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10 Reasons Why Drive-In Movies are Great

Updated on November 11, 2013
Drive-in movies have the best junk food!
Drive-in movies have the best junk food! | Source

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie?

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Drive-in movies are a fun experience. The first drive-in theatre was established in 1933. According to Wikipedia, there were over 4,000 drive-ins in the U.S. in the 1970s. Today, there are only 357 drive-ins left. This is mainly due not only to less interest by the public, but the movie industry’s change to digital conversion. Most small drive-ins lack the finances (beginning at $70,000 per screen) needed to convert to digital projection.[1]

The drive-in theatre is a cultural icon and an institution. Here are 10 reasons why drive-in movies should be supported.

1. There is Family and Friend Camaraderie

It’s an enjoyable opportunity for Family Night. Sitting together in a car is the perfect chance for families to get to know each other. It a good place to go on a date. You can’t small talk in a movie theatre. But in a car, there are opportunities to talk on the way to and from the drive-in, before the movie begins, or while eating snacks from the concession stand.

2. You Can Talk During the Movie

If you like talking to the movie screen, you can help yourself in the comfort of your own vehicle. There's no one turning around in their seat to give you dirty looks. In fact, some people make a contest of it to see who can make the best wise crack.

3. The Snack Bar is Good

Movie studios make most of their money from the movies themselves. This only allows the drive-ins to make their money from the concession stands. So, the food may be a little pricey. But, it’s absolutely delicious!

4. There is More Freedom of Movement

How many times have you been in a movie theater, and your legs felt cramped while watching a three-hour movie? You can’t stand up in the theatre. Well, you don’t have to be trapped in your car to enjoy a drive-in movie. You can sit outside in your favorite lounge chair and enjoy the weather, or watch children and adults play.

5. You Can Bring the Kids

Bringing the kids to the show saves babysitting money. Kids running around with their toys add to the family-friendly atmosphere that a drive-in represents. Some theatres even have playgrounds to entertain the kids before it gets dark.

Drive-in movies are all over the world
Drive-in movies are all over the world | Source

12 Good Drive-In Movies by DVD

6. You Can Entertain Yourself Before the Show

The weather is very nice, usually warm, and it’s great to be outside watching the show. Before the evening gets dark, you can hear different sounds of music playing mixed with the sounds of children playing and laughing on the playground equipment. You can play Frisbee. You can meet and have good conversation with the people in the cars next to you.

7. Pets are Okay

People bring their pets, usually small dogs, to the drive-in because there is lots of space for them to run around.

8. Sleeping During the Movie is Possible

Kids play on the drive-in theatre grounds dressed in their pajamas. You know they’ll be asleep in the back of the van before the first movie is over. Great!

9. Drive-in Movie Theatres are Harmless

Have you ever heard of any violence at a drive-in movie? Most people go to a drive-in to enjoy the company of family and friends. If you drink alcohol, it’s kept to the confines of your vehicle. It’s a mixed crowd, and people in general are on their best behavior. Drive-in movies do not seem to attract violent or disorderly people. People go to be entertained.

10. The Drive-In is Economical

Where else can a van full of people go to a movie for twenty-five dollars? Where else can you see current, double featured movies, where four people pay only $6 each, with free parking?

There are more than ten reasons why the Drive-in theatre is a great place to visit. Even if you have to make a short trip to get there, it’s worth it. Experience a drive-in movie as an once-in-a-lifetime or bucket list event. You’ll want to go back again.



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    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I remember going to a drive-in movie on a date many years ago. The advantages you mention ring true. Too bad the breed seems to be dying out.