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Top 10 Unforgettable Anime OST Part 1

Updated on July 1, 2016

1. Attack on Titan OP 1 - Guren no Yumiya

The manga and Anime had made waves when it first appeared on the screen, and its first opening theme blew away its viewers. Japanese rock has always been heart-pounding, but Guren no Yumiya gets the hype and adrenaline up even before the show begins.

Attack on Titan is all about destroying, surviving, and figuring out the Titans who kill and eat humans (despite them not having to eat anything to survive). The show is knee-deep in mystery, gore, and action, where Titans are at the top of the food chain. Guren no Yumiya furthers the main character's desire to rid the world of Titans by "being the hunter and not the prey"!

2. Naruto OP 4 - Fighting Dreamers

Naruto is one of the biggest Anime shows in history. Following in the success of shounen action Anime shows like Dragonball and Ghostfighter, Naruto introduces the viewer to a world of ninjas who fight for their villages. Magical and legendary creatures of power aid several characters in destroying bad guys and saving the world.

The poppin' music and rap in Fighting Dreamers makes the show more exciting and fun. FLOW has done an amazing job in this OST. Right here, right now! Burn!

3. Shaman King OP 1 - Oversoul

Shaman King, another tournament-type Anime had grabbed the attention of boys and girls, young and old with its quirky and intriguing set of characters. Yoh Asakura (or Asakura Yoh in Japanese) is a shaman who fights with his spirit companion, the samurai Amidamaru. One of the best Anime shows during my high school days (along with Naruto and Samurai X), Shaman King's "Oversoul" is fun and pop. It's the kind of OST that gets you hyped up for the show.

4. Samurai X Closing 6 - Junjou no Kanjou

Although the title is slightly bit weird (1/3 True Feelings), Samurai X will continue to be one of the most amazing and exciting Anime shows to grace the screen. Kenshin Himura (Himura Kenshin in Japan) or Rurouni Kenshin is a wondering samurai who used to be the feared Slayer or Battousai, until a few years and a tragedy made him turn away from his former life.

This closing theme is smooth and feel-good, and its message can be quite cute (just don't think too much on it, though). Also, Siam Shade is a very popular band with amazing tracks.

5. Gensomaden Saiyuki

I have a soft spot for Journey to the West stories, especially Saiyuki, which has all four bishounen travelers. Saiyuki has a lot of good soundtracks, so I'm listing all the good ones under one number.

OP 2 - Still Time

Still Time is a good song, fast-paced and fit for a shounen Anime. It's used during the Homura-arc.

Background Theme - Open Up Your Mind (instrumental - piano)

While neither an opening or closing theme, this song by Mirai is one of the most heartfelt and touching Anime songs in history. The message is beautiful, and the song is just amazing overall.

Closing 2 - Alone (piano)

This is such a heartbreaking song that's it's similarly beautiful. It can make you feel melancholic and nostalgic, and it can be painful, too. Its sentimentality is one of the best things about it.

I also suggest getting the piano versions of because they are incredible (as well as the piano version of For Real).

6. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Like Saiyuki, KHR has tons of amazing soundtracks that it's too difficult to choose from them.

OP 3 - Dive to World

When translated into English, the song doesn't make much sense, but it's pretty hip and a lot of the KHR viewers love it! Go, Vongola!

OP 8 - Listen to the Stereo

Used during the TYL or Ten Years Later arc, this song is pretty fun and a bit melancholic.

Closing 15 - Famiglia

This song by D-51 is such a heart-warming song that brings you back to the core message of KHR - family. The Vongola is essentially a family and everyone takes care of everyone. Tsuna might be a coward, but he will always protect his family. This is one the best songs in Anime history! As such, KHR will live forever in the hearts of the fans it left behind.

7. Yowamushi Pedal OP 2 - Yowamushi no Honoo

Yowamushi Pedal is such an endearing Anime. Onoda Sakimichi (in Japanese) regularly rides a "mommy" bike uphill going to school. Why? It's because he's an otaku (legit fanboy) who loves to sing the OST of his fave Anime "Love Hime" (Love Princess).

It was during one of his singing mornings that sports biker Imaizumi spots him and is amazed to find a small, bespectacled kid climbing up a steep hill in a heavy mommy bike - smiling and singing. Thus begins Onoda's initiation into the world of sports biking.

Yowamushi no Honoo (Feeble Flame) is a rockin' song that is as exciting and powerful as its show. And yes, it is performed by a group called Dirty Old Men. Wipe that grin off your face.

8. Diamond no Ace OP 3 - Hashire! Mirai!

Diamond no Ace is a big hit, especially since baseball is a very popular sport in Japan. The manga became famous. Not too long after that, an Anime show was produced, and the fame only increased tenfold.

What I love about "Hashire! Mirai!" (Dash! To the Future!) was how it was used in the last episode of the first season (episode 75). It was during this time that they suffered a painful defeat and the main character had the yips that their senpai (upperclassmen) helped them get their feet back on the ground. The message of this song simply means "I will never give up on my dreams even if no one else will believe in me."

9. Haiykuu! OP 1 - Imagination

Haiykuu! had gotten a lot of positive feedback and much love from the fans. Although there are a lot of sports Anime shows running rampant, Haiykuu focuses on volleyball, a sport that doesn't get much coverage in Japan.

But the show makes volleyball look as cool as football (Eyeshield 21) or basketball (Slam Dunk and Kuroko no Basuke). Its premise is also interesting, as the main character Hinata Shoyou's team in middle school gets trampled upon by the team of Kageyama Tobio (who he vows to defeat one day). Upon entering Karasuno High, though, Hinata finds out that he and Kageyama are going to be teammates!

"Imagination" fits the show perfectly! It's a song about turning your imagination into reality, even though it seems as if there's always a hindrance to your dreams. When it comes to playing with your friends in a ruthless tournament, it does pay to believe that you can turn your "wish" to "will".

It's got a catchy vibe and will definitely empower you!

10. Magic Knight Rayearth OP 1 - Yuzurenai Negai

It can't be helped - this old Anime is definitely unforgettable. Its opening theme is known to many. It sounds pretty mellow at first, but then you hear an amazing lead - OH YEAH!

Magic Knight Rayearth is about three color-coded girls who fight together in huge magical mechas (robots ala Gundam) after being transported into another world.


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