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10 Types Of Mumbai College Students

Updated on July 5, 2017

Colleges in Mumbai are a spurting subculture full of youngsters trying to define their individuality in a unique sense. If you've studied in the city then you; much like me, have bore witness to and/or have been part of it's whole crazy spectrum of college students from the rich town kids to the drama queens. Whether you're from Mithibai, Xavier's, Jai Hind or R.D. Nationals, every one of them has similar stereotypes of kids.

1. The gasconade parade a.k.a Mujhe sab malum hai

There's always that one kid who considers him/herself to be The talk of the town. They walk around like they were born into this world with a Masters in BA. Mr.KnowItAll. They have an air of magisterial demeanour which is asking for some antagonising by other kids. I mean the fortitude just asks to be messed with. They believe to have certain flirtatious skills but really, it can be sad to watch them throw punch lines and fail

The Clown

My favourite kind and always good to have one around is the clown. These students will turn everything and everyone into a joke. It can come off as offensive to some people but they always seem to lighten the mood. Cracking a joke in the most unimaginable and inappropriate circumstances. When classes get boring and days are drab, one can count on some clown entertainment

3. The pothead a.k.a Maal hai kya? a.k.a. Bana na!

This one's either zoned out if in college or well not attending at all. Potheads have to weigh out their priorities in life and make an important decision of either going to college or baking those pot brownies and soaring high as satellites. It is usually followed by immense munchies. The struggle is real.


4. Emo/Goth Kids

We all know about the emo kids, finding pleasure in sadness. They wish to be dead and question the meaning of life while displaying constant depression. What's worse is that horrible hairdo and grotesque make up that other kids have to look at every day. Is it not enough to look at adolescents just hitting puberty? By which I mean they're not the prettiest of all, obviously.
Goth kids horrify us with their hairdo and make up each day much like emo lads and it can get pretty scary. Making Marilyn Manson run for his money since the beginning of their mental illness


5. The Junkies a.k.a Sab moh maya hai

Acid heads, piercing junks, wannabe turned philosophical hippie and basically every dope head child looking up to Shiva without any information on Shiva. Need I say more?


6. Pretentious hipsters/Social workers a.k.a Baaki log sab melodramatically middle class hai

Anything that isn't pedestrian sails the hipster boat. The music they listen to can be nothing more than a loopy, nonsensical, background score but it's cool as long as it's not mainstream. Social workers are increasing every day and for them even the ticks living on my neighbour's dog matter. Because animal lives matter


7. Fashionably unsound a.k.a clown 2

From the tacky bunch to the gaudy gagas, they're the ones who sadly live in the world of bad design and fashion sense but desperately want to stand out. If you know any such kind, please call us on 222 222 5555 and we will give them an upgrade.

Yours Sincerely,



8.Pretty little liars a.k.a superficially deep

The popular ones. Their constant updates on Instagram and Snapchat provoke lesser fortunate kids to stalk them. They also cause some serious FOMO for the rest of us. Although these teens boast of being down to earth, completely understanding of every body type with zero judgment, their actions speak otherwise. No brownie points for guessing most were from fashion colleges in Mumbai


9. Forever Broke a.k.a mere liye itna nahi karega?

Although you find them at every party, ever thrown by every kid in college, if asked to chip in for something as small as pizza, these kids vanish faster than free food at a wedding.


10. The Nerd

Topping classes and failing social settings, the nerd is the one who usually gets out of college completely forgotten until you meet him someday and realise what a mistake it was to turn him down because he owns a company now.

That's the gist of most kids. Which one of these do you have in your circle?


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  • Andrew Patrick profile image

    Andrew Patrick 6 months ago

    This is so true!!!