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10 YouTube Videos Your Kids will Love

Updated on May 25, 2015

While it’s generally not a good idea to leave your kid alone with a computer or a tablet, there are times when she is curious and wants to join you in front of whatever it is you are doing online. Instead of brushing her off and closing the computer, you can instead open Youtube and watch a few fun and educational Youtube videos that your kids will love. Here are ten of the best:

1. Masha and the Bear – Don’t Wake Till Spring (Episode 2)

This is the second episode of Masha and the Bear, a popular Russian cartoon which is loosely based on a darker Russian folklore. Unlike the grim folklore though, Masha and the Bear are displayed here as a cute tag team of a playful little girl and a big brother of a bear. In this episode, Masha is seen trying to disturb bear from his wintertime slumber.

Your kids will love it because:

  • The animation is pleasant. It’s almost 3-D, and Masha, though naughty, looks adorable.
  • 2-5 year olds will have no trouble relating to Masha.
  • Masha is playful, and the kids will love the humorous take on the folklore.

2. Peppa Pig – Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Park

The British cartoon Peppa Pig is taking the world by storm, and if you have a 2-5 year old child, s/he will probably know who Peppa Pig, George Pig, and the rest of the cast. In this episode, Peppa, George, their family and their friends visit Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Park. The episode is both entertaining and humorous.

Your kids will love it because:

  • Aside from the fact that it’s a Peppa Pig episode, this one has probably one of the most entertaining storylines.
  • It takes the kids on a tour to one of the best spots in Peppa Pig’s world: the Dinosaur Park.
  • Kids are sure to giggle over Daddy Pig here.
  • Peppa Pig’s jingle is quite catchy. You might even find your little one slowly trying to imitate the characters’ thick British accent.

3. Do You Want to Build a Snowman – From Frozen (HD)

Frozen Sing-alongs are a quick shoo-in for this list. The Walt Disney movie was a quick hit because of the attractive animation and the catchy tunes. Among all the songs, this is probably one of the best. It’s a fast favorite among kids and adults alike simply because the melody is great. It also plots down the story behind Anna and Elsa’s relationship as sisters. Perhaps one can say it’s the backbone of the story.

Your kids will love this because:

  • There are lyrics to follow, and this one song never gets old. One can get tired of “Let it go” but for some reason, this song is always easy on the ears.
  • It’s a quick recap of Frozen’s story. If your kids are big fans of Frozen, they’re sure to watch this over and over.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have a girl or a boy. Your child is sure to relate to Anna’s character in this song, especially if you’re busy with work and s/he wants you to play with him/her.

4. Hi-5 Songs Compilation – Season 13

From a parent’s opinion, Hi-5’s best season was probably Season 13. The cast is well-synced with each other and almost all of the cast members are very attractive to kids. These two videos compile Hi-5 Season 13’s songs. Sure, it would have been better if there were lyrics to their hit songs, but your kids probably know the words to these songs anyway.

Your kids will love these because:

  • They’re Hi-5 songs, and Hi-5 is the One Direction of kids ages 1-9.
  • They’re a compilation of the best songs of Hi-5, and your kids are sure to dance and sing along to these hits.
  • These Hi-5 songs are well-made. They don’t seem forced, and they’re easy to memorize, even without the lyrics.

5. Banana Song w/ Lyrics by Minion

Despicable Me and Despicable Me2 were such big hits because of the lovable Minions. In this video, they sing the Banana Song, which both kids and adults love. Best of all, the lyrics are provided. Not that the lyrics were hard to figure out anyway.

Your kids will love this because:

  • Minions are universally adorable.
  • The song is very catchy. In fact, it will probably be stuck in your head the whole day.
  • There are lyrics included. Kids love to sing along.

6. Dessert Hacks | Life Hacks for Kids

Kid host Sunny gives kiddie audience a lot of great ideas, especially with this episode. It’s about dessert, and if there’s one thing kids love it is dessert coupled with science-lab like ideas. This video is three minutes packed with plenty of great ideas for your kid to try out. You might want to help him/her out though. Hot chocolate is pretty tricky to handle, especially if there are balloons involved.

Your kids will love this because:

  • These life hacks are not necessarily new for an adult, but they are definitely fun activities to try out for kids.
  • It’s about dessert. Dessert coupled with playtime is bound to be fun.
  • The host is a kid, so it is, again, very relatable.

7. How to Draw a Race Car

If you want your kids to be quiet, try letting them explore their skills in the arts. In this video, Art for Kids Hub demonstrates how to draw a race car. Now, that’s something every little boy would want to draw, aside from dinosaurs, airplanes and spaceships. What’s nice about this video is that it shows how kids can use the stencil. It also demonstrates how fun and easy drawing can be.

Your kids will love this because:

  • It’s a clear and easy demonstration of how to draw a race car.
  • The demonstration actually involves a little boy drawing alongside an adult. This makes the task of drawing seem easier. If another kid can do it, so can your kid, right?
  • If your kid isn’t into race cars, no problem! The Youtube channel offers more videos on dinosaurs, Minecraft, and yes, even Frozen.

8. Art Attack – “Treehouse” Make

Disney’s Art Attack series never fails to amaze both kids and parents. As a parent, you might want to try out these projects too. In this video, Art Attack teaches your kid how to make a miniature tree house. Now, that’s a plus point for both you and your child. It’s about making a toy, and on your part, the toy would cost next to nothing. You also get the perks of enriching your child’s craft skills and creativity.

Your kids will love this because:

  • It’s 3D art. It’s not just about drawing, but making something they can actually play with.
  • If they like the idea of treehouses but know that only dad can make one for them, making a mini-tree house is definitely exciting.
  • It’s a video of a fun art project. It’s an excuse to be creatively messy!

9. Wallykazam Season 1 Episode 4 How to Bathe your Dragon

Wallykazam is probably one of the best shows to let your children watch if you’re trying to build their vocabulary. In this episode, Wallykazam plays around with words starting with the letter “by” while trying to get his dragon Norville to take a bath.

Your kids will love this because:

  • The music used for Wallykazam is catchy, and the animation is pleasant to look at.
  • Wallykazam makes their characters and storyline very relatable to young children. In this case, young kids could probably relate to Wallykazam if they have pets who don’t like taking a bath, while some might relate to Norville, if they don’t like taking a bath.
  • In a smart way, this show helps kids deal with bullies too. Wally deals with Bob Goblin very well. This might teach your child to outsmart potential bullies in their playgroup.

10. Baby Bird Hatching

This video shows how a robin’s egg hatches. It was taken from someone’s backyard, and it’s a close up view. It’s sure to quench the curiosity of kids (and adults) of all ages.

Your kids will love this because:

  • It’s a video of an actual robin’s egg hatching.
  • Unless you own a farm, witnessing an egg hatch is always interesting. This is especially true with younger children.


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      Chris Ro 

      3 years ago from Fair Lawn, New Jersey

      nice article


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