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10 More TV Shows You Should Watch

Updated on July 19, 2015

Game Of Thrones

Ok get over your aversion to dungeons and dragons, and let yourself be swept away to a fantasy world of kings and witches and ok, dragons. Game of Thrones is just flat out awesome though. Non-stop action, thrilling story lines, and more main characters getting knocked off than a bad horror flick. The beauty of the show is that in each episode there are at least three or four different story lines taking place that will eventually culminate. The show is based off of the books by George R. R. Martin entitled A Song of Ice and Fire. Of course the show is on HBO, so graphic violence and gratuitous sex scenes are to be expected. If dramatic fantasy is a genre that you typically enjoy then this could be your favorite show ever, as it is by far the best of its kind that I have ever seen. Detractors to the series have complained about its long drawn out story lines leading to the culmination of events that never seemingly happen. To those critics I would say to remember that the series is based off of books which tend to include much more detail than a movie, hence putting the story to a series allows the show to extrapolate as many of the details as possible. At any rate line up some HBO on-demand time and power through this epic as it reaches its fourth season in April of 2014.


Hank Moody is a writer from New York who has moved his family to Hollywood when his book is turned into a movie. Witty banter and absolutely anything goes, sex, drugs and beyond make this show a must watch. David Duchuvney has found his niche in this raunchy comedy as he bounces from woman to woman always finding his way back to his one true love the mother of his beloved daughter Becca. Hank and his agent Charlie Runkle find themselves lost in the sea of crazy that is Hollywood, all the while trying to maintain personal relationships with their love interests. Showtime brings in several guest stars to this brilliant show like Rob Lowe, making each season a unique hilarity. Be prepared for plenty of coarse language, off color jokes, and enough nudity to classify for soft core status. But if you can handle all of that you will laugh your ass off and get attached to these characters in a way most shows can never hope to. Enjoy the literary and pop culture references in this wonderfully scripted show and don't forget to thank me after you binge watch the first five seasons in weekend!


History channel has struck gold with its latest adventure called Vikings. The show follows the raids and rule of violent Viking Ragnor Lothbrooke. The show gives an inside look to Viking life while putting it to a dramatic story line. The viewer can take pleasure in the interesting portrayal of a different culture that isn't widely explored in American schools. Religion, the roles of women and children, and male hierarchy are all on display. Enjoy the depictions of the bloody hand to hand combat along with graphic portrayals of executions and other Norse traditions. The script and casting is remarkable considering its on History Channel especially. If the language and nudity weren't toned down this show could easily pass for HBO or Showtime. I will grant that this genre is not for everyone, and probably will bypass the mainstream viewer, but any history lover will find this a must watch.

William H Macy is Frank Gallagher on Shameless
William H Macy is Frank Gallagher on Shameless | Source


,Ok in case you haven't gathered by now HBO and Showtime produce the best television series by far and its not even close. In Shameless, Showtime has thrown all limits to the wind and given way to the darkest humor ever seen on television. No subject is taboo and William H. Macy is at his best playing the drunk neglectful father of seven, Frank. The kids are raising themselves in squalor and anything goes in this raunchy dark comedy. The show's material ranges from every type of sexual situation imaginable to rampant drug usage and general disdain for any sort of laws. Even the youngest kids are in on the mayhem as the show takes its twists and turns from the most awkward turn away from the screen scenes, to finding yourself actually caring about this wild family. The show is largely based on the oldest child, Fiona, raising her siblings while dealing with her own misgivings. Again the show is exceptionally well casted and scripted so give yourself at least a few hours to rip through the first season as you won't be able to put it down once you've started.

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Friday Night Lights

"Clear eyes, full hearts, Can't Lose!" Coach Eric Taylor's battle cry as he takes his Dillon High School football team into every game. Friday Night Lights is a drama set in west Texas where high school football is religion. The shows follows Coach Taylor and his players as they chase excellence in high school football. The shows explores the effects on lives when football is allowed to dominate every aspect of life. The only ticket out of small town Texas is a football scholarship and the lengths players will go have no limits. The show is very catchy but is also a bit of a teen soap. The football scenes are fantastic and Coach Taylor is the hard ass coach with a big heart everyone wishes they had played for. FNL is more of a guilty pleasure than a fabulously produced master piece. Try not to get caught up in timelines as it seems some players have been playing six seasons of high school ball. Logistics be damned this is an addictive show. If you like football and small town American slice of life you can definitely get caught up in this dramatic NBC hit.


Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope, and there is no one better in Washington D.C. to get a public figure out of trouble, but can she save herself? Caught up in an on again off again affair with the President for whom she was the campaign manager, Pope finds herself in the tangled political web of D.C.'s most powerful people. With a team of cast off lawyers at her disposal Pope's mantra is that she and her team can fix anything, they are fixers, "Gladiators in suits". Kerry Washington is joined by relatively unknown cast but the chemistry is electric and the show leaves you wanting more with every episode. Washington has won an Emmy for her performance and the show should remain an ABC mainstay.

Ty Burrell is Phil Dunphy on ABC's Modern Famly
Ty Burrell is Phil Dunphy on ABC's Modern Famly | Source

Modern Family

I don't fall for many sitcoms, but this ABC hit starring Ed O'Neil is absolutely hilarious. Ty Burrell is the funniest character as Phil Dunphy the dimwitted father and son-in-law in this progressive family unit. Burrell has taken home an Emmy for his outstanding work as a supporting actor. The series has won the best comedy Emmy in each of the past four years as well. Situational comedy along with great lines make this a must watch. ABC has found plenty of boundary pushing material while maintaining a for most audiences dialogue. The family is a comedic portrayal of what the modern American family has become. A remarried father to much younger woman, a gay son and his husband, and the daughter with the sweet but little weird husband and their three coming of age children. This is the best role Ed O'Neil has played since his breakout FOX hit Married With Children and his wife played by Sofia Vergara has been flung into the spotlight from her outstanding performance in the hit series. Great laughs and a decent story line make this sitcom one worth watching from the beginning.

Key And Peele

Comedy Central has struck gold with this sketch comedy duo in Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Much in the mold of Chappelle's Show, Key and Peele hits many of the same topics of race, sex, and politics. Jordan Peele's enactment of President Obama is probably the best sketch as he addresses the nation with the help of Luther his anger translator. Obama the college years has Barry O passing the joint and party planning getting "frosty" Obama style. Other sketches include both actors introducing themselves as all 11 members of each team so 22 characters in all of the East vs West football game. Admittedly Dave Chappelle is the godfather of the genre and all comparisons are useless, but this is the best thing since he retired. Both Key and Peele got their start on Mad TV and have brought their sketch comedy brilliance to their new show with several recurring characters. Let's just cross our fingers that this show lasts longer than three seasons!

Claire Danes Star of Homeland
Claire Danes Star of Homeland | Source


Get your spy on with Claire Danes in ShowTime's smash hit Homeland. The CIA is looking to protect the Homeland from terrorist attacks and Claire Danes is Carrie Mathison the relentess CIA operative home from Iraq, who will bend every rule to get her man. She has inside info that an American POW has been turned by al-Qaeda and she will stop at nothing to reveal his identity. Mentally unstable, sexually provactive, Carrie isn't your prototypical spy. As far as spy psycho thrillers go Homeland is excellently written to have enough material to keep any audience engaged. In many cases people get lost in a constant barrage of CIA spy undercover language and behavior, but Homeland gets personal in the lives of its characters giving it much more story line. Damian Lewis plays the war hero back in America after eight years as a prisoner of war. Adjusting back to a family who thought he was dead and finding his place back home with so much changed has left Sgt. Brody with more questions than answers. The ultimate game of lethal cat and mouse has ensued and the viewer will plow through episode after episode to find out what happens next.


Ok so if you haven't seen Tosh.0 yet, you either are living under a rock or just don't have a sense of humor and have thus never switched it to Comedy Central. Daniel Tosh is one of the funniest comedians going right now. His humor knows no boundaries leaving every possible uncomfortable situation open to his sarcastic witty banter. Tosh breaks down internet videos with his unique brand of humor that will not be for everyone. If you are easily offended Tosh.0 will not work for you. However if you can handle the most outrageous brand of comedy you have ever heard then you will love Tosh.0.


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    • amymurry profile image

      Amy Murry 

      4 years ago from London

      Great list! i watched most of these shows and i enjoyed all of them!

      I think you have a great taste for good television :)

      but probably most of us have, because everyone i know must have been watching one of these shows as a routine.

      i really hope some new shows which are similar to breaking bed will come out soon, there's a hole in my heart since the show was over...

    • Billy DiMeo profile image

      Billy DiMeo 

      4 years ago from Boston

      Nice list! The "Newsroom" & "House of Cards" are also notable.

    • ArindamB profile image

      Arindam Bandyopadhyay 

      4 years ago from Pune,Maharashtra, India

      Seems legit.

    • Camby24 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jon Campbell 

      4 years ago from Littleton Colorado

      Had Breaking Bad in my first Hub on shows, would have included True Detective if it had more than one season, and have not seen the other three.

    • ArindamB profile image

      Arindam Bandyopadhyay 

      4 years ago from Pune,Maharashtra, India

      What about breaking Bad, Sherlock, Dr. Who, True Detective, The Big Bang Theory?

      Nice collection by the way. Thanks


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