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10 Things That I Admire About Megyn Kelly

Updated on March 27, 2016
Megyn at 2015  Time 100  Gala Arrivals   April 21, 2015.
Megyn at 2015 Time 100 Gala Arrivals April 21, 2015. | Source
Megan Price.
Megan Price. | Source
Megan Fox  glams it up  for Teenage Mutant  Ninja Turtles debut  in Beijing.
Megan Fox glams it up for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debut in Beijing. | Source

One Megyn and two Megan's

Megyn Marie Kelly, formerly Megyn Kendall, is not only a talented journalist, but a former attorney. It takes a high I.Q. for these accomplishments. Kelly is also a news pundit, and political commentator on the Fox News Channel. Kelly hosts The Kelly File weekday evenings from the network's New York City headquarters. She is the former host of America Live. Prior to that, Kelly co-hosted America's Newsroom along with Bill Hemmer. She was included in the 2014 Time list of the 100 most influential people.

Somehow, and this is not boasting, I never get Megyn Kelly, Megan Price and Megan Fox mixed-up with each other. I guess it's how Megyn Kelly spells her name. The other two, Megan Price is an actress who co-starred with Patrick Warburton on "Rules of Engagement," CBS, and with Larry, The Cable Guy in "Larry, The Cable Guy: Health Inspector," while Megan Fox has starred in "Transformers," "Jennifer's Body," and "Jonah Hex."

Megyn Kelly at work.
Megyn Kelly at work. | Source

My life is not of fame and fortune

All three lovely females are so talented in their own right. Question: Don't you just love it when I write sweet and positive text? Great. Maybe sometime you and I can have coffee.

Today I want to share some things with you that until now, I have kept a secret. I mean, my life is not that glamorous with building birdhouses and writing for HubPages as my two main avenues of fame, but there are a few things that I like to keep to myself.

I do not want you to reel in shock when you finish this piece, but as a favor to me, call your best buddy or girlfriend and discuss the things you read in this hub I call . . .

10 Things That I Admire About Megyn Kelly

10.) Her Teeth are never yellow or off-color from puffing cigarettes, pipes, or chewing tobacco. I respect any woman who does not partake of tobacco products.

9.) Her sharp wit is not to be taken lightly. Just ask Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

8.) Her attention span is impeccable. You cannot moderate such an important, fast-paced event as a Presidential debate and have a slow mental reflex. Kelly was always "on" when she kept Trump and the rest of the field at bay with her "no nonsense" image that she projected.

7.) Kelly's make-up whether it is going out on the town, or behind her news desk, is always near-perfect. You can look as hard and long as you want and you will never find a flaw in her mascara, eyeliner, or foundation. If she has a make-up artist, they need to open a salon of their own.

6.) Her fashion sense I am sure is the envy of her female co-workers and female viewers because they can only dream of looking as "in style" as Kelly.

5.) I truly believe that by listening to her broadcast the current news events, she takes no crap from men. I also think that Megyn Kelly needs to head-up a special Presidential Cabinet position with whomever is elected President in November as "Cabinet Minister for Women's Affairs, Rights, and Problems."

4.) If Megyn Kelly were ever cast in a big budget Hollywood film, she would be "gang busters" in the lead role maybe cast as the new "Laura Croft, Tomb Raider." Do you agree?

3.) I sense that her hypnotic smile means that she is kind to all animals and I love that in any woman or man.

2.) Megyn Kelly is far better looking than Kevin Bacon.

1.) Megan Kelly is top management material if I have ever seen it. I say that one day we will see her as head of the Fox News Network. Mark my words.

Please make sure that your comments on this hub are all without profanities, slurs, and degradation.

Megyn Kelly always ready to pose for the press.
Megyn Kelly always ready to pose for the press. | Source


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