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10 Movies Like She's The Man

Updated on November 28, 2019
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A film buff who enjoys watching a range of different films from funny rom coms to intense thrillers.

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Have you ever seen the movie She’s The Man? For many film buffs, it’s one of the best films combining a touch of comedy, a touch of romance, and a nice blend of sport into the one movie. It’s quite an intriguing tale, and one that many fans of sport enjoy. The film itself manages to throw many hijinks, love triangles, and various scenarios in the face of the protagonist, Viola Johnson.

Viola, you see, intends to pose as her twin brother, Sebastian, at a boarding school. However, matters of the heart make it hard for her to keep things as easy as they should be. It’s a good watch, and definitely a movie with a good touch of drama in there. If you like movies that throw a nice little dilemma your way, then you might want to take a look at the 2006 classic starring Amanda Bynes.

Movies Like She's the Man

  1. She's All That
  2. Sydney White
  3. It's a Boy Girl Thing
  4. Easy A
  5. 10 Things I Hate About You
  6. John Tucker Must Die
  7. Stick It
  8. Love Wrecked
  9. Wild Child
  10. What A Girl Wants

However, what if you would rather watch something similar? With if She’s the Man has got you in the mood for something a bit similar but not quite the same?

Let’s take a look at 10 movies that have a similarity to She’s the Man. If you just watched this DreamWorks classic, you might enjoy some of the following movies we have in mind for you below of movies like She's the Man.

#1 She’s All That

Let’s take a trip back to the last millennium for this one with 1999’s She’s All That. It follows the story of stylish high schooler Zach Siler, who everyone looks up to and wishes they could be like. However, when his partner, Taylor, leaves him for a TV personality in Brock Hudson, his reputation takes a divebomb.

The film follows Siler as he tries to sort his life out and fight back to get his reputation that he once was so revered for back. It’s a good watch, and one that very much follows the high school misfit style that we all love so much. Very much a film that we recommend you make the time to watch if you are a fan of She’s the Man.

#2 Sydney White

For many people, 2007 movie Sydney White is a must-watch for those who enjoy this kind of high octane drama. This humorous hit was big when it was first released, with the whole film taking place around the plot of Snow White.

Basically, it’s a modern retelling of the story, with a very interesting range of changes to the normal story that we all know so well. If you are a fan of film adaptations that are as unique as this, then we recommend that you take a look. This modern re-telling moves the story into a set of students in their freshman year, and the film manages to bring together both moments of poignant thought and feelgood fun that makes an excellent film to watch.

#3 It’s a Boy Girl Thing

Released in the same year as She’s The Man, It’s A Boy Girl Thing got a lot of hype on release for being interesting, engaging, and pretty different to what you would normally expect. It’s a story that takes place around a visit to a Natural History Museum, and then things go kind of wrong.

It’s the story of an overachieving kid with brains and a jock without the same commitment to academia. When an Aztec statue manages to cast a spell on the duo to swap their bodies around, the result is a comical film that lets them really walk in the shoes of someone else.

#4 Easy A

Another good choice if you are looking for a classic school setting for your movie is that of Easy A. It follows the story of Olive, your classic 6/10 high school student. Never one to be noticed or to be in the limelight, she finds everything changes when she decides to use the gossip grapevine of her school to change how she is perceived.

Things, though, go against her and the whole story follows a drama-filled, intriguing story about someone trying to save their reputation. That might make it sound like a sad movie, but it’s full of humour and charm, and the story itself has a pretty feel-good ending to it that should give you plenty to think about. Definitely one you’ll enjoy laughing at and crying at!

#5 10 Things I Hate About You

Going back to the 90s for a moment, 10 Things I Hate About You garnered massive attention at the time. Though some of the references are now dated with so much time having passed, the story itself is still relevant and the things you see taking place in the film are definitely worth watching and taking in.

It’s a fun story about tenth grade Bianca, who has never been on a date. She’s not allowed to go on one until her older sister, Kat, gets a man. The problem is that Kat isn’t exactly the nicest person in the world. It’s a good comedy flick with plenty of twists and turns, and follows the same path of adaption and redemption that made She’s the Man such a good watch.

#6 John Tucker Must Die

Released in 2006 also, this is a popular film for many people who might enjoy the teen romance angle of She’s the Man. A fine film about a trio of girls who want to break the heart of John Tucker, a manipulative and scheming baseball player. Having dated all three girls at once, pledging to each of them to be “the one”, the three girls find out and set about trying to ruin Tucker once and for all.

It’s a fun and enjoyable movie that manages to bring together plenty of slapstick comedy, no small amount of scheming, and plenty of good laughs. It’s a fun and enjoyable movie that we’re sure plenty of viewers will find it easy to relate to!

#7 Stick It

Stick It is a good choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a film about the sporting side of what makes She’s the Man so interesting at times. In this film, you join the journey of Haley, an athlete with plenty of talent but poor social standing. She’s not someone who handles authority well, and a brush with the law sees her sent off to an elite academy for gymnasts.

There, she’s put under the watch of a tough-going disciplinarian coach who is a legend within the circuit. There, she manages to make both friends and enemies as she develops and grows, learning how to be a better athlete and, as the movie goes on, learning how to become a better person.

#8 Love Wrecked

Another good choice for movie fans would be Love Wrecked. This follows the story of Jenny Taylor, an uber-fan of Jason Masters, a Rockstar of worldwide acclaim. Always unable to meet the person she adores so much, though, thanks to her nemesis Alexis, Jenny ends up landing a job at the resort that Masters likes to visit over in the Caribbean.

Sneaking aboard a party vessel, she witnesses Jason get pulled overboard and tries to save him by jumping in. The two end up on a deserted island not too far from the resort. Sensing an opportunity, though, Jenny tells him that they’ve been stranded far off in the distance in a bid to give Masters the time to see who she ‘really’ is.

It’s a film of many emotions, but it’s one that you should definitely look to watch if you enjoyed She’s the Man.

#9 Wild Child

For many people, 2008’s Wild Child is a good example of what you can get when you take the high school story and add a bit of panache to it. Follow Poppy Moore, a girl who tries to ruin all of her father’s girlfriends’ belongings to impress her mates. However, when her dad arrives and sends her off to England to go to boarding school, things soon get pretty real for her.

Miserable at first, the outsider finds it hard to adapt to the new life that she must lead. It’s an interesting story full of adaptation, adjustment, and life changing requirements: the kind that we all need to deal with as we grow up and see things change in our lives.

#10 What A Girl Wants

Lastly, if you were a fan of She’s the Man then you might enjoy watching What A Girl Wants. It’s quite an interesting one, released in 2003 to quite a bit of acclaim. While it got some mixed reviews, it was generally well received. It follows Daphne Reynolds as she struggles to enjoy the pace of life. She’s got a bright future, but her present isn’t so much fun.

Living with her mother in New York, she wants to get to know her estranged father who lives in London. Flying off to the UK to try and meet her dad, he entire story goes wild from there – it’s a very interesting story, and one that should definitely give you some food for thought as you watch over the various acts and incidents that take place.

If you know of any other great moves like She's the Man, please do let us know in the comments section below and we will be sure to watch it and see if it is worth including in the list above.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Harry Sheen


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