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10 Timeless Prank Ideas

Updated on August 27, 2014

To make live more enjoyable, it is always necessary to try and introduce some funny moments. There are different ideas that you can try out depending on the environment in which you are in.

Prank ideas can be tried in different occasions such as in an office environment, in a wedding ceremony or even during Halloween ceremonies. For the ideas to be more effective you need to look for those that you will easily implement.

The following are 10 timeless prank ideas that you can try in different occasions:

1. Plan an objection in a wedding ceremony

In a wedding ceremony there is a time when questions will be asked to the public whether there are any objections to the wedding. It is a tense moment which you can utilize to achieve great fun that your lover will remember the rest of his or her live.

2. Trick colleagues in an office with a coin

In this case you can just take a coin and stick it in an area where many people pass in the office. Ensure you stick the coin with enough glue so that whoever will try to pick it will fail for the trend to continue. You will see many people trying to pick it which will make your day in the office after they discover that it was intentional.

3. Create a new folder in your colleague’s computer

Just on his desktop, create a new folder and label it embarrassing names such as my favorite nude pictures. It will be really funny after he discovers it.

4. Use a wireless mouse to disturb your college in office

This is very simple. Just plug a USB mouse into your colleague’s computer and give it a wiggle every now and then. You will see him troubled every now and then which will make other colleagues who are aware of the trick really enjoy it.

5. Make the handset heavy

Look for a tape that is sticky on both sides and stick your colleague’s handset to the chair. Give him a call and notice how he will try to pick the phone but it is too heavy to be lifted.

6. Make the pen sticky

This is very simple. Intrude your colleague’s desk and glue his or her pen to the desk. After a client enter, the office you will notice how she will struggle to pick the open.

7. Plan for a wrong number

Plan with your friends to give someone calls with strange numbers while asking for someone by a given name. At the evening let one of you call to enquire whether there are people who have been looking for him by the name

8. Make noise

Just hide a doorbell in one of your colleague’s desk. Keep ringing it in different intervals. He will struggle looking for it every now and then which is very funny.

9. Prepare a fake cake in your wedding

To make people enjoy great fun, just make a cake made out of cardboards and overturn it during your wedding accidentally. People will think it is the real cake that has been overturned.

10. Let the best man and maid smash the cake against each other

It is normal for the pride and bridegroom to smash the cake against each other. By making the best man and maid do it, it will be a great fun.

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What are your favorite pranks? Write it in the comment section below.

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