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10 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

Updated on October 16, 2013

This list is different than my favorite movies of all time, which I will gladly watch repeatedly. These movies, for some reason, just work for me. I own them all on VHS (yes, I still own a working player) or DVD and like to pop them in when I need background noise or something I don’t have to pay close attention to while watching, and I will also usually end my channel surfing if I land on any of them. They aren't just background noise though, they all speak to me in some way--funny, poignant, reminiscent of a certain time in my life. They may not be my primary focus at the time, but I still watch, and laugh and enjoy!

You've Got Mail

I think I love this movie so much because I kind of want her life. I would love to own a children’s bookstore (one that does not go out of business though!); and, well, her apartment is pretty amazing! I also just really love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks; and, together, they are just magical!

When Harry Met Sally

There is just so much truth in this movie. It makes me smile, laugh, cry and often nod my head in agreement and understanding. And the deli scene just always manages to make me giggle, though I turn the volume down for fear my neighbors will think I am watching another sort of movie! And yes, more Meg Ryan, her movies just seem to speak to me. And Billy Crystal is a comic genius!!!

Hope Floats

Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock?? And I think she just really shines in this movie. And, yes, this is sappy, well hope really does lift you up and this movie lifts me up and always puts me in a better mood than when I began to watch it. AND I get to look at Harry Connick, Jr. through a large portion of it!

Independence Day

Corny, cheesy, random…yet perfect. Great action scenes, love the characters, the speech the “President” makes before the final battle always manages to make me cry. And I LOVE Jeff Goldblum, he is always quirky perfection! I have always hoped the would make a sequel...


I am a huge Jodie Foster fan. And I also like to stare at Matthew McConaughey. And, well, I am a firm believer that, like Jodie’s character says (not the exact words), if there are not other intelligent life forms out there in the universe, isn't that an awful big waste of space? It also gives an interesting look at the battle between science and religion. And, finally, it is based on a book by Carl Sagan, and he was brilliant.

The Craft

I consider this the "Heathers of the 90s." Robin Tunney is great, as is Neve Campbell, and I always love Fairuza Balk. A fun take on teen angst and drama, with a witchy twist!


If only Alicia Silverstone had continued to be as awesome as she was in this movie. It always makes me smile. And I also love Paul Rudd, he is likable in whatever he does, or at list all the movies he has been in and I have seen. And I think there are very few females, and likely a lot of males, out there who would love to have her amazing closet!

Notting Hill

Julia Roberts is amazing, in everything. I love her laugh, and that fact that she lets it spill out freely despite it being a bit loud and overwhelming. She and Hugh Grant are great together, and the movie just makes me feel good. It is a cute look at the difference between being famous and being a normal person, and what happens when those two worlds meet.

The Son in Law

Yes, this is a Pauly Shore movie. I LOVE this movie!! As a person, he annoys me, but he just works in this movie. And I cannot help but sing along to “Country Boy” with him as he drives the thresher. Carla Gugino is also great as a young girl trying to find her place in the world and learning to come to terms with the differences between who she thought she'd be, who others thought she'd be, and who she seems to be becoming.

Practical Magic

Not quite sure what makes this one work for me. Sandra Bullock is awesome. Nicole Kidman really works in her role, AND still has her original face! I like the characters and the people that play them and I guess that all just falls together nicely. I think I also like to see outsiders learn to make the most of the place in the world and learn to make it work.


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