tickets brought the jackpot. A few weeks passed by, and when he asked his wife to check the tickets, she found out that they had won a big prize.

Valerie Wilson — lightning struck twice in the same place

In 2002, a regular employee of a New York grocery store won one million dollars in the Cool Million Lottery. She spent the money to buy houses for her three children. And it was a great surprise when, four years later, she erased the protective layer from the instant lottery and again hit the jackpot. So, she decided to spend everything exclusively on herself. A new life began for her.

David Champagne won 4 million just for fun

Another American player, David Champagne from Raeford, bought a scratch-off ticket on a whim and was shocked. He had never played a lottery before. It was a great surprise when the gain was $4 million. He took the lump sum. After tax withholdings, he got $1.67 million.

Carlo Massetti — two wins in a row

The luck of the Australian lottery winner, Carlo Massetti, is a cause for envy. No wonder he won the lottery twice in one week. The first jackpot was 2.5 million dollars. Another person would have stopped there, but Carlo bought one more ticket and received 48 thousand dollars. The world would never know about him. At first, the winner decided to remain anonymous. But after the second win, he made a large donation to the Department of Heart and Lung Diseases at St. Vincent's Hospital, and broke anonymity.

Joanne Ginter: incredible luck or a mathematical calculation

If you think that winning twice is great luck, then the last story will seem fantastic to you. Once again an American woman, Joan Ginter, is a four-time winner of the lottery. For 17 years, she managed to win more than 20 million dollars. Many envious commentators assumed collusion, since all raffles were from the Texas Lottery. There were those who decided that, as a math-savvy university professor, she managed to get to the core of the algorithms for determining the winning numbers. But all these were only guesses. No facts confirming this were found. So, the lucky winner does not pay attention to gossip and lives happily ever after.

These examples only prove that despite the minimal likelihood and the arguments of reason, people just get lucky. Their stories with a happy ending inspire others. Therefore, the popularity of lotteries is increasing day by day. Try your luck and, perhaps, you will top the next list of the 10 lucky lottery winners.


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