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12 Things a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Will NEVER Say

Updated on March 25, 2015

Ronda Rousey

The only thing I ask is enjoy . . .

Sure, the swimsuit models who pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue do have their share of problems. They are human after all. Very pretty humans. I respect these girls for their patience and endurance. My knowledge of them is limited, but there is one thing I do know. There are . . .

12 Things You Will Never Hear a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Say

  • "Oh, pooh! I need to head over to Jenny Craig."
  • "Only $4.5 million for this year? I need to work part-time waiting tables."
  • "Hey, 'Susie,' I walked into the dry cleaners yesterday and not one man looked at me."
  • "Sure, they are surgically-enhanced."

Hakeem Nicks


And these things

  • "Sure wish I had a date for this weekend."
  • "If I were average-looking, I would be happier."
  • "This working in Malibu and Hawaii is so boring."
  • "I wish Keanu Reeves and his buddies would stop staring at me."

Hannah Davis


And lastly

  • "I ate two Big Mac's, two order of fries, and three dough-nuts for dinner last night."
  • "I was up today at 11 a.m.--I just love being an early riser."
  • "Yes, I know what manual labor is. I used to work pouring cement for people."
  • "I am on the front cover of Sports Illustrated. Again. I just hate that."

Attention guys: Just so I can sleep tonight, would you please read this piece over and over again? Say 12 or more times slowly? Just to make sure that I have put these models' photos in the right place and make sure that they look okay. I cannot stand publishing a hub that I have laid out that looks sub-par. Thanks, Kenneth


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