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10 Songs You Must Listen To While You Work Out

Updated on August 11, 2012

1. Rob Dougan - Furious Angels - Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack

One of my absolute favorites songs. Gets me pumped up every single time. Such a nice build up, and then the beat kicks in. Gets you in such a groove. If you can't get pumped to this song, something is wrong with you.

The mastermind behind this great creation.
The mastermind behind this great creation. | Source

2. Mortal Kombat Annihilation Soundtrack - Fire

Another song that just pumps you up. I remember hearing this in Mortal Kombat Annihilation and just had to have it. Too bad the movie was pretty horrible, but it was worth sitting through for the music alone. This one stands out to me the most.

3. Transformers Dark of the Moon Soundtrack - Battle

You know you got pumped during the car chase scene in T3. You know you loved that song. It just fit with the scene perfectly. It's also great on its own too. A good way to get you moving and losing the pounds.

4. Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

Every time I hear this, I start walking like i'm a badass, and looking serious. Then as soon as the beat kicks in I start going crazy. It's not only one of the best workout songs ever, it's one of the best songs ever period. A straight up masterpiece from the Stones.

5. Requiem For A Dream - Full Theme Song

Never saw the movie, but the song is amazing. I have to see the movie one of these days. You hear it in so many movie previews, and it's just a timeless song. I don't think I can ever get tired of hearing this song. Whether it's working out, on the computer, on the road, whatever.

6. The Dark Knight Soundtrack - Watch The World Burn

Go ahead Gordon, lie like I lied. This was the song playing in the most powerful scene of The Dark Knight at the end. I get goosebumps when the crescendo hits towards the end. It's just a great song. I don't think it can be classified as a typical workout song, but it's a song you can just listen to anytime.

The brilliant work of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
The brilliant work of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard | Source

7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soundtrack - Through The Bamboo Forest

The perfect warm up song, and every time I hear it I remember this scene in the movie. It just gives you a calm feeling. Really great for doing yoga and tai chi.

8. Collateral Soundtrack - Ready Steady Go

The club scene is the scene of the movie, and this was the song playing. One of the better techno songs I've ever heard, and it always reminds me the look that Tom Cruise gave Jamie Foxx with that "I just saved you" stare.

9. Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Think of the standoff between Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman. A very powerful scene in the movie. This was the song playing and I'll never forget it. I just had to have it. The song turns out to be over 10 mins long and Santa Esmeralda isn't really bad at all. It's a great workout song and also a good feel-good song.

10. Ali Soundtrack - Salif Keita - Tomorrow

Ali Bumaye! Ali Bumaye! Such a beautiful song. I loved it when they played it during a powerful point in the movie when Ali realized that he had to not only win the fight for himself, but for others as well. It was also played later in the movie, but I won't say when because I might spoil it for others who haven't seen it. It's an uplifting song and good for warming up like the Crouching Tiger song.


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    • jcevans2009 profile image

      Judith C Evans 5 years ago from Boise, ID

      All of this music would be great workout music. For me, definitely Requiem of a Dream and Gimme Shelter!

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      That song pumps me up my dude

    • GiancarloLorenzo profile image

      Ray Williams 5 years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

      Agree, oiler. Two of the best instrumentals ever made.

      Thanks, framjack, gimme shelter just hits you as soon as it comes on.

      And mundane I just heard that chemical romance song. I really like that one.

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      My Chemical Romace- Helena ..Motor Head Ace of Spades

    • theframjak profile image

      theframjak 5 years ago from East Coast

      Nice list. Gimme Shelter is one of my favorites.

    • Oilersmyth profile image

      Oilersmyth 5 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      Furious Angels - Clubbed To Death and Requiem of a Dream are absolute must haves. I've been listening to those for a long