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10 Unknown Things I Admire About George F. Will

Updated on April 18, 2015
"The man,": George F. Will
"The man,": George F. Will

George Will, briefly

In the simplest form of truth, George Frederick Will, came quietly into our chaotic world on May 4, 1941. Went to the educational establishments that would serve his future career(s): American newspaper columnist, successful journalist as well as a successful author.

Will is a Pulitzer Prize winner always known as a conservative commentator on the comical and sometimes-hazy arena of politics. The Wall Street Journal dubbed him, "possibly the most-powerful journalist in America," synonymous with Walter Lippman (1889 - 1974).

Stating his always-educated opinion.
Stating his always-educated opinion.

Will on fire

In between best-selling books and syndicated newspaper columns, married a woman, Madeleine and she and George had three children--Victoria, Geoffrey and Jonathan, who was born with Down syndrome. Will wrote about this affliction in his column frequently. In 1989, Will and Madeleie divorced after 22 years of marriage.

In 1991, George married Mari Maseng. They brought one child into the world, David, born in 1992 and they live in the Washington, D.C. area where Maseng is a political consultant and speechwriter who headed-up communications for the Rick Perry presidential run in 2012.

Listening to his guest's views.
Listening to his guest's views.
Will even has a sharp camera appearance.
Will even has a sharp camera appearance.
Notice how neat and sharp he wears his suits.
Notice how neat and sharp he wears his suits.
George is still a sharp reporter when he seeking information for a book or his column.
George is still a sharp reporter when he seeking information for a book or his column.
When Will gets this look on his face, you are going to see an opponent get embarrassed.
When Will gets this look on his face, you are going to see an opponent get embarrassed.
One had best listen to George instead of talkig to him.
One had best listen to George instead of talkig to him.

Get ready to be shocked

I can sense that I will not have to write a book-length hub to express just how deep my admiration of George Will really runs. Is this comedy online? Nope. Not even close. Maybe just a off-the-main-road venture that I needed to take to recapture how it feels to be alive and living the hman life.

So it is with great joy, I give you . . .

10 Unknown Things I Admire About George F. Will

(1.) George's wardrobe on ABC's "This Week," is one-hundred percent conservative. Gray suits, slacks, socks and off-color shirts. He feels that a loud wardrobe is hypocritical to his conservative lifestyle and views.

(2.) Reliable sources say that if the conditions are right, George Will does a mean impression of Walter Brennan.

(3.) Will's monotone voice you hear on "This Week," is not theatrics, but how he speaks in real life.

(4.) George feels that getting over eight hours of sleep is a sign of weakness and mental-immaturity.

(5.) When Will writes his column, he does not have to edit. At all. He is a master at correct grammar and its useage.

(6.) If you would like to really offend George Will, all you have to do is tell him a joke. And not necessarily a nasty joke.

(7.) Off-camera, George mildly-enjoys a good magic show.

(8.) Very seldom, actually never, will you find George Will visiting any zoo due to his animal rights stance.

(9.) As for music, you would assume by his conservative image, Will preferred to listen to a good symphony orchestra, but quite the contrary. Will does, on rare occasion, listen to a well-performed Country Music piece.

(10.) As a teen, Will would voice his opinions against men wearing sports shorts so much that he almost got involved in a few scuffles with those who like their shorts.

I wish more men were like George Will.

Are you an admiring fan of George Will as I am? Then you will love reading his work on these links:


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