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10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Updated on August 27, 2014

A lot of people love spending time in the rain. However, there are times when you don’t have much to do on a rainy day. You might be bored, and keep looking for some forms of entertainment to pass the time. If you’re confused, you don’t need to look any further. In this post, we have discussed 10 things you can do on a rainy day.

1. Cooking

It’s likely that you have an old cookbook lying around in the house. However, if you’re unable to find it, you can even search the Internet and look for a new recipe.

A rainy day is perfect to be creative, and cook something your family members like. Even when you don’t know how to cook, you can follow the instructions in the cookbook and prepare something delicious.

4. Interactions with Friends

On a rainy day, interactions with friends always seem perfect. You can grab a couple of beers, and spend your day sharing stories. If you’re spending time with family members, you can plan something in the living room with snacks and wine. Stories and long-term memories will keep everyone enticed.

It’s even possible to turn these stories into a game. You can notice who got the most laughs, and whose story was the most entertaining. The winner may even be awarded some prize. If you’re interested, you can also share life lessons and make them educational for your family members and friends.

3. Movie Marathon

If you think it’s too wet to go outside, and you don’t have anything productive, try a movie marathon. You can stay in your home and watch movies all day. If you’re unable to decide a particular movie to watch, ask everyone to choose some favorites.

You can even watch something new or try a different genre. A movie marathon can help you get through the rainy day with ease.

5. Clean Your House

For most people, cleaning is not on top of the checklist. However, a rainy day is the perfect chance to declutter and clean your house. When you don’t have anything productive to do, cleaning your house may be the best choice. You should focus on organizing your closets, desks, rooms and other areas in your home.

2. Board Games

At first, board games may not sound thrilling to some people. However, the level of fun will depend on what you play. Games like backgammon or chess may be interesting to some people.

However, when you want to get all the family members involved, you should try something with more players. Monopoly or Candyland can be good choices.

6. Write a Letter

There are many things you can’t say on text messages and emails. A rainy day can be a good day to write a traditional’ letter to your friends or family members. It can be a concern or appreciation. A letter will let your loved ones know that you care.

7. Read a Book

If you have an old book lying around somewhere in the house, you can take it out, and read it on a rainy day. It does not have to be your favorite.

Reading can not only be entertaining but also highly educational and will widen your intellectual horizon and give you a better understanding of the world around you.

You can read anything you want from any genre. Soothing sounds of falling raindrops will keep you interested until you finish the book.

8. Chat on the Phone

When was the last time that you ignored Facebook messages or other social messaging services, and just had a long chat on the phone. On a rainy day, call your friends and have a long chat, while watching raindrops falling on the ground.

9. Go Camping

When it’s raining, you can still choose indoor camping. It can be a lot of fun for the whole family. It also lets you explore the inner child in you, if you happen to be an adult reading this.

You can either post the tent inside or take the old fashioned route and grab some blankets to build a fort. It can keep you busy for many hours.

10. Listen to Music

This may be another excellent choice for a rainy day. Just put in your earphones, and listen to your favorite music. On a rainy day, a romantic song can be a great choice to remember past memories or think about your future.

A rainy day does not have to be boring and dull. With the activities mentioned above, you can keep yourself engaged with many new things, and enjoy your time on a rainy day. Keep everyone involved and have fun.

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What do you do on a rainy day?

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    • Arias100 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Hi LailaK,

      Glad you found this article useful. There is more to come.

    • LailaK profile image


      4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Last week was filled with too much rain here in Atlanta, GA. I was honestly bored to death :( Now I got a couple of options thanks to you! I never have done indoor camping. That's what I'm doing next time we get bombarded by rain storms. Voted up!


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