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10 Sex And The City Characters We Absolutely Love!!

Updated on August 1, 2014

Sex And The City, an American Television romantic sitcom created by Darren Star for HBO ran successfully from 1998 to 2004 with 94 episodes. Based on the book written with the same title by Candace Bushnell, the series was a great hit with women in particular. And we are not talking about just United States here. SATC was aired all over the world where the civilized societies exist, and made an impact on the thinking lines of people regarding sex, relationships and friendships.

This amazing tale of a fictitious writer Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) was just another rant of a 29 year old as it looks. Sex And The City housed great characters with intense personalities who became a reality in course of watching the series.

Let us take a look at 10 best Sex And The City stars that we will never forget and will go back to watch them again and again!

1. John 'Mr Big' Preston

This mysterious man played by Chris Noth as Carrie's on and off boyfriend became a regular name in the households. Mr Big is known for his charismatic, unpredictable and non committing personality who affects Carrie's life to a great extent. The chemistry of Carrie and Mr Big has been beautifully portrayed throughout the series. Audience was left wanting more from this explosive pair whose relationship was constantly on tenterhooks.

Chris Noth shone as Mr Big, and this character remains to be one of his best so far on Television.

2. Samantha 'Sam' Jones

One of the four main protagonists, Samantha Jones, a PR businesswoman played by Kim Cattrall went on to become the highlight of the series. People may love or hate Samantha, but cannot simply ignore her. The character is a demanding entrepreneur who openly accepts her volatile sex life with many partners was boldly depicted by the makers. Samantha Jones is also known for her many funny quotes and one liners that have become a rage with women all over.

"Im a trysexual" is one of the well known catchy lines of Sam Jones.

3. Miranda Hobbes

Cynthia Nixon plays Miranda Hobbes, a successful lawyer who graduates from Harvard and finds herself in the midst of confusing relationships. The character who is well known for her extremely cynical personality and realistic views on men has been appreciated by the audience. The series also showcases Miranda's amazing style makeover starting from Season1 through 6, where the lawyers is shown wearing more man like business suits at the beginning and is seen evolving into a classy woman with trendy hair cut and stylish outfits eventually.

Miranda's long term on and off relationship with boyfriend Steve, and her brave stand to raise a child as a single mom looked inspiring to many.

Nixon as cynical Miranda Hobbes

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4. Charlotte York

Probably one of the most conservative women of the top four, the classy Charlotte York with blue blood connection was effortlessly played by Kristin Davis. Charlotte is known for her great sense of dressing that was mostly classic and traditional. Her thought process showcased a woman who was 'proper', wanted a blissful domestic life and a committed relationship.

Kristin Davis excelled in this role and even set a trend of sorts with great dressing style and manners.

Kristin Davis as Charlotte York

5. Carrie Bradshaw

The main protagonist who narrates the entire proceedings of the lives surrounding the four women, Carrie Bradshaw, the writer strikes a connect with the viewers. The witty writing coupled with deep thoughts on relationships elevated the character to heights. Sarah Jessica Parker dazzled in the role, so much that people started calling her Carrie in real life too.

Carrie's shoe fetish and the love for Manolo Blahniks was well showcased in the series. Her extreme sense of style with brands like Prada, Gucci and Versace stirred the inner style fetish inside women.

Parker plays Carrie Bradshaw

6. Aidan Shaw

Perhaps this man made the women drool through the episodes where he appeared. Aiden Shaw played by John Corbett was well received on the show. Carrie dates Aidan for a long time, only after Mr Big, to realize that they both do not want same things in life. Carrie's cheating Aidan with Big was shown aesthetically to the masses, with a bold take on adultery in relationships and issues of non compatibility.

John Corbett was a perfect match for Sarah J Parker, and their on screen chemistry was excellent.

John Corbett as Carrie's second serious boyfriend Aidan

7. Steve Brady

David Eigenberg played Steve Brady, the long time boyfriend and later husband to Miranda Hobbes. This simple character of a bartender falling for a high profile lawyer with a volatile affair that settles only in season 6 connected with the audience.

Steve Brady is a sensitive and committed character who stands by Miranda for many years through the series until they finally tie the knot.

Steve kissing Miranda in Season 6

8. Stanford Blatch

Gays and their sex life was beautifully shown in Sex And The Cit Series. The phrase 'a gay boyfriend is girl's safety net' became extremely popular due to the close friendship between Carrie and Stanford, a confirmed gay who is open about his orientation. This portrayal won accolades, giving a stand to the gay community and empowering them by visual means.

Stanford Blatch played by Willie Garson was an endearing character well accepted by the viewers.

Garson fits the bill as gay friend Stanford

9. Richard Wright

Richard Wright, like Aidan Shaw makes a brief appearance in the show. A hotelier billionaire played by James Remar becomes the only serious love for Samantha Jones, who always believed in sex and many lovers rather than relationships. Sam and Richard go through a turmoil after which Jones gets back to her volatile life. Richard Wright was a great match for Sam Jones on screen, and the viewers mostly wanted them back together.

The chemistry displayed between James Remar and Kim Cattrall was laudable, showing what happens when two powerful personalities share the screen space.

Richard played by Remar

10. Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod

A struggling actor who works as a waiter in Raw comes to the attention of Sam Jones because of his sexy personality. The two end up having a casual affair after which Smith expresses deeper feelings for Samantha. Years younger to Jones, the casting was brilliantly done with the character played by Jason Lewis.

Smith's dedication and commitment to Sam Jones as she fought with breast cancer was very well depicted on screen, moving the audience.

Though Sam and Smith end up together at the end of the series much to the delight of the viewers, the couple is shown breaking up in the movie, Sex And The City, that hit the theaters later.

The adorable Smith Jerrod played by Lewis


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