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10 Most Romantic Movies of All Time

Updated on October 30, 2015

Great romantic movies have their way of getting to you no matter what mood you’re in or how skeptical you are about love. It appeals to any kind of person, whether you’re in love or heartbroken. It’s that perfect partner for a cozy night on the couch and a great companion when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Here are some of the most romantic movies of all time:

  • The Notebook (2004). What could be more romantic than seeing love that lasts through time? Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the movie tells the tale of a love affair that was cut short by different circumstances, with both characters marked forever by the promises that they made to each other. The way Duke, a patient at a nursing home, reads the love story of Noah and Allie to one of his fellow patients is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes as they go through the challenges that came with being apart from each other despite the strength of their love. With the realization that the elderly Duke is indeed Noah, and the elderly woman he reads to is Allie, audiences were left with a mix of happiness and grief as they end up dying together in the end.

  • Love Actually (2003). The all-star cast portrays a mix of different stories of love, with each of the characters somehow connected to each other. What probably made the movie an all-time favorite is the fact that everybody could somehow relate to each of the stories told, with the stories on love, family and friendship ending in different ways. The movie remains true to the realities of life, with some of the characters getting their happily-ever-after, and with some ending in heartbreak.

  • Dear John (2010). Once again, a Nicholas Sparks novel makes it to the big screen and touches the hearts of everyone who watched it. Dear John is a story of two lovers making it through their own lives while staying connected through a series of letters. John is in the army, while Savannah is a college student. They met and fell in love right away, but John’s duties to his country came first, keeping them apart. Savannah marries someone else and John is left heartbroken, but in a series of different events in each of their lives, they still end up together in the end.

  • Pretty Woman (1990). Pretty Woman has somehow become one of the baselines used on how modern romantic comedies should be. One of the best-selling movies of the ’90s, the story shows how a prostitute and a rich client fall in love. Vivian, the prostitute, goes through an amazing transformation as Edward shows her the ins and outs of high society. In return, Vivian shows him a thing or two about love and emotion as Edward slowly comes out of his stiff persona and loosens up a bit with Vivian’s help. Edward turns out to be Vivian’s knight in shining armor after all. Only instead of a white horse, he comes rescuing her in a white stretch limousine in the end.

  • The Wedding Singer (1998). Robbie and Julia were both engaged to be married, but to the wrong people. Robbie was a wedding singer whose fiancé only fancied him when he wanted to became a rock star. Julia was a waitress who was engaged to a guy who wouldn’t stop cheating on her. As their friendship gets stronger, they eventually realize that they were a perfect match. Forever immortalizing the song “Grow Old With You” as one of the sweetest songs ever, the movie can truly perk anybody up and show that the perfect person for you is just around.

  • A Walk to Remember (2002). A Walk to Remember is yet another novel by Nicholas Sparks, so you can just imagine the tears that you would shed when you watch it. Landon is a popular kid who falls in love with Jamie, the innocent pastor’s daughter. Landon realizes what his priorities should be when he starts adjusting his lifestyle to fit Jamie’s and is heartbroken when he finds out that she’s dying from leukemia. He helps Jamie make the most out of her last days on earth, helping her make her dreams come true one by one.

  • Just Married (2003). Tom and Sarah decide to get married despite the objections from Sarah’s rich family. Thinking that marriage was all about romance, they promptly fly out to honeymoon in the Alps, but one bad thing after another makes them both realize that getting married isn’t always about romance. With their honeymoon wrecked and each of them finding out about the other’s secrets, they eventually fly back home and separate. However, Tom realizes that Sarah is worth fighting for and barges into Sarah’s home to take her back. With Sarah’s family eventually accepting Tom, the couple reunites and decides to stick it out and live with one mishap after another together.

  • My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997). Julianne and Michael are so close that they vow that they would marry each other if they were both still single when they turn 28. However, a few weeks before she turns 28, Michael tells Julianne that he’s marrying Kimmy, a student whom Julianne believes is all wrong for her best friend. Realizing that she’s in love with her best friend, she goes to Chicago to try to sabotage the wedding. As her plans fail however, she realizes that she has no other choice but to tell Michael that she loves him. However, she realizes how much Michael loved Kimmy and decided to be a true friend by letting them have their happy ending.

  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003). Andie and Ben hook up for all the wrong reasons. Andie was using Ben to complete an assignment and Ben was using Andie to win a bet. As they spend time together trying to be people they were not, they discover even more than expected. When they both discovered that each one has been playing the other all this time, they both went their separate ways. However, Andie eventually writes about it and admits how deeply she has fallen for Ben. Ben chases after her, and the rest is history.

  • Reality Bites (1994). Although Reality Bites teaches you more about life and friendship than about love, the movie definitely takes on romance on a more realistic level. Troy and Lelaina have been friends for the longest time, but they never really did anything about their feelings. Living in the same house with two other friends, they all go through a series of challenges that put strains not only on their personal lives but on their friendship as well. As most movies have happy endings, the same thing is true for Troy and Lelaina’s story. After Lelaina’s breakup with her boyfriend and the death of Troy’s father, they realize that they should give their love a chance and decide to be together.

These ten movies are but a small fraction of the great romantic movies out there, but they sure have made their mark on everyone who watched them. You could probably relate to any of the characters in a movie or two on this list, making your watching experience even deeper. With different stories of love and different endings as well, these romantic movies show you that there is so much more to love than just butterflies in your stomach and goose bumps.

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    Geri MIleff 3 years ago from Czech Republic

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    Starz 3 years ago

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