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Ten Most Messed up Mecha Anime Moments

Updated on November 3, 2017
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Mamerto I. Relativo Jr. is an engineer by profession, but a writer by night. When he is not blogging, he does fiction writing.

Unlike western cartoons, Japanese animes tend show mature contents on screen. It ranges from blood, gore, and everything that will rival a B movie. This is not exactly a bad thing as it adds color to its already colorful and dreamy world. It did shock me at some point. The animes of my childhood started as World Masterpiece Theater type and Dragonball Z’s bloody slug fest gave me a jolt.

Now I also grew up watching Super Robot type mecha anime. By gore and violence standards, those are pretty meek considering they focus more on robot to monster combats. Then much to my disbelief I learned that some scenes are deleted to make it more viewers friendly. Later in my life Gundam Wing and the Evangelion series flew in, and I’m totally surprised on how sick the pilots are. And that’s just the start. The more I watch, the more I realize how messed the series could become. Mecha Animes are not the childish Saturday morning cartoon I once expected. Aside from giant robots, they will show animated exploitation that will drive parents and teachers crazy. But like what I said, a bit of craziness will add flavor to the show. And below are some examples of messed up mecha anime moments so far.

1. Shinji and Asuka’s Hospital Scene (The End of Evangelion)

With a depressed Hideaki Anno directing, the whole Neon Geneis Evangelion series has a lot of sick moments. In fact the collections of unforgettable scenes in the show are enough to fill in the list. Honestly I always thought that Anno has a gift of shocking the audience, and in the beginning of The End of Evangelion, he did just that.

Shinji did what?
Shinji did what?

Now we won’t dig into the details of what Shinji did as he watched the nearly nude Asuka on her bed. Let’s just say that after crying himself silly a Shinji did a very immature and indecent thing. Evangelion fan you know what I mean.

Now objectifying a comatose girl is a stuff might seems over the top, but it plays a vital role in the whole movie. The guilt Shinji showed after the act increased his self-disgusts, a hatred that will lead to the apocalypse in the end of the movie.

At least that’s what the sources said.

2. Heero Yuy’s Death Threat (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing)

Zechs Merquise almost stole the spotlight from Heero Yuy in the Gundam Wing series. This is due to the fact that the Char clone is less antagonistic than our suicidal Heero.

Now Heero Yuy’s intro in the first episode is neither flashy nor colourful, admittedly though it is one of the best in the whole Gundam universe. The first episode tells a lot about the character from his ruthlessness to his fierce dedication. So much so that he is willing to murder everyone, even a girl.

I'll kill you he said!
I'll kill you he said!

The scene sticks to my mind. A popular girl in school just invited Heero Yuy, and he rejected him in such a brutal fashion. Worse he uttered his infamous quote “I’ll kill you.”

Now the scene is not as twisted as any of the Evangelion’s, but it is manic all the same. Every time I saw this, it reminded me why I love the character and the whole series itself. Heero Yuy is a breath of fresh air from the cartoonish protagonist of most animes during that time.

3. Princess Euphemia’s Murder Spree (Code Geass)

I never see this coming! The sweet Princess Euphemia transforming into a mass murderer thanks to Lelouch’s carelessness. In the beginning of the series she is portrayed as sympathetic, caring, sweet and kind. And Lelouch is to be blamed for this unexplained swing. His sudden loss of control of his Geass, and his loud mouth brought out the animal in Euphemia. Why Lulu, Why!

Kill them all!
Kill them all!

Now this scene will serve as one of the driving forces behind Lelouch’s Zero Requiem. And it also showed that the genius Lelouch is prone to fits of stupidity. It won’t happen if he didn’t confront Euphemia in the first place!

4. Every Deleted Scenes in the Voltron Series

As what I said before, the Super Robots of my childhood had dark secrets. To satisfy the western audience, it had to lose its gory and violent episodes. The scenes of tortures are removed. Deaths are rarely mentioned and the violence is toned down. And I’m sure that you never saw how couple is cut in half in one episode

There are victims being mutilated here.
There are victims being mutilated here.

And did you know that Sven of Voltron Lion Force really died and it was his twin brother that appeared in later episodes? And Nanny was shot in the chest in the original series.

5. Prince Dilandau’s True Identity (The Vision of Escaflowne)

I think The Vision of Escaflowne deserves even more. It’s a well-made piece of art with a unique story-line. The level of violence never reached the level of other mecha anime yet I have a feeling that the makers can’t help themselves. How did they managed to come up with the twist, where the crazy Prince Dilandau is actually a girl (Allen’s sister to be exact) is still beyond my grasps.

The guy is a girl, now how is that possible!
The guy is a girl, now how is that possible!

To anyone not familiar with the series, Prince Dilandau is the insane and sadistic antagonist of The Vision of Escaflowne. Now the anime was modelled after High Fantasies, but I bet that the craziest of the authors won’t even think of making a female character mutated into a guy.

6. Gundam Seed’s Flay and Kira Moment

I can tell that this is an early attempt of Bandai to insert a daring scene to its popular brand. They probably thought it was a good idea to show two teens having an overly intimate relationship. It did caused quite a stir, with viewers filing a complaint. To be exact, it shows the ever annoying Flay naked on the bed and Kira dressing up.

So far that's all it, but we know what the show is trying to say.

Why we hate this girl so much!
Why we hate this girl so much!

For me the scene is very inappropriate. With Heero Yuy still fresh in my memory, I want to see robots wrecking each other and not a suggestive and lewd scene. It simply did not fit with the story!

7. Every Evangelion Endings

It left me staring blankly at the screen and wishing it was a joke. It made my friends go scratching their heads and wondering what the hell was that. And I heard that a fan even sent Anno death threats. I bought The End of Evagelion DVD, hoping for a better ending. People said it is a classic yet it simply doesn’t make sense to me.

You decide which is more messed up.
You decide which is more messed up.

Anime fans, we knew too well what happened in the ending of the original Evangelion. After the Unit-01 squashed Shinji’s friend, he went into depression and the series dissolved into gibberish sketches. The last episode shows a montage of his family and friends clapping and cheering.

This simply doesn’t make sense!

If that’s the case, The End of Evangelion is equally confusing. Up to know I still don’t understand why Shinji is choking Asuka and why she said “I feel sick.”

Yes, the Evangelion series has deeper meanings but Anno doesn’t seems to understand that he is selling his anime to Average Joes.

8. Baron Ashura (Mazinger Z)

Before the imposing but the ever creepy Frieza from DBZ came crashing in, we have Baron Ashura from the Mazinger Z series. The freak is half male and half female, built from mummified Mycenaean couple. Sounds weird? It is.

Get that thing away from me!
Get that thing away from me!

Anyone easily turned off would find this one disturbing. I’m not sure if we should call him he or she, but “it” will be the safest bet. Hat’s-off though for Go-Nagai for bringing to life a unique villain and thankfully it never inspired a generation of anime baddies.

9. Mikazuki the Murderer (Mobile Suit Gundam; Iron Blooded Orphans)

In our day and age, the last thing we want to see is a chid soldier murdering non-resistant captives. And that’s exactly what the IBO series showed. In their third episode, the pistol wielding Mikazuki gunned down captive soldiers and prisoners.

What we see is Mikazuki's favorite hobby!
What we see is Mikazuki's favorite hobby!

Those who got used to other mecha anime series will find the scene meek. Nevertheless it receives harsh criticism from the Japanese Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization. In my case I see no problem with that, though the show must provide at least an age limit.

10. Nina, the infamous table girl (Code Geass)

If you think Euphemia’s murderous rampage is sick enough, it’s nothing compared to what came first.

For me Nina Einstein is insane. Yes, crazier than our favorite antihero Lelouch. She is racist and a maniac as she almost blew up the whole school. And what could be crazier than developing an unhealthy crush to Princess Euphemia to a point that it turns obsessive!

You are a sick, sick person Nina!
You are a sick, sick person Nina!

Those who were pursued by stalkers will hate Nina for this. And the obsession is so great that it leads to an infamous moment with the table.

You know what I'm talking about Code Geass fans.

People hated that scene for a reason. At least in The End of Evangelion, Shinji’s perverted act has deeper meaning. In Nina’s case it is just a perverted act, nothing more. Thanks a lot table girl!


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    • ReViewMeMedia profile image

      ReViewMeMedia 6 months ago

      Well it did come out of nowhere.

    • Mamerto profile image

      Ed Kampilan 6 months ago from Cabuyao

      Thanks for stopping by ReViewMeMedia! Honestly Nina's table scene kind of disturbed me. I really don't know if I will laugh or not!

    • ReViewMeMedia profile image

      ReViewMeMedia 6 months ago

      Poor, poor Table-kun, did not deserve that at all!