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10 Romantic Movies to Share this Valentines Day

Updated on June 21, 2011

As the 14th February rolls round the thought of sharing a romantic evening with someone special becomes more of an issue. What better way to spend a romantic Valentines day, or any romantic evening to be honest, than to curl up together with some chocolates, wine and a few good movies. With that in mind here are 10 romantic movies worth checking out for Valentines day.

The Lake House

Having decided to move to Chicago, Doctor Kate Foster (Sandra Bullock) leaves a letter for the next tenant of the lovely lake house she lives in asking them to forward any mail on to her. When Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) a young architect moves into the lake house he is bemused to find the letter as he is unaware of any one else living there. But through a series of strange occurrences they discover that they are living in two different times, communicating via the mail box which resides outside the lake house. Slowly they start to fall in love but living years apart makes it unlikely that they will ever meet.

Although "The Lake House" explores time travel, or actually different years in parallel, rather haphazardly, it is the romance side of the movie which really works. Once you ignore the flaws of the different years aspect the way the romance blossoms through some beautifully crafted letters really captures the romantic mood beautifully. Plus with the ever present question of whether Kate and Alex will ever meet it draws you into an additional drama. Frankly it's not the greatest movie but it is a wonderful romantic movie which will claw at your heart strings.

Something's Gotta Give

Aging lothario Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) lives by one rule, never to date anyone over the age of 30, which is why he is dating sexy auctioneer Marin. But during a weekend break at her mother's beach house he is in for a shock, when he not only discovers her mother Erica is there but he is taken ill and is forced to stay there convalescing. Forced to get on with Erica and his doctor who in turn likes Erica, a messy love triangle starts to take place as Harry starts to feel his age.

Who says love is just for the young because "Something's Gotta Give" proves that love is ageless and doing so in such a fun manner. It’s a perfect romantic movie if you fancy curling up with someone and having a laugh but at the same time enjoying the unlikely romance between two people who initially detest each other. Again frankly it's not a great movie and uses a well worn formula but because it focuses on shall we say an older couple delivers something different to many movies.

Just Like Heaven

After much searching David finally finds the perfect apartment, but he is in for shock when Elizabeth suddenly shows up. She insists that David is an intruder in her apartment yet before he can explain she disappears as suddenly as she appeared. Believing that Elizabeth is a ghost he tries everything to rid himself of her unwanted presence to no avail, especially as she believes she's still alive but knows little about herself. As they join forces to try and work out what is what their unusual friendship turns to more especially when the truth is discovered.

Undoubtedly "Just Like Heaven" plays a little summarily to "Ghost" and "Always" but delivers a twist on the whole in love with a ghost story. It's the twist which makes it a lot more enjoyable than many rom-coms and with pleasant performances from the delightful Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo it is also surprisingly charming. Mixing romance with comedy it is another romantic movie is you are looking for something a little light and relaxing.


As Christmas rolls around, Jonathan and Sara accidentally bump into each other when they both pick up the same pair of gloves. After agreeing to go for a drink together at a little place known as 'Serendipity' it appears that they are falling for each other. But Sara decides that if they are destined for each other then fate will intercede and bring them back together at some point and departs leaving Jonathan searching for this wonderful woman he fell for. As the years pass and with each of them becoming involved in relationships it looks like destiny may not intervene, but secretly they both hope that fate will find a way to bring them together once again.

In many ways "Serendipity" is a movie which pays homage to "An Affair to Remember" with the idea of it was mean to be it will happen and the two separated lovers will meet up again. Although it's not just a rehash of the classic, it takes the idea off on a different tangent and in doing so is pleasantly quite interesting. Much of why "Serendipity" is a good romantic movie is that it delivers that magical feel especially in the Christmassy scenes, making you want to cuddle up with a loved one. It has it's faults as do all movies, but there is enough magical romance going on to make it well worth a watch.

Three to Tango

When wealthy businessman Charles Newman offers architect Oscar Novak a big renovation contract he asks for a little extra. Under the belief that Oscar is gay he asks him too keep an eye on Amy, his mistress, because he is concerned she will go back to her ex boyfriend. With no option to agree Oscar meets up with Amy at a party and after a night of mishaps become great friends, especially as Amy thinks Oscar is gay as well. But his false life as a gay man spirals out of control and it not only becomes harder to keep up the pretence but also to hide his feelings for Amy as he falls for her.

I will be honest and say "Three to Tango" is by no means of the word a great romantic movie, which may lead you to question why I include it. Well whilst there is a romantic thread to the movie it is much better watched as just plain old good fashioned fun with Matthew Perry, he of Friends fame, and a cute Neve Campbell working well together in a movie of mishaps and misunderstandings. It's definitely a movie to go for if you just want a fun Valentines day night, but will deliver just a smattering of romance for those who don't want an over slushy movie.

The Notebook

Everyday an elderly gentleman reads the same story to his companion in the nursing home where they live. The story is about two teenagers Noah and Allie who coming from different social classes are the unlikeliest of friends and even more unlikely as a romantic couple but their friendship blossoms much to Allie's upper class parents disapproval. To try and stop things going any further Allie and her family move away leaving Noah heart broken. But then years later they meet up again and their relationship is rekindled.

Nicholas Sparks has written some great novels with many of the successfully being adapted into movies. Probably the most popular and one of my favourites is "The Notebook". Why it's a good romantic movie for Valentines Day is that on one level it tells that tale of love from different sides of the track and that love finds away, all very predictable. But then it delivers something extra, something which you don't necessarily expect and gives the movie an extra meaning. It is most definitely a romantic movie for those who want to be carried away on a romantic journey rather than one which is more amusing.

Dirty Dancing

During the summer of 1963, Baby and her family are heading for a vacation at Kellerman's holiday camp. Whilst there, Baby meets and falls for the handsome dance instructor Johnny Castle. But when their secret romance comes out into the open her father is less than impressed forcing Johnny to lose his job.

Okay so "Dirty Dancing" is a completely cliche movie, even some may consider it a complete chick flick, but it is in some ways a classic and does have quite a nice romantic storyline. There really is little to say about "Dirty Dancing" which hasn't already be said but with a mixture of romance and the 60's setting/music it is an all-round enjoyable movie even if it does border on the cheesy once in a while. Even if you don't fancy watching it with a loved one it would be a perfect gift.

An Affair to Remember

Returning back to Europe from a cruise around Europe the handsome Nickie Ferrante (Cary Grant) meets the lovely Terry McKay (Deborah Kerr) aboard the liner. Sharing time together as the ship makes it slow return to New York they start to fall for each other. But their affair is not as simple as each is already involved in relationships with people waiting for them in New York. Realising that things cannot progress they agree that it would be just a holiday romance, but also agree that if in 6 months they still share feelings for each other they will meet up at the top of the Empire State Building.

Considered a classic, and rightly so, "An Affair to Remember" is the movie which has in more recent years has inspired many movies. It is a wonderfully old fashioned tale of romance and the heart break of love. It manages to deliver in equal measures both romance and drama but more importantly feeling all mushy, well that's what you want from a truly great romantic movie. Although you ay find yourself scream at the TV when things appear to be not working out. If you want a truly classic romantic movie then "An Affair to Remember" is my first choice.

Sleepless in Seattle

Following the death of his wife Sam Baldwin only has one priority and that is his young son Jonah and certainly doesn't contemplate ever falling in love again. But Jonah thinks otherwise and after phoning a national radio show to tell the host about his lonely father, they are inundated with letters from woman who want to meet them. One of the letters come from Annie Reed, who although is preparing to get married is so touched by the story has to get in touch and causes a whole new chapter to form in both of their lives.

Inspired by "An Affair to Remember" with it's use of the Empire States Building and modern take on scenes from the classic "Sleepless in Seattle" is as close as you will get to a relatively modern movie with a touch of classic Hollywood about it. With wonderful performance from Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan it is a movie which manages to blend humour as well as drama into a wonderfully charming storyline. Although it's regularly shown on TV it's still a great movie to watch on Valentines Day or another one which is a perfect gift for a loved one.


"Titanic" is the story of Jack and Rose who whilst living at different ends of the social spectrum find themselves as passengers aboard the fateful liner. Unhappy with her life and imminent marriage to Cal a successful American business man, Rose decides to take her own life only to be rescued by Jack. A bond begins to form between them, much to the disdain of Rose's mother but even more to Cal. Whilst they plan a free living future together, the liner lurches towards disaster and a big iceberg.

Well as with "Dirty Dancing" there is very little to say about "Titanic" which hasn't already been said. Yes it's a little cheesy at times, but then the love story between Jack and Rose is perfectly worked. Well it can't be a terrible movie seeing that it held the Box Office record till "Avatar" came along although even I will say it's still not the greatest love story of all times. Like with others, even if you don't fancy watching "Titanic" it's another romantic movie which would make a perfect gift for Valentines Day.

So there you have 10 romantic movies all ideal to share with a loved one from great romances, classics and just good fun. They are all worth a watch and are perfect for a Valentines Day night in front of the TV. Even if they don't fit your bill for a romantic Valentines Night many would be ideal as a gift on the day for celebrating love.


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    • melodyandes profile image


      6 years ago

      Yes, Titanic!Love it so bad.

    • profile image

      hai Pip 

      7 years ago

      love titanic..

    • Ladybythelake55 profile image


      7 years ago from I was Born in Bethesda, Maryland and I live in Chicago,IL

      somewhere in Time, The Great Gatsby, and Love Story are three of the most romantic movies of all time. They start out so good and the ending break your heart.


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