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10 Songs You've Missed on Youtube

Updated on January 8, 2017

What is it all about?

Let's admit it. Everybody uses Youtube, everybody watches YouTube.

Maybe when you are home along, at the office or at a party, you will listen to music at one time to another.

But often we find ourselves just listening to the same music on and again. It might be something we listened a few years ago, something we heard in a bar last weekend or something that is just trendy at the moment.

But let's try something new, something that can't catch the mainstream just because it comes from somewhere where it is harder to get attention. Let's try some music you have never heard off, but that might change your day :)

Elvis Jackson - I Believe

Elvis Jackson - I Believe

We gonna start it easy.

Let's be honest, we are not all the same, we will never be. Some of us like their jobs, some hate theirs. But nobody likes the felling of getting up early in the morning . Often we found ourselves spending time on places and people we don't really care about. But also in some kind of way we all can all feel love.

That's what this song is all about.

With his upbeat sound, joyful lyrics and completely honest message, this song truly brings a smile on your face.

Coming from Slovenia, the band Elvis Jackson combines reggae, ska and classic rock in a whole new way. From 1997 this band continues to bring love and joy to their fans
and with this song they truly got the point.

Just believing in love might be the only answer for a better day :)

Them Moose Rush - Mercy Red

Them Moose Rush

Wild. Different. Unique.

You have never seen anything similar to Them Moose Rush. This trio makes energetic rock music combined with a slice of craziness all packed in three minutes songs.

And the videos are just amazing, creative and prove what can you make today with a small budget and huge love for the art you are making.

Jonathan - Maggie


Happy - Sad. A contrast between optimism and pessimism. This bend brings chaos to your front door wrapped as a birthday gift. But just make sure to open (listen) it carefully. Whit their dark lyrics combined with melodic guitar riffs, Jonathan delivers a song that is perfect for dull city walks where we often find ourselves between modern - day zombies.

Two Gallants - We Are Undone

Two Gallants - We Are Undone

You simply cannot make any classifications regarding this piece. Two Gallants make a rock piece acting as a tribute to the middle 1970's rock era combined with modern elements.

Listening to this song, u can just fell the free falling the melody is taking you. Deep and dark but still.. somewhat cozy and nice.

Two Gallants

Lovely Quinces - Wrong House

Lovely Quinces

This song is best enjoyable while driving in the warm summer night. On a lonely road, next by the sea. While the Sun is setting down..

The Road. The Sea. Lovely Quinces.

Lovely Quinces

Spiritual Beggars - Turn The Tide

Spiritual Beggars - Turn The Tide

I almost felt like I was back in the golden era of pure rock'n'roll. Strong and powerful, bringing back the memories of a lost childhood.

In these years of mainstream music, so called artists and wannabe superstars, this band brings the core essential of rock'n'roll through the back door.

Spiritual Beggars

The Answer - Solas

The Answer - Solas

Mysterious. Creepy. Dark.

One of those songs you don't actually know what you've just heard. Raising some eyebrows and providing more questions than answers, this song is a true mystery.

The Answer might be one of those bends you want to keep an eye on

The Answer

Mars Red Sky - The Light Beyond

Mars Red Sky - The Light Beyond

A masterpiece.

The Light Beyond is without doubt at least 20 years ahead of its time. The intro, the lyrics, the voice. Everything combined leads to an 8 minute piece of art.

Also, the music video is something special to watch.

Mars Red Sky

Balkan Beat Box - Dancing With The Moon

Balkan Beat Box

A piece of art that truly resembles love and passion. Tango and wine. Softness and desire.

Balkan Beat Box take it off their usual style to make this memorable, yet not fully acclaimed song.

Balkan Beat Box

Chingón - Bajo Sexto


Chingón - Bajo Sexto

Western spaghetti music with a touch of Tito Y Tarantula. Bajo Sexto could be the ever missing soundtrack missing in Quentin Tarantino's movies.

One for the lonely driving hours somewhere on the border with Mexico.

Oh, and Robert Rodriguez plays the guitar.


We hope U liked this small list we made for you and stay tuned for more lists, songs, movies...

and remember

Feel Free - Come With Me ;)


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