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10 Things You Wished You Never Realized As You Got Older

Updated on November 30, 2014

1. Nothing is more devastating then that moment you realize that the characters you waited an hour to meet are just strangers in big costumes.

2. That Santa Clause isn't real, or in other words, there was no naughty list that you tried oh so hard to avoid as a kid.

3. The realization that Legos can't build everything.

4. That Candy Sticks were the first advertisement for cigarettes and nothing more.

5. That anyone could be the Little Mermaid on Halloween, you weren't the only one with the privilege.

6. The realization that cookies and brownies can make you fat and that you probably shouldn't eat them every night.

7. That Sully would never be in your closet.

8. That cell phones weren't just made for games.

9. That Romeo and Juliet BOTH died, one is heartbreaking enough, Shakespeare took it too far by killing both.

10. And finally, when you hit the age and came to the understanding that the long three hour movie about a boat sinking and people dying was based off a real life event, your world is completely changed.


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