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10 Things I've Gotta Do Before I Die

Updated on March 1, 2011
Take a train across Europe
Take a train across Europe

Don't Let Life Kill Your Dreams

You have some dreams, right? Come on, you can't let life get you down. Like you, I live a pretty humdrum, day-to-day life. Have a hard time keeping up with the bills. But since I still hang onto my dreams, I thought I might share them here. Share yours below!

After writing a home repair how-to, Chris Fahy went on to author a lot of books like this one.
After writing a home repair how-to, Chris Fahy went on to author a lot of books like this one.

Dream 1: Publish a novel

When I was a kid, I had this awesome nonfiction book by Christopher Fahy. Called Home Remedies, it was a home repair how-to. From fixing roofs to laying floors, to putting in electricity and plumbing - anything you needed. But unlike the dull, professional books at Home Depot, it kept you in stitches the whole way. Fahy wrote with humor about all the stuff that goes wrong, all the mistakes he made, and all the shady contractors that ripped him off. It was fun, it was useful, and it wasn't what he wanted to write. In the bio of the book, it says, "Like everyone else, Christopher Fahy is working on a novel." I used to wonder, "Did Chris Fahy ever write his novel?" Looks like he did. A quick Google search shows me he went on to write tons of erotica that were popular in the 80's. Yikes. Not quite what I expected. But that line has stuck with me ever since. "Like everyone else, I'm working on a novel." I actually have been published in lots of magazines, and I've self-published a couple kids' novels. But someday, I want to see my book at Barnes & Nobel or Borders. A real novel.

Dream 2: Go to space

 This dream really is not as far out there as it might have sounded a few years ago.  For just $200,000 or so, new space tourism companies like Virgin Atlantic or Space-X will gladly take me aloft.  And with plans on the way for space hotels, it's just a matter of time till people can really get away from it all.  Wait . . . what was that price again?  Okay, so I'd better dream of being a millionaire first.  Speaking of which . . .

When I was a kid, my friends used their LEGOs to build Darth Vader's Death Star or cities for Godzilla to smash.  I built more entrepreneurial things like mini business empires.
When I was a kid, my friends used their LEGOs to build Darth Vader's Death Star or cities for Godzilla to smash. I built more entrepreneurial things like mini business empires.

Dream 3: Run my own business

I have a decent job, but it pays jack and I'm on call 24/7. I have this sweet idea for a business that I'm sure would make good money. Wouldn't it be nice to be my own boss? I have lots of super-rich friends, and none of them work a 9 to 5 desk job like me. I know running a business takes tons of time and commitment, but I think it's worth it.

The Eurostar goes from England to Europe.
The Eurostar goes from England to Europe. | Source

Dream 4: Travel across Europe

My wife speaks fluent French, and I'm good with either Spanish or English. So language wouldn't be much of a barrier. Wouldn't it be fun to hop a train in England, cross the Chunnel, and lose ourselves somewhere in, like, Poland? GOTO LINE 1: Oh, at least it might be something to put into my novel.

I'm partial to the Think because it's built in the USA and parking is hard to find in my town.
I'm partial to the Think because it's built in the USA and parking is hard to find in my town. | Source

Dream 5: Own an electric car

Actually, with time this one will probably become normal. But still, every time I see the price of gas jump another ten cents per gallon, I want to scream! Where's that affordable electric car? I want to put solar panels on my roof (I live with 250-plus days of sun per year), and never have to pay anyone for my fuel again.  Good thing Nissan, Ford, Coda, and others are working on it.  GM doesn't count till the Volt loses the gas.  Tesla and Rolls-Royce will always be out of my league, unless that business really takes off . . .

Something awesome and world-changing!
Something awesome and world-changing! | Source

Dream 6: Get a patent

Preferably for something world-changing and awesome, but honestly, I want a patent.  I want it to be something cool, something cheap to make and replicate, and hopefully, something like the light bulb that will always be with us in one form or another.  That's awesomeness!  Of course, the right patent just might buy me that Tesla . . .

Get an awesome degree!
Get an awesome degree!

Dream 7: Get a cool degree

 I have a degree, but I'd like to get something awesome like a degree in law or medicine.  I'd also like to do it without borrowing money, which again goes back to the business . . .

Dream 8: Act in a movie

It doesn't have to be a major motion picture, though that would be nice.  I'd like to get involved in a good, clean, family-friendly movie that I could share with my kids (if applicable).  Something funny, maybe something I or my wife had a hand in writing.

Dream 9: Build Someone a House

In spite of what the rest of this Hub may lend you to you believe, I don't think life is all about me. God placed us on this earth to make a difference in the lives of people around us. That's why I volunteer my time for lots of good stuff, whether it's helping a friend install her water heater or working with homeless ministries. Someday, I hope to help Habitat for Humanity build a house. Check out that video - it might be old, but heck it's inspirational. They beat the world record for the fastest house building ever!

Dream 10: Win a Political Campaign

This is perhaps one of my oldest and fondest dreams. I'm busy working on my house, repairing some apartments, and getting ready to go to college right now. Plus, building my marriage and family. But someday, I want to give back to my community by holding elective office. The awesomest job in the world? Senator. I would love to be more proof that decent, hardworking, normal people can still be a part of our governance.


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    • doitrightnow profile image

      doitrightnow 7 years ago from San Juan, PR

      Wow - just wow. I NEVER in my life would have imagined hearing from you, Mr. Fahy. Your book had a gigantic influence on my writing style, along with some of my other favorite authors. Sorry I misclassified your novels. You really made my week - make that my month. It was an honor to hear from you. Thanks for getting in touch.

    • profile image

      Christopher Fahy 7 years ago

      Glad you liked my home repair book. But my novels are not erotica. FEVER 42 has many erotic moments, but is basically a book about censorship. Actually, I had published a novel before writing HOME REMEDIES and was working on several others while finishing the home repair book. Alibris does not list CHASING THE SUN, a novel about a cranky Maine poet, nor does it list RED TAPE, which is something completely different. ETERNAL BLISS is about a movie star who is kidnapped by a lunatic who claims to be her best fan. MATINEE AT THE FLAME is a collection of fantasy and SF stories. Etc. No erotica.

    • Eric Prado profile image

      Eric Prado 7 years ago from Webster, Texas

      I love this hub! I have a list of my own and having survived Cancer and lost my first love on September 11th, I have made it a point to do most of them already. =) I hope you get to do all the things on your list =)