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Top 10 Unmissable Peppa Pig TV Episodes

Updated on May 5, 2013

Peppa Pig on show

What's it all about?

Peppa Pig is a bit of an institution and is loved by a huge range of people from babies to older kids and adults. It is created by Matt Baker and Neville Astley and there are well over 200 episodes. It is a show around 5.5 minutes per episode (except the odd special long episode of around 11 minutes) which focuses on one main point and are often stories in which something is learned. There are lots of stories of different types featuring quite normal things like going the library, finding a spider and meeting a potato. Peppa Pig as a character has been quietly maligned as teaching children to be a bit cheeky and talk back. However, as a family they are quite real, with honest faults but strength and charm and they are still learning. They are like a really family but with love at their core. These are my top 10 unmissable videos.

Sun, Sea and Snow

Peppa’s family are all ready for a trip to the beach, but when they wake up in the morning and it’s snowing, surely it will be called off? Well, Miss Rabbit’s the driver in one of her may jobs, so and there will still be sun and sea, just with snow- and ice creams too!

Mister Skinnylegs

When playing with the dolls house, Peppa and George find a spider. Peppa is a bit unsure at first, but not as worried as Daddy and Mummy Pig. After all, Mister Skinnylegs is rather large, albeit quite friendly!

The Library

Peppa finds a book on concrete in the bookcase. It’s Daddy’s borrowed from the library, so a trip is planned to return it, but it turns out Daddy has had it for rather a long time and the computer says no!


A funfair comes to town; Daddy and George are having fun on the helter skelter (well George at least!), but Mummy isn’t very pleased when it’s suggested she can’t win any prizes, and she is determined to prove them wrong.

The Time Capsule

Peppa and friends make a time capsule and imagine what it’ll be like in the future, living in space and driving rockets. However, when they dig up the daddy and mummys old time capsule they find their thoughts as children were pretty similar too.

Grandpa's Little Train

Grandpa has a surprise; he has built a little train on wheels. Off they go, and take on lots of friends singing a lovely song along the way. When Miss Rabbit’s bus gets stuck in the mud will this ‘toy train’ be able to help? Or will it be Grandad Dog's truck to the rescue.

Mr Potato Head Comes to Town

When the wonderful Mr Potato comes to town, Peppa and her friends are excited to meet him. However, they don't give him the warmest reception and question whether he is a real potato at all. Meanwhile daddy pig gets a wake-up-call.

Peppa's Christmas

Peppa and George post their letters to Father Christmas with all their friends. When they meet Father Christmas on Christmas Eve, it turns out he has lost the list of what everyone wants. Can Peppa really remember what everyone wanted and make their Christmas wishes come true?

Granny and Grandpa's Attic

When Granny and Grandpa want to have a clear out, they ask Peppa and George to help. It turns out they are pretty attached to everything but when Peppa finds one of mummy’s old records they aren’t so keen. Features the wonderful Birdy Birdy Woof Woof song.

Pen Pal

When Delphine Donkey becomes Peppa’s pen pal she is set to learn some French language skills. Daddy shows that he doesn’t know an awful lot about it, but Mummy seems pretty fluent and Peppa finds people from France aren’t that different from her after all.

Not just one for the kiddies

Give Peppa Pig a try. With a lot of wry humour Peppa Pig may be a very cheeky little piggy but she isn't just one for the kids, she is a hit with grown-ups everywhere too!

You and Peppa

Who is your favourite member of the "Pig" family

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