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10 Most Beautiful Japanese Women of 2018

Updated on January 29, 2018
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Japanese women are hot, adorable and innocent looking. Their radiating beauties and personalities are what makes people drawn to them.

#10. Masami Nagasawa

Masami is a model and actress. This thirty year old hot beauty has done more than 18 local and international movies and is still on her way to success. She starred in the movies Moteki, Touch, and Godzilla: Final Wars.

Some of her finest TV roles have been in Dragon Zakura, Galieo: Episode Zero, and Butterfly Stroke In Ganges River. Masami is from Iwata, Japan. She was born on June 3, 1987. She has been in the acting and modeling industry since 2000. Masami is a top notch beauty of Japan. She is charming and beautiful.

9. Yukie Nakama

Yukie was born on October 30, 1979 in Urasoe, Okinawa, Prefecture, Japan. She is thirty-eight years old and is an actress, singer, and former idol. She has been in the industry for twenty-three years. Yukie has become a perfectionist in her field. She is a very gorgeous and cute woman.

Yukie is the youngest of five siblings. Her biggest role to date was in the 2000 film Ring 0: Birthday. Her other popular rolls were the Japanese TV drama Trick, the TV series Gokusen, and in the drama Suki. As for her singing career, she released her debut single ''Moonlight to Daybreak" in 1996.

8. Kurara Chibana

Kurara was born on March 27, 1982 and she is thirty-five years old. She is from Naha, Okinawa, Japan. Kurara is a humanitarian, actress, model, and beauty pageant contestant. She was crowned Miss Universe 2006 and competed at Miss Universe 2006 where she finished as 1st runner up.

Today she is a feature reporter. She flies all over the world interviewing people for a fashion magazine in Japan. Kurara writes and takes photos of their lifestyles. She became a spokeswoman for Maybelline New York make up products. Kurara is hot and bold.

#7. Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi was born on February 8, 1988 in Akita, Japan. She is twenty-nine years old. She is an actress, model, and singer. Nozomi was a model for seven years. Since 2009, she has been a commentator and spokeswoman for the mixed martial arts competition Dream Fighting Championships.

She is also a commentator and spokeswoman for a kickboxing competition called K-1 World Max. Nozomi released her debut single ''Kamu to Funyan'' in 2010. On April 18, 2012 she released her debut album Nozomi Collection. She has starred in over ten television programs and over twenty television commercials since 2009.

#6. Mao Inoue

Mao was born on January 9, 1987 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Perfecture, Japan. Mao is thirty-one years old. She is an wonderful and accomplished actress. Her first big role was in the drama series Kids War. The show was a success and ran from 1999 to 2003.

Her next big role was in the 2005 drama series Hanan Yori Dango. She graduated from Meiji University in 2009. Her other notable roles are the movies Check It Out Yo! and First Kiss. She is a beautiful woman with attractive eyes.

#5. Keiko Kitagawa

Keiko was born August 22, 1986. She is thirty-one years old and is an actress and former model. She was born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. From 2003 to 2006 she modeled for Japanese Seventeen Magazine. She went on to star as Sailor Mars in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

She played the role from 2003-2004). After acting in the film Mamiya Kyodai, she retired from modeling to concentrate on her acting career. Her other film roles include The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), and Handsome Suit (2008). Keiko also got the leading roles in Mop Girl (2007), Homeroom on the Beachside (2008), and Buzzer Beat (2009).

#4. Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena was born February 19, 1986 in Sakai Osaka, Japan. Reon is thirty-one years old. She's a model and actress. She starred in the erotic drama Piikan Fufu in 2005. The film was her first theatrical debut. In 2008 Reon co-starred in the comedy film Secret Undercover Agent: Wild Cats in Strip Royale.

She starred in many TV dramas and movies throughout her career. She was in the action-mystery series Maid Deka. In 2010, she had a role in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider OOO and W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core. Reon is a beautiful and wonderful woman.

#3. Rie Miyazawa

Rie Miyazawa was born April 6, 1973 in Nerima, Tokyo, Japan. She is forty-four years old. Rie is an actress, former swimsuit model, and singer. She appeared in an advertisement for Kit Kat when she was eleven. Since then she has appeared in many successful films, shows, and commercials.

She was in the children's comedy Seven Days War and Tokyo Elevator Girl. Her performances in Face of Jizo, Tony Takitani, and Hana were outstanding as well. Rie released her debut album MU on September 15, 1989. Rie had lots of success with her modeling career as well. She released four photo books. She is very hot and sexy.

#2. Miyako Miyazaki

Miyako was born on February 25, 1978 in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. She is thirty-nine years old. She is a fashion model and beauty pageant winner. Miyako competed in Miss Universe Japan competition in 2003 and won.

After she won the pageant, she signed a one-year endorsement deal with the french luxury goods brand Celine. Miyako got a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kumamoto University. Today, she is a very successful commercial model for big brands like Renault, Nina Ricci, and Mikimoto. She is a brilliant lady with an extreme level of success.

#1. Maria Ozawa

Maria was born on January 8, 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan. She is a model and former AV Idol. She is thirty-two years old now. Maria is actually of Canadian and Japanese descent. She is also known by the name Miyabi which she started using when she first got into the adult film industry.

When she was 16, in 2002, she appeared in a commercial for DARS Chocolate. She is best known for her well done and attractive adult videos. Maria is a true bombshell and one of the most highly appreciated adult film actresses of the era. She is a gorgeous and talented woman.

© 2018 Taylor Christian


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