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10 Best TV Shows Like Californication (You Should See)

Updated on July 26, 2019
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A film buff who enjoys watching a range of different films from funny rom coms to intense thrillers.

Looking for funny and drama-filled shows similar to Californication? You're definitely in the right place!

Well, who would forget Hank Moody? I've cried a bit and laughed a lot because of his character as well as the entire scene. Hank is the main attraction of the series, a prodigiously gifted writer who tried to restore the relationship with his ex and raise his teen daughter - all while filing his life with drugs and drinking.

The pilot boasts several very memorable scenes. The dynamic between Hank and Karen is ideally summed up and soundtrack by the amazing track Nothingman of Pearl Jam. During season three, most of you likely had difficulty taking your eyes off to Kathleen Turner.

Talking about style, this show has it all. Remember the funny random perv from The Sarah Silverman Program or Duchovny on being hilarious in spite of the comedy-killing prop stuffed in his job? No one can't deny the superior success of Californication, from excellent writing to spectacular dialogues to amazing character portrayals.

We don't want to kill your excitement, so here is our list of the best series like Californication that you can add into your favorite TV shows. Happy watching!

5 stars for Californication

TV Shows Similar to Californication

  1. Shameless
  2. Weeds
  3. Nurse Jackie
  4. House of Lies
  5. Mad Men
  6. Recovery Road
  7. Entourage
  8. No Tomorrow
  9. Sex and the City
  10. Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

#1 Shameless

A dysfunctional comedy-drama TV series exudes drugs, sex, and alcohol. Throughout its airing, Shameless has been notorious for its consistency in keeping believable, compelling storylines. No wonder, many are hooked with it. There is a perfect blend of drama and comedy. Kevin and Veronica are among the viewer's favorite couples. Of course, we should not forget the center of the story which documents the dysfunction, low-income family of Frank Gallagher. He is a single father raising 6 children.

Frank spends most of his days looking for misadventures or getting drunk. His addition to drug and alcohol led his children to take care of themselves. But do not hate him at all! There are still admirable things he is capable of doing such as reluctance to change himself for the sake of other's satisfaction.

#2 Weeds

You might already have an idea what this story tackles upon hearing or reading the title. Weeds is a dark, quirky comedy-drama American television series that focuses on a single mom who makes ends meet after the death of her husband. She sells marijuana to neighbors, friends, and someone else in the fictitious California suburb.

All episodes of Weeds contain several must-see moments. There are a few installments and elements that stood out. The characters have their bad side, yes, that is normally given for a show, but it makes for splendidly pleasurable television. Trust me. It will be hard for you waving goodbye to Weeds, especially to its characters once you set your TV on.

#3 Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is another interesting show similar to Californication. Join Jackie – a high functioning drug addict – as she attempts to reclaim the trust and love of her family, among other issues that are ensured to break your heart. But, no, it is not only about the drama. In this show, you'll see how versatile Edie Falco is as an actress. The supporting cast is excellent, too, which include Eve Best.

It is a kind of television series that you could never stop watching and has possibly have a long-term effect on the viewers. There are lessons in life you can learn from here, especially when it comes to coping with the pressure of our lives.

#4 House of Lies

House of Lies is an adaption of Martin Kihn's book. It is a dark comedy show documenting the story of a management consultant Marty Kaan and his team including Doug, Clyde, and Jeannie. They spend days going across the country to look for billable hours and corporate clients. Marty also fights for the custody of his cross-dressing son Roscoe to his former wife Monica while at the same time winning essential clients.

One unique thing about the show House of Lies is that it is not afraid to get a bit silly. Take, for example, the scene in which Kristen Bell is miming pitching a grenade within the company she is leaving. Plus, Roscoe is probably the adorable little gender-bending hero you'll ever meet. So, if you want an excuse to spend time alone in your home, watching House of Lies is the way to go!

#5 Mad Men

For those who love 1960s shows, Mad Men is your best bet. It is not just the drama sprinkled within that will make you come back for more, but also for all the characters, including Joan, Roger, Don, and Piggy, that made the entire show a joy to watch. Be enticed with the gorgeous Christina Hendricks!

Mad Men is a dark comedy-drama TV series focusing on one of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York. Every episode comes with its own imagery and theme. It tells the truth. It is not predictable. You can also take it as a history lesson. Additionally, no single dialogue ever goes to waste.

#6 Recovery Road

An American teen drama TV series, Recovery Road features a strong storytelling style and reliable performance in all characters. Unlike some shows, this one does an intelligent job of illustrating the teen's lives. Mainly played by Maddie Graham (described as a whip-smart student) is a mixed-race teen who entered a sober house to overcome her addiction to drugs. All while dealing with various struggles of romance and school.

Other than exposing the family dynamic of several multiracial families and showing the stigma of addiction and mental health for mixed-race women, the show also displays the humanity behind single-mother parenthood as well as opens up a new opportunity for interracial perceptibility.

#7 Entourage

Entourage is a comedy-drama TV show that is made and essentially written by Doug Ellin. It deals with the actual situations and themes of male friendship in modern day Hollywood. Aside from the plot, what makes Entourage one of the viewer's favorites are the array of popular guests. It features numerous athletes, actors, and other celebrities in cameo roles and guest star.

Vince is super hot as ever. The intelligent manager Eric and general gofer/driver Turtle has lost pounds and became wealthy using marketing tequila. Each character is just decently ambivalent and apparent. Entourage ran for almost eight years, one concrete proof it is everyone's favorite American television series. So, you should not miss joining your friends watching Entourage during break or weekend!

#8 No Tomorrow

She is an excessively organized Amazon-esque e-commerce company employee who eventually falls in love with an Aussie hipster who firmly believes that the end of the world is near to come. What could happen to their love story? A breezy fun, pleasurable television series that is guaranteed to blow your mind. No Tomorrow has its fair share of charming characters and an impressive plot that continuously entice plenty of viewers across the globe.

You'll appreciate the show's non-gloomy and radiantly colored approach to possibly creepy scenarios or tough emotions. It is full of humor, heart, and the comical quest of personal freedom. Additionally, it blends surrealism, classic doomsday forecast, and romance to produce a cheerful watch that is both easily anticipated and sweet. So, get your popcorn ready and binge watch this show!

#9 Sex and the City

With the main character, Carrie Bradshaw playing as New York's girl-next-door who is obsessed with fashion adores sex and seeks love, along with her friends Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Join the stories of these women as they pursue life, love, and of course, sex. No, it is not just about what you think it is. Don't judge the story by its title, as they say.

You will have deep, hearty laughs. I assure you. Sex in the City is a unique combination of sexuality, intelligence, the base of human humor, and sensitivity. Tell you what, it is one of the most entertaining woman-centered shows you'll ever have. Of course, we should not forget the show's cameos, from Vince Vaughn to Jon Bon Jovi to Bradley Cooper.

#10 Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce is another TV show documenting the story of a successful self-help author Abby McCarthy and her husband Jake, an unemployed director who struggles to find a new project. Their marriage then blows up. Abby pursues advice from her divorced friends Phoebe and Lyla to revive her life as a single woman.

Some divorces are pleasing; however, the foul and piercing scenes between Jake and Abby are among the emotionally candid moments in the entire first 2 episodes. Each of the girls went through various struggles and came back smarter and stronger. All of them ended up in proper places. Those who are in the same situation might relate with Girlfriends Guide to Divorce a bit. Get ready for a crazy and intense ride!

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Are you going to watch any of the shows on this list? Then please do let us know in the comments. If you know of any other great tv shows like Californication that we haven't mentioned, then mention them below and we will consider adding them to this list.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Harry Sheen


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    • urgurl_bri profile image

      Brandi Goodman 

      3 months ago from Holland, MI

      I've seen 6 of these. I'll have to add the others to my list.


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